Thursday, October 09, 2014

The World without and American Leaders, pt. 2, by Roland Lane (from Facebook)

ISIS continues to hammer towns in Syria. Perhaps when the President announced that under no circumstances would we place boots on the ground he really believed that Europe and the Arabs would respond by putting their boots on the ground; another indication that the street organizer from Chicago has little grasp of the geopolitical world or its history. Perhaps Obama now is beginning to comprehend the vacuum that exists has been created by his philosophy of world leadership. Or....maybe not. Most Americans at one time believed they knew something of what was in the heart of Obama--buckets of PC thought combined with the drive of the True-Believing Crusader righting the wrongs of the United States. Okay, nothing different here. Every garden variety Leftist walks in the clouds of the Marxist Mist. This was expected but the Great Narcissist has taken too many bows for crises which have barely been addressed. For most individuals who occasionally sort through the news, the threat of a collapsing Middle East and the implications for the world in the immediate future is real and is in focus. But other than the next fundraiser, what is the focus of Obama?

Traditionally most leaders develop their approach to national leadership from a knowledge of history, precedent, national self-interest, historical models,the nature of power and at the least a reasonable guess of the potential evil in the hearts of humankind. How many of these basics did Obama learn from his Kenya heritage, his nine years of tutelage from the Chicago Marxist Frank Marshall Davis, or the ever Leftward march of Occidental College? The problem with thought process of the Left is that everything it does revolves around a one-note song. If one's world view believes that the United States IS the root of evil, what is the incentive to grasp or study the half-dozen items suggested in the first sentence of this paragraph?

What actions does Obama now consider? In the entire list of preceding U.S. Presidents; the good, and the bad, the successful and unsuccessful, there is no precedent in America history for a President who dislikes his country and its history. Obama stated that he wanted to fundamentally change America but he believes that the American footprint has been too large. Obama believes that America has interfered too often in the affairs of nations. Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism. Now the nation is facing multiple crises and Obama is imprisoned by his own philosophy.

What does Obama do when ISIS threatens Israel? What does he do when Iran gets the bomb? What does he do when, God forbid, the loosy goosey, non-Ebola policy sprouts hot spots in the U.S.military or in major cities in the U.S.? When the public finally realizes that ISIS is now targeting U.S. soldiers and their families here on U.S. soil, it is not outside the range of possibilities that the Democratic Party, to save itself from extinction, will pressure the President via one pretext or another to leave office.

(Except for the last sentence, this is a great article.  Democrats will never ask him to step down, not even to protect their own skins.)

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