Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring cleaning, 2018

I like to think I'm not a hoarder, but you should see what's coming up from the basement! A sewing machine (purchased in 1960) that I haven't used for 30 years. It was called a "portable," but could be used in a weight lifting class. I remember walking into a store in downtown Indianapolis and buying it, but have no idea how I got it home.  A 12 cup coffee maker that I haven't used in this house where we've lived since 2002.  A gift from my mother who was so sure I could make a good cup of coffee if I just had the right maker. A bread maker—don’t know where the directions are.   A bathtub grab bar that I bought for my dad's visit in 2000. Two very large pots for making chili (or something big like canning), never used. An electric skillet received as a wedding gift--1960. Punch bowl with 12 cups, maybe used twice in 50 years. A toilet seat, still in the box.

The rest of the accumulation under the stair well will have to wait for another day.  We’re tired. 

Listen to this NPR interview with the author of “Coming Clean,” and what it was like to live with parents who were hoarders.

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