Monday, October 20, 2014

How low can they go?

Wendy Davis of Texas (think pink tennis shoes and abortion) isn't the first Democrat to play dirty with people's personal lives or disabilities (uses a wheelchair in a scare ad because her opponent is disabled). In 2004 both Edwards and Kerry brought up Cheney's lesbian daughter during the debates. I doubt they cared with whom she was having sex, but they hoped to smear Cheney. Really. Democrats will stoop that low.

Jesse Jackson (and a woman whose name I missed) are declaring the death of the Liberian treated at the Dallas hospital, because when he was first seen in the ER they did not recognize his symptoms.  The two nurses he infected are also minorities, Mr. Jackson.  Was Mr. Duncan a racist or was it just the hospital staff? Democrats find racism everywhere; they have it on the brain.  People aren't individuals capable of living without government help—they are all victims, at least if they are non-white.  Trillions spent on the War on Poverty and you’d think they’d be happy.

Ebola was brought to Nigeria by a Liberian on an air flight. They then responded responsibly and banned flights from West Africa.  Now they have been declared Ebola free by WHO.  But American race baiters will still rave on.

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