Sunday, December 06, 2015

Do Catholics read their Bibles?

So you think your Catholic friends don't read the Bible? "Some time ago, a friend of mine compared the amount of the Scripture used at Mass to that used in an Evangelical Protestant service. The Catholic Mass was almost 30 percent Scripture. When my friend checked the content of his local Bible-based Evangelical church, he was surprised to discover that the total amount of Scripture read took just 3 percent of the service."  It's the difference between study and worship. In theory, most Christians follow the lectionary, a series of readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, Epistles, and Gospel for their Sunday worship. But if your church is like mine, if there is a topical series for the sermons, it would be a stretch to use the lectionary selection that Christians around the world are using. Our new year has started (Advent) and we're supposed to be in cycle C; the gospel of Luke.


Dan Nieman said...

Thanks for this post. I grew up evangelical, but got tired of the hobby horses that they get on.

Norma said...

The best Bible studies on TV or radio are definitely Catholic. The more more Christ centered, less believer navel gazing.