Thursday, October 30, 2014

What do teachers think of Common Core? The Gallup Poll

This is a deceptive Gallup poll--teachers are split positive and negative on Common Core (more Democrat teachers are positive than Republican, duh!). 56% say it is positive that there are unified standards in the U.S. BUT. Only 1% say it focuses on individual needs! Is this sacrificing the individual for the whole? Only 2% say it improves learning, improves communication, improves teaching, covers the basics, or holds teachers, districts and schools accountable. Only 3% ...say it improves reading and writing, in depth learning and positive change. Common Core has been bankrolled by financiers like Bill Gates ($150 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) in collaboration with UNESCO to develop a "master curriculum." It's not nationalism run amuck, it's globalism on steroids, with the end goal some sort of squishy morality on "fairness," "sustainability," and "peace."

The U.S. dropped its membership in UNESCO under Reagan, but GW Bush reinstated it in 2002. UNESCO had a plan called International Baccalaureate (IB) long before Obama had his eye on the WH, although many on the right want to blame Obama. When Common Core was imposed, many U.S. schools were already IB schools and didn't have to change much because they are so similar. IB emphasized socialist morals and goals. Academic rigor was replaced with fuzzy societal goals like redistribution of wealth, downplaying patriotism and nationalism, and stronger direction by the federal government.

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