Wednesday, December 23, 2015

And this is the best woman for the job?

Hillary said in an Iowa Townhall, 'I Wouldn't Keep Any School Open That Wasn't Doing A Better Than Average Job'. How does that work? Once she had a new number of schools, tested those kids and teachers, wouldn't she have a new mean to work with, and then have a bunch of schools not performing better than average? Wouldn't she be closing schools in primarily minority and poor neighborhoods or schools with a lot of special needs kids whose children haven't had the advantage of 2 parents, or educated parents or have had physical and mental challenges? I know we have a Department of Education (b. 1979, Jimmy Carter) which funnels tax money through its bureaucracies, but isn't education a responsibility given to the states and local governments? 

Really, folks. You want her in the White House telling your school to close?

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