Tuesday, August 30, 2005

1424 The caption of the photo was

"President Bush has recently been criticized for the amount of time he spends exercising." [WSJ photo and caption, August 30, 2005]

What hasn't he been criticized for? That would be a short list. It wouldn't include his ears; his non-working librarian wife; his non-military daughters; his English; his home state; his vice-president; his judicial nominees; his medicare drug plan; his busting-the-bank education plan; his illegal immigrant plan; his meeting with parents of deceased soldiers only once; his cowboy boots; his grades at Yale; his sense of humor; his smirk; his smile; his frown; his reading list; his church membership; his faith; his tax cuts; his resolve; his values; his believing the intelligence reports of the Clinton administration; his cabinet; his funding of museums and libraries; his pro-life stance; his Yalta remarks; oh yes, and his freeing Afghanistan; his freeing Iraq; and particularly his belief that the USA isn't the only country that deserves a democratic form of government.

But criticism for being just about the most fit 59 year old American male--well, that's pretty silly, even for the left wing Bush bashers.

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