Friday, January 04, 2019

Mitt’s 2012 campaign, assessment from a friend

Those of us who supported Mitt Romney in 2012 are terribly disappointed in his bizarre behavior before he’s even sworn in as a Senator.  We didn’t need one more RINO Never Trumper in DC.

“Mitt’s campaign was lackluster and lacked sending a message that enticed people.  We went to one of his rallies here and it was pretty much boring—verbatim of all talks he did over and over.  And I was disappointed that there was no explanation why conservatism is priceless.  Now I know.  He’s mostly Democrat.  Flakey.  The two of them need to have head adjustments.  Mitt busy being virtuous.  Sometimes the country needs bombastic.  Sorry Mitt.  You don’t get it.  Waiting to see what he intends to accomplish by his mere appearance in the Washington fray.  You got it.  I’m irritated.  I hope he learns something of value in his journey. “

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