Sunday, March 04, 2018

Such a bargain, $1600!

I used to have a coffee blog and noted interesting things I overheard or saw at the coffee shops. I gave up adding to that blog sometime in 2014 because I gave up a habit of 60 years--I rarely go out for coffee anymore, so I don't have much to say at that blog. But I have a new source now of odd and unusual things. Things I hear at the gym. Like Friday. "So there was this watch for $3,000, but I got it for only $1600."  And here I was feeling smug for getting 1/2 price at Volunteers of America on a cute pair of corduroy jeans, name brand.  They had been $2.00, and I got them for one dollar.  A little snug—I prefer jeans with a little more space in the legs, but for $1.00, not bad.


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