Monday, March 26, 2018

The children of Parkland

Parkland kids 

Actually, a lot of them are--but the MSM don't want to interview them because it might hurt the anti-gun lobby. Layers and layers of government failed them. Laws are useless if no one from the criminal to the sheriff to the school board don't follow them.

Sonja Ness says, “Why aren’t the folks marching to protest the complete and utter failure of “see something, say something”?
Why aren’t they marching in support of kids that have been bullied to the point of mental breakdown?

Why aren’t they marching for the repeal of the law that forces schools to turn a blind eye to corrupt students because Obama ruled it racist? (Oh wait, they did address this by going after Marco Rubio and his faith, who is leading the way in trying to get Obama’s law repealed)

Guess it makes way more sense to march to take away a Constitutional right for millions of Americans than to address the real problems..."

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