Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Why Fox is better for News

Fox News is far more reliable than CNN or MSNBC for this reason—it separates the news programs from the opinion shows, and you are never confused about which you’re watching. I may only watch 10 minutes of the morning chit chat, or 10 minutes of the 6 o’clock news, but I’m never puzzled about whether it’s news or opinion. The other networks not only ridicule and demean Trump, they also belittle his supporters, which doesn’t seem like a good plan to draw in viewers. But they don’t really need to add people who have different viewpoints because Trump has made so much money for them because the haters tune in to get their latest fix of Trump derangement.

I use a wide variety of sources from print, to digital to YouTube commentary to TV news shows. EWTN nightly news.  Jordan Peterson’s channel. Lionel Nation on YouTube.  I can’t help but see the broadcast media, and Fox always shows what’s going on in the Clinton News Network, etc. Occasionally I even watch or listen to PBS, but it’s a challenge because they don’t even realize the narrowness of their writers and reporters and therefore can’t offer anything right of center. Those other avenues of alternate opinions are being challenged however; the leftist cabal is pressuring them not to carry conservative voices, nor to accept payment methods which would dry up alternate viewpoints very quickly.

One of the nasty characteristics about a capitalist system (and the news networks depend on investors and advertising) is you need to destroy or block your competition. That use to be by offering a better product, but today it’s done with smears against personalities or owners. Find a few “non-profits” to call them racist or homophobic, and you’re on your way to a clear course to the big money.

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