Friday, December 11, 2015

Ohio pro-abortion legislators want to take away first amendment rights

A young man named Faisal Mohammad stabbed 4 students on a California campus last month, but the government is calling it a version of "workplace" violence, i.e., that he was mad about something and it has nothing to do with his ideology. No one is banning Muslims from walking around that college or driving through the campus. No California congressman is drafting a bill to obscure first amendment rights.

But in Ohio, based on the crazy guy who attacked people at an abortion clinic in Colorado, 2 female pro-abortion legislators want to further infringe on the rights (speech, religion, assembly) of people peacefully walking near abortion clinics and they want clients, staffers and abortionists of the clinics to be able to sue the demonstrators who are doing nothing wrong using pseudonyms. They essentially are accusing people who have done nothing wrong of plotting murder. Dear was not demonstrating, was part of no pro-life group, and had a history of disturbing behavior with a criminal record, infidelity, multiple marriages, and abuse of women. Apparently, he believed babies were being killed there and said so. For that, these legislators want to take away the rights of Ohioans.

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