Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Youth vote has much better choices with the Republican slate this coming year, but . . .

It is said that liberals become conservatives as they age (has something to do with raising a family and paying debts), but there's pretty good research to show that how you vote when you start is how you'll end up. In 2008, the youth vote went for Obama. They were sucker punched in my opinion, but with the help of older Christians who sat out 2012, they also reelected him. Now those 18-25 year olds will be 26-33 when Hillary asks for their obedience, and they won't even give it a thought and will pull the lever/press the screen for the big D. They've finished college (although not their government induced debt), married or living with, might even have a child or two. Their happy clappy rock star religion is probably boring now and not much has replaced it. They are probably too busy to look around and think or notice how things have changed since Obama gave them hope and Kool-aid.

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1999, consist of 80 million Americans who are the largest generation in 100 years. Accounting for roughly one-fourth of the total voters today—a larger voting block than seniors citizens—they are predicted to make up as much as 40 percent of the electorate by 2020. Most are too young to remember 9/11, and the recession was just a hiccup because they could move back home with mom and dad. and still pay for their car and i-phone and pot. Many really do want someone to take care of them, and even though the gov't takes from their own wallet and future, they'd rather believe the lies than do the tough stuff of analysis and thinking. Marx was really wrong--he thought you'd need a revolt of the workers when all that was necessary was materialistic college grads.

According to Pew Research, young voters continue to identify with the Democrat Party at relatively high levels and express significantly more liberal attitudes on a range of issues, from gay marriage, abortion, the environment, and the role of the federal government. The kids who were left at day care to be raised by others, are perfectly comfortable with having the federal government take over their decisions and life’s direction.

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Anonymous said...

Life experience teaches that people appreciate what they work for. Life experience teaches that hardships, when overcome, lead to a deeper kind of happiness than following a no-complications route would have done. Life experience teaches that not every person has good intentions. Life experience teaches that anything worth having requires some commitment. So, yes, life experience tends to turn liberals into conservatives. Maybe "conservative" is just another word for "adult" or "grown up." (and just BTW, I am finished calling today's Democrats "liberals." They are neither liberal nor progressive. They are primarily so far left of center that the term "socialist" would be more accurate.) Joan at FB