Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Trump haters

Michael Rectenwald says that when he began to move away from his Marxist friends, roots and memberships in Marxist groups (did march in one Occupy Wall Street parade) in 2016 by criticizing the social justice people, his former comrades said,  “if they were in power they would take me out and shoot me in the head.” The daggers came out when he posted “His majesty” as a pronoun choice for a student he knew.

I’ve experienced some very odd, irrational behavior, back stabbing, self righteous comments from people I know are Democrats, but so far it hasn’t come to this.  Susan commented at a Facebook discussion:

“My next door neighbor asked me who I voted for for president. I told him, "Trump". He told me he'd like for EVERYONE who voted for Trump to be murdered and all Republicans DEAD. I started sleeping in the only room I had with a deadbolt and kept my baseball bat by the door. Couldn't take living that way anymore ( I'm almost 68 years old), sold the place and moved in with extended family in a different state . The "left" has gone bonkers but when it's a next door neighbor saying that, it's a bit too close for me.  And, after what that one newly sworn in representative said about our president I hope and pray constantly for his safety.”

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