Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A little child will lead them

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Occasionally I read something very profound on FaceBook--and the one posting doesn't even realize it. An atheist FB "friend" (we've never met) was born and raised in the former USSR, and is now an American author and professor. He was walking his dog when he encountered a small child, about 5, sweet and innocent, who asked about the dog, and then about God. "Does God ever get sick?" he asked the professor. A very wise and gentle man was he, and could honestly say, "No," reasoning that if God doesn't exist (he said to himself to justify his answer) he couldn't get sick. I read that exchange and thought to myself that here was a 5 year old who had never seen an ultrasound of a baby, or the aurora borealis, or a fossil, or a spider's delicate web, or the billions of galaxies, and yet he knew more about God and cared for his well-being in his child-like way than my friend, the all wise and jaded professor did. Yes, it was an inspiring post.

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