Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday family photo—All Hallows’ Eve

Tomorrow is All Saints' Day, the day we remember in the Christian faith all the saints beside us, around us, and those who have gone ahead of us to wait and welcome us home. Today is All Hallows' Eve, the day before (eve) All Hallows' feast day, celebrated since the 3rd century. In the secular world it is contracted to Halloween and people like to dress up; some as though they are already decayed and dead. Sort of to scare away what they know is coming. God declares us holy... in our baptism, so we are all saints (sanctus in Latin). Celebrate--it really is a Christian festival, but be holy and God centered--it's not a time for sexy costumes or the living dead! The first Sunday in November in the Lutheran church we honor the saints who have gone ahead--we read their names in our services, and we'll be serving communion. I remember last year as I was saying, "the body of Christ given for you," the names of my parents and in-laws were being read from the pulpit.

1993 wedding

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