Saturday, October 18, 2014

A plan to increase welfare by raising the minimum

The Democrats are on a roll again, lying about income, wealth and the minimum wage.  The Obama economy has only done well for the wealthiest, so of course they are demanding increase in minimum wage.  Walmart union led protests this week are saying $15, some $20 an hour. Minimum wage workers account for 4.7 percent of hourly paid workers and 1.1% of all workers and there are more women, and most are part time. Most companies will have to cut employees and when it doesn’t work, the demands will only increase.  And this is sort of an evil plan, because that means fewer teens working and learning job skills, therefore, more poorly prepared adults, and larger welfare rolls to vote Democrat. See how it works? When I worked at minimum wage I was probably not even worth that, but some employers decided I had a future and could be trained. Thank you Mayor Zickuhr, Mt. Morris Public Library and Foxbilt Feeds.

Two-thirds of minimum-wage workers earn raises within a year—without the government’s help.

The average family income of a minimum-wage worker is $53,000 a year, less than the national average of $79,500 a year but well above the poverty level.

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