Thursday, March 01, 2018

The sheriff, the superintendent and the school board

According to an agreement Sheriff Israel had with the school board and superintendent, juvenile arrests were cut in half--those 17 deaths could have been prevented. Cruz was never arrested for his clearly illegal behavior. If the Sheriff and the school had done their jobs, Cruz could have never bought those guns. Because of a November 2013 agreement, he had no criminal record.

Here's how you cut juvenile arrests in half in just 3 years--long enough for Nikolas Cruz to carry out his threats:

*Sheriff Israel said that he instructed BSO deputies to issue juvenile civil citations, not arrests;
*The BCSD’s own written policy encouraged handling even criminal activity “outside the criminal justice system”;
*The BCSD’s own written policy did not actually require arrests, even for felonies and serious threats to school safety;
*Cruz’s behavior included repeated disruptive behavior, violent outbursts, threats, and physical assaults on other students; and
*Cruz was never expelled or apparently arrested for this behavior.

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Norma said...

It's going to be hard to get help for mentally ill young people, when intelligent, sane, well educated adults make crazy decisions based on specious research. Let the superintendent of schools and the sheriff accept their responsibility in these deaths before pushing the legislators to pass more laws.