Sunday, August 03, 2008

Don't Drink the Cool-Aid

says Seth, one of the Fat Triplets, who appears to be a Libertarian and a conservative Christian. He says his brother Scott, also an FT, is a huge Obama supporter, so he is going to look at, not his charisma, but his policies.

  • What kinds of laws would he pass if his party is given complete control of congress?

  • How will he re-shape America?

  • What does he believe about the role of government?

    1. "I think that an objective analysis of his speeches, voting record, and past policy initiatives will reveal Barack Obama to not be left-of-center (as my brother believes) but to be FAR-LEFT. You may ask, FAR-LEFT of what? What will form a baseline standard for evaluating his policies? Relative-to-what do I consider Barack to be on the FAR-LEFT.

      And my answer, put simply, is the constitution. The REAL Contract With America that should form the basis of ALL political discourse and policy building is the constitution. Every elected official swears to uphold it. . . . I believe that what Obama has in mind for the country is extreme. I hope to show, by constitutional standards, that on the issues in which he should want an assertion of government power (the protecting of innocent human life) that Obama is on the extreme WRONG end of the spectrum. And that on issues in which he should desire a shrinking of government and infringement of federal power into our daily lives, Obama is, again, on the extreme WRONG end of the spectrum." And he promises to tell us more.

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