Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Democrat billionaires seek a one party country

It worked well for Nazi Germany—the government controlled the country’s wealth.  Now Democrats want a similar arrangement, but want to control the government.

I remember watching on TV the moaning and groaning of the Democrats after they lost the 2004 election. They decided they needed to be more values oriented and touch the hearts and souls of the voter (with lies, apparently). Here's one of the outcomes of that soul searching--a powerful leftist organization of millionaires--Democracy Alliance. What better way to make more money than to take over the government?

"The political landscape in America is much different than it was 2005 when the nine-year-old Democracy Alliance was founded. The secretive club for radical millionaires and billionaires who want to turn America into Greece was founded soon after John Kerry’s unexpected defeat in the 2004 presidential election. The outlook for the Left was bleak at that time but no longer. The Left has regained its footing and is on the march, determined to dismantle the First Amendment and reorder society through Obamacare, a wealth redistribution scheme disguised as health care policy. The Democracy Alliance, once determined to remain separate from the Democratic Party, is more partisan than it has ever been as its seeks to expand left-wing political infrastructure across the country."

“The new breed of rich and frustrated leftists” saw themselves as oppressed both by “a Republican conspiracy” and “by their own party and its insipid Washington establishment,” wrote journalist Matt Bai.

Organizing for Action (formerly known as Organizing for America), the 501(c)(4) nonprofit group into which the last Obama campaign transformed itself, is intricately enmeshed in the Democracy Alliance network. In other words, Obama and the Democracy Alliance are sharing the same blood line.

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