Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Rape in the Peace Corps

Yesterday I watched a CBS report on rape in the Peace Corps. ABC had done extensive reporting on this in 2011. Oversight of the Peace Corps is technically not Obama's job, not like cleaning up the VA (which he campaigned on in 2008) because commander in chief is his job description in the Constitution. But it is under the executive branch and he does appoint the director. However, if these two huge scandals had been reported in the Bush years, the media would have at least had his name in the story.




And so my liberal “friend” who reads my blog and only comments if I say something about Obama will then say, why must you blame him for everything?  You racist!  I’m only doing the job our media used to do for us—holding the president accountable when he doesn’t do his job.  And they should do that in a country where the “free” press keeps a protective eye on our liberties. They did that very well during the Bush Administration.  They didn’t let him get away with anything, and when they did support him, he usually got flak from his own party.

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