Saturday, August 09, 2008

Language equivalencies

On ABC's Good Morning America today Rachel Martin was reporting on the problem the Democrats are having with "the big tent." Loyal, card carrying Democrats who believe the unborn are viable human beings were called "anti-abortion," (because Martin is a liberal*), and the others in the party were called believers in "a woman's right to choose." Hardly equivalents. If anti-abortion is the reporter's choice for one group, the equivalency in English is pro-abortion. If right to life is the reporter's choice, then the equivalency is a woman's right to choose. This is why reporting two viewpoints in the MSM isn't necessarily balanced or fair, or even good English. It's like Edwards calling adultery a mistake and error in judgement. The scarlet letter--Democrats seem to have a problem with A words.

*Until a few days ago, Rachel Martin was with NPR.

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