Saturday, October 11, 2014

Greta Van Susteren wants to know—are the airstrikes working?

Here is what I know that has happened since we started the airstrikes:

  • 1/ ISIS is taking over Kobani — a Syrian town near border of Turkey - and this is huge!
  • 2/ ISIS has also taken over control of the crossing between Kobani and Turkey meaning the civilians of Kobani can not escape and no supplies can get in to help them - and this is terrible!
  • 3/ Anbar, Iraq’s largest province, is, in the words of the Pentagon ‘in flux’ [which I believe to be code for falling to ISIS]
  • 4/ ISIS is 8 miles outside Baghdad [two weeks ago it was about 50 miles -- so this is big ISIS progress]
  • 5/ ISIS is armed with ‘shoulder to air missiles’ and knows how to use them [in the last few days have taken down two Iraqi helicopters] - that means the skies are not safe.

In short — ISIS is GAINING ground and control.

So tell me…what are the SIGNS that the AIRSTRIKES ARE WORKING?

I would love to know the good signs. I want us to kill ISIS. They are vicious.


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