Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Imaginary Enemies

“Hunger in America is an imaginary enemy. Liberal advocacy groups routinely claim that one in seven Americans is hungry—in a country where the poorest counties have the highest rates of obesity. The statistic is a preposterous extrapolation from a dubious Agriculture Department measure of “food insecurity.” But the line gives those advocacy groups a reason to exist while feeding the liberal narrative of America as a savage society of haves and have nots.”

Liberal advocacy groups need problems.  If poverty were solved tomorrow, millions of well-paid, middle class bureaucrats, social workers, and non-profit fund raisers would be out of work.  Then we’d have a problem. . .

There are 123 wealth transfer programs, where is this money going if the poor don’t get it? TANF, SNAP, EITC, Section 8 Housing, Medicaid, WIC, SCHIP, and other disability from Social Security. 


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