Friday, December 04, 2015

Muslims in Ohio

We have thousands of foreign born Muslims in Central Ohio and many born here. I haven't seen any bullying or discrimination. I'm sure it exists--especially on the internet. I get nasty, unkind remarks for being an old White lady. That said, I have seen university employees who won't come to private homes for parties, women who won't join exercise classes if there are men in it, special accommodations for them in churches that provide education classes, men who have more than one "wife," and women who must always be accompanied by a male relative when out of the home.
However, I used to help with English classes for mixed ethnicities sponsored by our church, mostly Muslim but from a variety of countries. I thought the women were delightful, eager to learn, devoted to their families and fun, but some didn't like each other because of grievances in "the old country." One dear soul told me in her home country she was considered a descendant of slaves (she had blue-green eyes) and wasn't allowed to go to school.
Anyone with half a brain knows that all American Muslims aren't like the couple who killed Christians and Jews at a holiday party and had an arsenal in their home. But with their other half brain they aren't using, they'd better dust it off and understand that the President's party is leading them astray about the real danger of Islamic terrorism.
All the murdered people in San Bernardino were Christians and Jews, but in a show of concern for the "real" victims, "A handful of House Democrats will meet early Friday afternoon at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a Northern Virginia mosque that has controversial ties to terrorists who have engaged in terrorist acts against the United States,” reports The Washington Examiner.

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