Friday, December 11, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg will offer Muslims peace and safety at Facebook

When do women with white hair and conservative views get to comment at the Facebook pages of The Daily Beast or Huffington Post or Vox without harassment, Mr. Zuckerberg? When do we get to have an opinion and not be called "old hag" or told to take a "dirt nap" because we're worthless because everyone knows if women aren't young and sexy they have no value? Where's my peaceful and safe environment free of sexual innuendos from weird ugly men and F words from female bar flies? And what about Arab or Syrian Christians on Facebook? There are millions in the USA and Europe, and a decreasing number in the middle-east. Are they safe from harassment? They've been in the U.S., the land that gave you and your immigrant great grand parents this opportunity, 100 years longer than Muslim Syrians. Where are their peace and safety on Facebook?

 Facebook is a free service to which we can unsubscribe at any time. I could ignore HuffPo and just post cat photos. But some are made more welcome than others, and some are held to higher PC standards. I know people who have complained to FB about obnoxious, hateful photos and comments, and nothing is done.  At other times, really innocuous comments gets someone banned. 

Zuckerberg made a huge fortune on a good idea at the right time using the capitalist system, and now he goes all soft and gooey for socialism and a religion whose radical adherents would kill him for no reason other than he is a Jew.

Zuckerberg reassures Muslims

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