Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First cousins, twice removed

We have quite a few twins in the family now.

Sarah Strauss's photo.
Happy 17th birthday to my first cousins, twice removed, Daniel and Phoebe, my cousin Gayle's beautiful grandchildren. 

Great nephew Caleb has twin daughters Hallie and Kali, two years old, granddaughters of our niece Joan and husband Dan, great granddaughter of Jeanne and Bob.
Caleb Poynter's photo.

And niece Kari and husband Greg have twins Breeanne and Brody, also two. Sister Debbie is their grandmother.


Paula said...

Adorable! I could never keep all those first/removed labels straight.

Norma said...

Yes, it's tricky. Sometimes I can't figure out the grandparents (which is what gives you "removed" so I have to check my software. I'm my own 6th cousin.