Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Why the wall matters

$5 billion is pennies for a government that has squandered many billions on programs that have never worked but which will never die, like Head Start. A wall/fence will also not keep out all the bad guys, and yes, it is a political issue because of Trump hatred. Yes, there are terrorists--I mean, let's be real. Why wouldn't they come in under cover that way--they also come in through Canada and valid visas then melt into the population--but we've got our own, so even that isn't the best reason. And yes there is sex trafficking--but also many of the women who come report they have been sexually assaulted along the way on the journey. Why don't they matter to the #MeToo ladies. The men flooding in are the ones who assault them! Why are they encouraged to make this trip dangling benefits in front of them? And what are the motives of the non-profits and party hacks encouraging this dangerous trip? Is it more federal money and population representation for the sanctuary cities in blue states? We Americans have a right to a secure border--we have interfered in the political and civil issues of virtually every country in the world, yet we can't have a say in our own? Democrats/Progressives/socialists and Marxists who are fighting this are not compassionate, caring or looking out for immigrants. They don't want us to be a country. The so-called wall is just their poster child.

“The Secure Fence Act of 2006 budgeted $50 billion over 25 years to control America's borders.  Unfortunately, Congress appropriated only $1.4 billion and forgot about the rest.  The foreign aid request above was for one single year.  Two years of the foreign aid budget spent instead on U.S. border security would create the type of physical borders so common in the countries we are generously supporting.

Fund the world, but not America.”

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