Sunday, December 27, 2015

Long form journalism and wordy blogs

are a thing of the past.

Now that I've tried blogging and posting to Facebook using my i-pad mini, I can see why people are using shortcuts and no sentence structure.  Today I learned how to turn it on and off and upload a photo to Facebook.  But I'm back at the computer so my fingers can stretch a bit.  Increasingly, the ordinary person is dumping their computers when using social media.
Norma Bruce's photo. 

This is the photo I posted on FB a few minutes ago.  First I took a photo of myself in the mirror, or maybe it was my finger.  I'm a little awkward at this. I had to delete that one and the 6 "burst" behind it--can't hold the finger down too long.

This is our replacement Lazzy Bear from Christmas 1986.  Our first one was stolen in a home break-in--imagine someone stealing a stuffed bear--but they were very popular that year.  My friend Nancy got me a new one.  We still put him out every Christmas.


Don said...

The little devices -- I don't have a tablet but I do use my smartphone a lot -- do not encourage literate discourse, but brevity. Sadly, brevity these days means poor grammar and eye-stinging abbreviations rather than any sort of elegance and economy.

Dan Nieman said...

I have similiar struggles with posting from a tablet. I still use the computer for blogging.