Thursday, March 01, 2018

Remembering Srebrenica

Mick Wenlock writes:  “Every once in a while I find myself getting mad and irritated enough to want to dust off a subject I have written about many times. Every time some tight ass smug European opines that wanting to have firearms to resist government oppression is old fashioned, out of touch, ridiculous I grit my teeth. And then I just have to bring this out.

Nearly 23 years ago, in mainland Europe 8,000 men and boys were marched out by their government and massacred. This happened 400 miles from Rome, 990 miles from London, 700 miles from Berlin. 8,000 men and boys marched out, lined up and shot.

It was in Srebrenica a part of Serbia.

If those 8,000 men and boys had all been armed - even with shotguns, the Serbs could not have done it.

It's not 'ancient history" nor is it something that only happens in places like Rwanda or Syria. it happened right under the noses of the so called 'enlightened" European governments who did less than nothing. Despite having a Dutch Battalion of soldiers in the area posted to safeguard the civilians no less, they did NOTHING.

The next time some pompous twat speaks about how not trusting the government is stupid, paranoid or silly ask them to explain this to you.

The UN promised to protect those men and boys, western Europe sent troops and they all did nothing while the local government massacred them.

Sorry - just once in a while i have to remind myself of how close it all is.”

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