Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How biased is your news source?

This chart for instance, is.  There’s no way that Washington Post can be considered an objective source.  .  . especially where Trump is concerned.

A good example of news selectivity based on politics is two current stories: 1) the prostitute and Trump and 2) NYC pulling armed security from the public schools.

The MSM cable and alphabet news will feature the prostitute story with interviews, discussions, panels, and Fox will report it as news with little additional stuff.  The issue of armed guards in schools and removing them will be a featured story on Fox with interviews with New York City parents and students whereas if it is mentioned on other cable channels, it might be a tag end after reporting the student walk out which is being funded by celebrities and various leftist organizations (that part won’t be mentioned, however).  So both stories are reported, selectively, and with different amounts of time and different “experts” and concerned.

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