Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quarantines are for less important people

Kaci Hickox, the nurse and epidemiologist who was quarantined in New Jersey after recently returning to the U.S. with a fever after treating Ebola patients in Africa, actually works for the CDC, whose standards are lower than New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and the Pentagon, and probably your state. She thinks her rights have been violated because she had to live in a tent for 3 days (ask some American soldiers about that). Anyone want to bet which party she belongs to? Right.  She’s a Democrat.  I don't know who or what HLN is, but its poll said 91% want health care workers quarantined upon reentry.

But quarantines are OK for other people. "Hickox’s travels as a nurse took her to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nigeria and convinced her of the importance of quarantines and “health surveillance,” according to the University of Texas-Arlington newsmagazine. “I realize that we need to find better ways to improve health surveillance and outbreak response in settings with poor resources,” Hickox said. “My training in the EIS with the CDC will allow me to learn the gold standard of this kind of work.”

Doctors without Borders with whom she worked for a year has had 9 deaths and 16 illnesses from Ebola.




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