Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grow up, Mr. Obama

This speech was about Israel, now 60 years old. Stop trying to crash the party. Your whining and hiding behind your supporters' skirts and Soros' money are really irritating. Your tantrum is an embarrassment. Run a FIND check on that 5 page speech. You aren't in it, neither is Democrat, neither is candidate, nor any mention of our campaign. Your political views and values have excluded you.
    "Ultimately, to prevail in this struggle, we must offer an alternative to the ideology of the extremists by extending our vision of justice and tolerance, freedom and hope. These values are the self-evident right of all people, of all religions, in all of the world because they are a gift from Almighty God. Securing these rights is also the surest way to secure peace. Leaders who are accountable to their people will not pursue endless confrontation and bloodshed. Young people with a place in their society and a voice in their future are less likely to search for meaning in radicalism. And societies where citizens can express their conscience and worship their God will not export violence, they will be partners for peace."
President Bush has never backed down on his belief that democracy is the best system--for everyone. You might disagree, some in his own party do too. You might call it cowboy diplomacy, but as Daniel Henniger pointed out today in the WSJ, even when the democracy isn't very good or stumbles, it's way ahead of what the people in Burma and China have as we see their totalitarian, marxist governments turning down aid.

Instead of looking for yourself in the "some" comments, why not find yourself in the "we" comments? Tell us exactly what you think of democracy and the value of every man, woman, and child. Are you picking on the word "some" because you don't see yourself in the "we?"
    "We believe in the matchless value of every man, woman, and child. So we insist that the people of Israel have the right to a decent, normal, and peaceful life, just like the citizens of every other nation.

    We believe that democracy is the only way to ensure human rights. So we consider it a source of shame that the United Nations routinely passes more human rights resolutions against the freest democracy in the Middle East than any other nation in the world.

    We believe that religious liberty is fundamental to civilized society. So we condemn anti-Semitism in all forms – whether by those who openly question Israel's right to exist, or by others who quietly excuse them.

    We believe that free people should strive and sacrifice for peace. So we applaud the courageous choices Israel's leaders have made. We also believe that nations have a right to defend themselves and that no nation should ever be forced to negotiate with killers pledged to its destruction.

    We believe that targeting innocent lives to achieve political objectives is always and everywhere wrong. So we stand together against terror and extremism, and we will never let down our guard or lose our resolve." Bush speech
Update: Michelle Malkin writes: "He could be talking about Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan, the White Flag Democrat leaders in the House and Senate, or hell, his own State Department," I wrote, but concluded that “if the shoe fits,” Obama should wear it and stop whining.

Today, the White House says Bush was talking about That ’70s Appeaser, Jimmy Carter, not the Messiah.

Doesn’t matter who exactly Bush had in mind. The shoe still fits Obama’s delicate foot, but he refuses to slide into the glass slipper of appeasement and own it." There's more.

Update 2: Heard on the radio today (paraphrase) and I don't recall where: "for a guy who sat in the pew for 20 years and didn't hear the racist, anti-American sermons of Rev. Wright, he sure didn't have trouble hearing his own name which was never used in the President's speech."

Update 3: "It was remarkable to see Barack Obama’s hysterical diatribe in response to a speech in which his name wasn’t even mentioned. These are serious issues that deserve a serious debate, not the same tired partisan rants we heard today from Senator Obama. Senator Obama has pledged to unconditionally meet with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — who pledges to wipe Israel off the map, denies the Holocaust, sponsors terrorists, arms America’s enemies in Iraq and pursues nuclear weapons. What would Senator Obama talk about with such a man? It would be a wonderful thing if we lived in a world where we don’t have enemies. But that is not the world we live in, and until Senator Obama understands that, the American people have every reason to doubt whether he has the strength, judgment and determination to keep us safe.” —Tucker Bounds, spokesman John McCain 2008 via the Page

Update 4: Neo-Neocon "It has now become a low blow to strike any blow at Obama. It has now become officially an “attack” to campaign at all against him—or even to suggest opposition to something he may have done or may have said, whether you mention him or not.

Case in point: President Bush is not allowed to allude to appeasement as a bad thing without Obama (and many Democrats) getting into an outraged hissy fit about it."

Update 5: "But it's also possible that Obama & Co. are sincere--that when they hear the president talking about countenancing hatred, appeasing terrorists and breaking ties with Israel, they think: He's talking about us!" James Taranto, Best of the web, May 16

Update 6: " Since the end of 2002, the Democrats have turned hard to the left on foreign policy, with Lieberman a rare dissenting voice. The Connecticut senator praised President Bush for his Knesset speech last week, and said that Bush's criticism of those who advocate appeasement applies to Obama, whether the president meant it to or not." James Taranto, Best of the web, May 19


Rick said...

Come again? What on earth are you talking about?

Norma said...

"Obama and his supporters issued a series of angry responses, on television, via e-mail and by conference call. They characterized Bush's remarks as a stunning violation of the longtime injunction to "leave politics at the water's edge."

In an e-mail statement to reporters, Obama denounced Bush for using the 60th anniversary of Israel to "launch a false political attack," adding, "George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel."

An Obama aide, Robert Gibbs, used even stronger language."

No one mentioned Obama's name. Nor Jimmy Carter's either. Bush could be speaking of any number of cut and run, anti-Israel Democrats

Rick said...

You're right. And Bush wasn't talking about Obama here either.

Bush is the most awful president in the history of America. Certainly in MY lifetime. Your defense of Bush over this minor topic seems kind of pointless.

Norma said...

That writer must be too young for the Carter and Clinton years.

Rick said...

You think Bush is a better president than Clinton was? Wow. This isn't about Democrat or Republican, this is about common sense -- something who would take George W. over Bill clearly doesn't have.

Bill did just fine as president. It's his support of Hillary to a fault today that's miking him look ridiculous. George Sr. even did OK.

I don't mean to be offensive Norma, but c'mon.

Your apple desert recipe, on the other hand, looks scrumptious.

Norma said...

We'll just disagree. I've written on the things Bush has done right, and wrong. He isn't a conservative. The right things, such as freeing millions of Moslem women in an unpopular war, is one of them; his inability to corral his own congress to fix SS and the border problems are two of his failures. Not backing down on stem cell research saved us much moral grief down the road. His tax cuts restored our economy; he understands economics--that the way to save your citizens isn't to tax them to death. His 2 Supreme Court appointments are fabulous, after his misstep with Harriet. Bill Clinton would have no legacy at all if it hadn't been for the Republicans forcing his hand on welfare reform and NAFTA. Bush also seems to have read some history further back than 1995. He knows what happened to our allies when we abandoned them in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Norma. You have it right as usual.

Rick said...

There's no point in trying to argue with someone who thinks Bush has "restored" our economy and stem cell research is wrong because God says so. You probably think they have to kill babies to research stem cells. Otherwise, your only argument could be that God wouldn't want us to cure cancer.

I guess you and the other 28% of Americans can bask in your morality while the rest of us are fixing this country.

Norma said...

Rick--now you show your true colors as a simple Bush Basher--you set up a straw man to knock it down.

Stem cell research wasn't illegal, never has been. Just not on my tax dollar for new lines, which would have required millions of embryos being destroyed. By being a moral, ethical leader, Bush has saved us from that. You have perhaps forgotten the carnage of almost 40 years of legal abortion or the millions of deaths in the 3rd world brought on by the removal DDT. All brought to us by high minded liberals, progressives and marxists.

WaPo article: "Scientists reported Thursday that for the first time they have made human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, a development that the government's top stem cell official said would make the controversial research eligible for federal funding.

Story Landis, who chairs the National Institute of Health's stem cell task force, said that with certain safeguards, the new method appeared to comply with federal restrictions that have largely cut scientists off from the $28 billion the government spends on medical research each year."

And even then, we don't know if this medical research will go anywhere or cure any diseases, but at least embryos, the earliest stage of human life, won't be destroyed. I used to be one. Did you get dropped in the cabbage patch by fairies?

Rick said...

"Rick--now you show your true colors as a simple Bush Basher--you set up a straw man to knock it down."

Ugh. Whatever that means.

If you got breast cancer, or any other fatal disease that could be cured by destroying something in a petri dish, I'd personally destroy everything in that petri dish if it meant saving your life. Even if your beliefs are preventing others from getting that same cure.

And so would you to save your husband or daughter if given the choice. If not, you're an idiot.

The problem is, there's supposedly no guaranteed cure as you say. That's because it takes research to get there. If they had the cure already, you wouldn't even be given the choice not to kill embryos, they'd just do it.

Instead, let's let other countries research and perfect the medical technology while America sits back and enjoys its fluffy "restored" economy.


Norma said...

Focus, Rick. Focus. The discussion is about Obama's temper tantrums. You both are beginning to sound like you play in sandboxes all day. Take it to e-mail. This discussion is closed unless you want to stay on topic.

John Vanculin said...

When is the last time you had sex with a man...

Anonymous said...

You first, John.

Norma said...

John, how long have you had this interest in the sex lives of older women?