Friday, October 14, 2005

1609 The Ah-ha moment!

Why it took me so long to figure this out, I don't know. Occasionally I mail (U.S. Post Office) a few pages of my blog after printing. But there's usually one or two items that are just fillers or are the wrong political slant for the addressee. Sometimes I block, copy and drop into word processing, but that is tedious and I have to resize the photos. Today I realized if I just go back and click on "draft" for those items I don't want to print, I can just print the ones I'm interested in. Draft-saved items don't show and won't print. So I was able to send my aunt the family photos and skip the ones she wouldn't care about. Sometimes I climb to the genius level, but I'm sort of slow getting there.


Cathy said...

Oh that is an AHA moment! Didn't think of that one! You can also print one posting at a time - Did you know that!

Norma said...

Usually, if I'm going to print, I wait till I have a few then print pp. 1-4 or something like that. Some single entries may run 3 pages because the side bars take up room.