Thursday, October 16, 2014

Speaking of Ebola

While you've got exotic diseases on your mind, Chikungunya Virus which is spread by mosquitoes has now arrived in Florida from the Caribbean. You don't die, but it sure hurts. Also, how's this for speedy food safety investigations. Live swamp eels have been shipped to the U.S. from Asia since the 1990s for ethnic food markets, and now a study shows 27.7% of them are infected with some nasty nematodes which can transmit Gnathostomiasis. Vision loss, blindness, pain, paralysis, coma and death.  As reported in JAMA

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Dan Nieman said...

We heard a good deal about Chikungunya Virus in the Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota area. I am not sure that we had actual cases but we had a good deal of educational stories in the local media.