Thursday, January 03, 2019

That fish wrapper, Washington Post

If it were paper, it would be good to wrap the garbage. I glanced at the headlines in my e-mail Washington Post today, and noted 15 of the 20 articles were simply rants against Trump, or supporting those who have dissed him like Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney. The others, if I deep dived, would probably have swipes at the President, like the article on China's economy, or dysfunction in Congress which probably blame him. I did see an article about Spectrum (our cable carrier), so I'm not sure if that was about Trump, but I'm sure it can be twisted to fit the narrative.

The anti-Trump articles bring in vast amounts of money to the MSM, and they are first of all, capitalists trying to survive in an increasing competitive news field. And sometimes capitalism can be very dirty—like yelling hate speech at their competitors or trying to stop their stream of income through online payments.

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