Thursday, February 07, 2013

The glass ceiling and the welfare ceiling

Mother of two is trapped in the welfare system. With an income of $19,000 she qualifies for nearly $81,000 in benefits according to the Blaze panel tonight, many of which would be lost if she made more money--child care, SNAP, Medicaid, SCHIP, Section 8, earned income tax credit, heat, phone, etc. Another example from Pennsylvania in mid-2012 was of a statistical mother of 2 earning $29,000 gross income is better off than earning $69,000 gross because of entitlements she receives at the lower income. And if people say this is a trap, they are cruel, haters, racists, etc.

She can earn $57,000 and still get SCHIP; she can earn $45,000 and get child care and SCHIP; but why do that when at $29,000 she can also get food stamps, housing and heat as well as medical and child care? Look what she would lose if she got a promotion--or got married?

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