Thursday, January 03, 2019

Guest blogger Laura on why she left the Democrat party to vote for Trump

“I was raised in a Catholic family that always voted Democrat. I clearly remember my parents saying the Democrats are for the poor the Republicans are for the rich. I struggled with issues growing up, having a father that abused me physically ,and mentally which sent me in a world win of depression, and other addictions.  Fast forward to when I started voting--of course, I voted Democrat--my Father was an Electrician, and Mom worked full time in retail. I noticed my father leaning towards Republicans at this time, and again I was young, and didn't pay much attention to politics, unlike this day and age. I voted for Clinton twice, and Obama twice; the second time I was weary, but did it anyway. I started to see him divide this country, so that's when I really started to do some homework.

When Hillary ran, there was no way I was voting for her or Bernie as I do not believe in Socialism, and that's exactly what the Democrats became, and fully acknowledged it. The old Democrats were gone. The party my parents voted for were gone, taken over by horrible people with many skeletons in their closets that went for both sides in my opinion. [I was being] called names because I didn't trust or agree with Hillary when just 10 years before her stances were completely opposite. She basically lied about so much; no way in good conscience could I vote for her.

Here comes Trump down that elevator. I thought originally he was a joke, but the more I actually listened, I did my own research. I found him to be genuine for his love of our Country. So there it was, I was voting for Trump, had my Trump signs out in my yard! Some of my friends didn't understand and  said that he is racist because they listen to CNN or just follow like sheep. The hardest person was my best friend of 25 years, a gay male. We have been through thick, and thin together and unfortunately to this day his hate for our President is overwhelming, so we just don't talk about politics, and I block him from seeing my Trump posts. It's much easier then him going off on my Facebook about the President.

I have also researched things about our Border, let me tell you it is much worse then anyone thinks besides little kids being dragged across. There are Cartels bringing them over, and doing horrible things to the women. That's not including the drugs, sex trafficking is a huge issue that no one wants to talk about. We need more Border Security, we need a wall. This is not a joke, it is a mess out there, and some of the Border a 5 year old can jump over.

My husband is in the National Guard, and was also in the Air Force at 19. He is still in the National Guard at 49 he also opened my eyes to things I had no idea about, like the funding being cut to crap in Obama years, and so much more. I also have a daughter from a previous relationship who is gay, I love her dearly, and originally she hated President Trump with a passion. She's in college, and being gay so of course automatically being "labeled " a liberal. I try, and get her to listen to Brandon [leader of Walkaway], and she actually agreed with him on some things so there is hope for her as long as the college doesn't try to brain wash her, being a gay women you’re automatically suppose to be a liberal apparently. These are the people we need to reach out to, the young who are not educated, and just follow their friends, along with the gay community. I understand their feelings because that's all they hear unless they take the time to really research like I did.

I changed from a Democrat to Republican on paper for President Donald Trump, and will vote for him again. He is an outsider, kind of what I was all of my life. I love his take no crap attitude that some people find repulsive. I cannot ever see myself voting Democrat again, not with the left liberal agenda and not anyone who agrees with socialism. I am unfortunately in a State that will never vote for our President, but I will, and continue too support him.

I see these groups of people trying to keep this Country divided. We cannot let that happen--there is so much more to all of us. I will say this, 2020 will not be easy, they didn't see a Trump win coming last time, now they do. They are doing everything they can to divide us, take down conservative pages or just people who aren't conservatives per se, but free thinkers . . . [and a few personal thoughts for people on the Walkaway Facebook page]

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