Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can you save the environment by

Making jewelry from used skateboards


Chair seats from recycled organic t-shirts?

Paying $200 for a handbag made by West Bengal artisans


$285 for eco-silver earrings?

Wearing an organic wool poncho trimmed with vegan silk


Recycled glass necklaces from wine, beer, and water bottles?

Eating simply with organic pecan bars


Raw cane candy?

Of course not, but it will sell a magazine. This is the newest item in my collection, Boho, Issue No. 1, Fall 2008. Complete with 1970s colors, today's spokesmodels, and canvas bags for shopping. Every marketing technique has been recycled and is guaranteed to go for the green.


Paula said...

Heh. And I love the celebrities telling us to go green as they jet around the world promoting more junk that'll end up in landfills.

What the heck is vegan silk?

Norma said...

But UV, the paper is recycled! Don't you love the 70s? Earth day, Earth Shoes, Earth worship.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that a lot of the stuff in resale and Salvation Army shops is all that reuseable into trendy fashion, like in the picture, but if the rich folk, hollywoodies start shopping there, what is left for the low income people who really need them?