Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Playing board games

Sometimes I'm really surprised at how "old" some of our problems are. Like face to face interactions. I wrote this at my coffee blog 9 years ago.
I had the most delightful, surprising conversation with a clerk at Panera's this morning.

"Did you have a nice Christmas?" (me)

"Yes, we had a wonderful time? And you?" (him, 20-something, but looks younger)

"Yes, we did."

"Plans for New Year's?"

"Well, I'll just be doing things with the family. We're going to try out the board games we got Christmas."

"You mean, real board games, not computerized games?"

"Oh yes. My wife got Scattergories and my sister got the new Monopoly. Have you seen it? And I got (couldn't understand what he said)."

Imagine. An evening with family playing board games.

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