Friday, October 10, 2014

Allen West on Obama’s priorities

I have a racist troll (obviously if you don’t like a black man you must be racist, right?), so here’s some more.

The Commander in Chief will "drop by" the Pentagon today on his way to a series of 6-7 fundraising events across the country for the rest of this week. I have to bring out an interesting comparison. Obama's massive air strikes have yielded five such actions in Kobani against ISIS over the last two days but Obama has done more and will do more fundraisers over this week -- where is his emphasis? His BFF Turkish leader Recip Tayyip Erdogan sits back and watches what will be a slaughter of Syrian Kurds refusing any assistance to thwart ISIS -- and BHO is at fundraisers. An Air Force family was targeted online by Islamists. Fundraisers. Is there a crisis of leadership in America? We would have to have leadership in order to have a crisis -- there is an ABSENCE of leadership.

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