Thursday, April 18, 2024

NPR--many kinds of truth, unless you support Trump or are a conservative

Katherine Roberts Maher hasn't been CEO of NPR very long, but she's certainly a symptom of the rot there. She used to run Wikepedia, where everyone except conservatives get to provide their own "truth." Conservative media is now providing "mash ups" of her comments before she entered the elitist disinformation land of public supported radio. I'm not on X (Twitter), but I'd guess they are making mincemeat of her.

American Spectator, April 17, 2024:  "What is perhaps most notable about Maher’s radicalism is how utterly conventional it is. While her posts may be exceptionally risible, her views are par for the course in most of America’s elite institutions — in many cases, they are the price of entry. Maher herself sports impeccable elite credentials: Prior to NPR, she served as CEO and executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia. According to a 2021 biography, Maher was also “a fellow at the Truman National Security Project,” has written for outlets such as Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, and the Guardian,” and serves as “a member of the Advisory Council of the Open Technology Fund and the board of the Sunlight Foundation.”

These are the people who run our country. Maher’s only distinction is that she was marginally clumsier about concealing or soft-pedaling her ideas in the public eye.

This may come as a surprise to many elected Republicans, who have happily forked over government check after government check to institutions like NPR, but we are not actually obligated to fund people and organizations that hate us.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Nashville Shooter

A woman killed 3 children and 3 adults at a Christian school last year and her name isn't even listed in the article I just read about the investigation. Is it because she is white? Anti-Christian? Was she taking hormones dangerous for women? Does her journal implicate an influential institution in charge of her care? Like Vanderbilt's Vivid? Vanderbilt generates about $12 billion annually. Is there abuse recorded in her journal? Is this white privilege or LGBTQ+ privilege?

Lawyers for both Covenant School and Covenant Presbyterian Church, where the school is located, argued against the release of the writings.

New twist: Parents of the murdered children say they own the copyright to the journal.   Tennessee judge wants more information on copyright before ruling on school shooter's writings | AP News

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

DEI and the AMA

Remember this when you need a kidney transplant.

"Medical schools are introducing into the curriculum material in which everyone can excel. Programming on “structural racism” and the “need for a diversified workforce” is now part of a core content area, according to the academic head of the American Medical Association. A mandatory three-semester course at the University of Pennsylvania medical school, Doctoring I, looks at such topics as “race/racism in medicine,” “narratives,” and “structural competency” (the last means that, if you are white, you are structurally incompetent to give optimal care to underrepresented minorities). The Diversity Strategic Action Plan at the Case Western Reserve medical school trains faculty and students to address implicit bias and microaggressions. The DSAP was developed in response to the changing demographics of the student body, explains the school. None of these courses will help physicians diagnose obscure tumors or prescribe the proper course of drugs.

What and who gets published in scientific journals, who reviews submissions and edits articles—these decisions are now being driven by the felt need for more diverse, that is, more black, faces. An article in the March 14, 2024, edition of Nature by a professor of social policy and race at King’s College, London, complains about how “exhausting” it is to exist at the “intersection” of being black and a woman. A December 2023 article in Science announced that “racism in America is a system of oppression that produces and sustains racially unequal outcomes.” Systemic racism places “Black Americans at a compounded disadvantage even in the absence of overt discrimination,” according to the article."

Robert Malone reports on long-term Covid

"There are millions of people world-wide who suffer adverse events from these products or worse, they suffered death. People who were not at a huge risk from the virus or who had already had natural immunity. We were all lied to. Repeatedly.

We deserve a government apology.

We deserve our scientific community and our health care professionals admitting the damages done.

We deserve to have our vaccine injuries taken seriously, and those who have damages deserve some sort of compensation.

People need to be held accountable.

The HHS needs a complete overhaul and we need the next president to be discussing how this will be accomplished."

Who are the rioters?


Terrorists and treasonists among us marching in the streets

Right now, in the USA there are illegals, immigrants and US born terrorist supporters blocking federal and state highways flying the flags of our enemies and shouting death to America. There are Democrat members of Congress who support their efforts who also wish death on Israelis and Americans.

The protestors should be allowed to speak if they are Americans, and deported if not, but should be jailed for their behavior that is hurting others. If abortion protestors can't pray in front of PP clinics, then the pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah screamers can't block women on their way to the clinic. The Congress Squad should be charged with insurrection and treason.

Meanwhile an innocent man who is running for president is being held hostage by the Biden lackies and Obama appointees in the worst case of election fraud and corruption by the Democrats since 2020. Democrats ignore the crimes and warfare at our own border so they can thwart the will of the people. Biden jails his political enemies, and Trump lets his enemies use the Constitution in their effort to destroy him.

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Block Traffic At Chicago O’Hare Airport And Golden Gate Bridge (

Millions of Democrat voters in Democrat run cities are being inconvenienced:

"In Chicago, protesters linked arms and blocked lanes of Interstate 190 leading into O'Hare International Airport around 7 a.m. in a demonstration they said was part of a global “economic blockade to free Palestine,” according to Rifqa Falaneh, one of the organizers.

Traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area was snarled for hours as demonstrators shut down all vehicle, pedestrian and bike traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and chained themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with cement across Interstate 880 in Oakland. Protesters marching into Brooklyn blocked Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. In Eugene, Oregon, protesters blocked Interstate 5, shutting down traffic on the major highway for about 45 minutes." Detroit News

Monday, April 15, 2024

Phil is blooming

 Our son Phil had a good friend, Sonja, who was battling breast cancer as he fought glioblastoma. They spent a lot of time talking/texting and she would visit him in his home.  She planted an azaelea tree near her new home when he died, and called it "Phil."  This year Spring is early, and it's throwing out a lot of color. She writes:

“Phil” is coming along…I can’t help but think he may be holding out for Sunday to be in his full glory, which, of course, would bring another round of tears to my eyes, as that will be 4 years since he was called home.
Not a single day goes by that I don’t want to share something with him that I saw, heard or experienced, to hear his wisdom, and/or laughter, on whatever it was that I wanted to share…I really miss my dear friend a lot…sigh."

April 15--Tax Day and Get Trump Day

Happy Tax Day! 35,000,000 words in the tax code, mostly to attack the middle class and enrich the upper 10%. Biden wants more IRS agents to go after us but won't demand that federal employees pay their back taxes. Imagine if he and son Hunter had to pay taxes on their kickbacks from China and Ukraine!

It's also the day of Alvin Bragg's illegal and despicable attack trial in New York on all voters in the U.S. who want a candidate who can destroy wokeism, progressivism, and socialism with a legal, fair election. Bragg, Willis and James are an embarrassment to the legal profession and all Democrats. They are the personification of the 19th century lynch mobs and Jim Crow Redux. And they only go after Trump. They are the crowd cheering for O.J. killing white victims.

Here's how Democrats will work the election


Sunday, April 14, 2024

The ants are back, an analogy

Our summer ants are early. Normally I wouldn't see one until late June. I saw one on the kitchen counter yesterday. Tiny. Then 10 and then more. I got out the Terro ant trap and opened it. At first they ignored it. But they seemed to be everywhere. This morning when I turned on the light, the trap had attracted maybe 100 or more, and others were sort of dazed. An hour later, there were only about 25. Then by 10:30 there were almost none. It's like sin. It must be good, everyone's doing it. Let's check it out. So they take a few sips have a party and take it back to the nest (which I can never find) to tell their friends and neighbors and infect them with the poison.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Naomi Wolf was cancelled--interview with Tucker

Tucker's interview with Naomi Wolf will knock your socks off. She was one of the most famous liberal intellectuals in America. Then she questioned lockdowns and the covid vax because she'd made a career writing about medical issues and feminism, and knew women were reporting changes in their bodies. Newborns were dying. Facts. She was cancelled big time. Her income, her friends, her "community of liberals," and all her core beliefs. She turned to prayer and the Bible for answers. And she found a new community--and they are looking into Big Pharma's crimes.

A secular Jew and a secular Episcopalian talk about the Bible and what it says about the meaning of tragedy and failure.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Planned Parenthood solicitation and expansion to new programs

I get mail frequently from Planned Parenthood. Appeals for money, laced with lies. The graphics are right out of the DEI playbook. The unborn are the most righteous, the poorest. and the weakest in our society. We are commanded by God to care for them.

Ps 37:12 "The wicked plot against the righteous, and gnash their teeth at them; but the LORD laughs at the wicked, for he sees that their day is coming."

Planned Parenthood is a shill and fund raiser for the Democrat Party. A high rate of its victims is minorities, the poor and the young. Black women are 4x more likely to have an abortion white women--23.8 per 1,000 compared to 6.6 per 1,000. Now it is also in the sex manipulation business for teen--hormones, counseling, etc. That's where the real money is.

After a Knoxville PP clinic closed due to an arsonist in 2022, NPR did a big sympathy piece on how far children confused about their sexuality had to travel for "gender affirming care." Out of 629,898 abortions reported to the CDC for 2019, Black women accounted for 38.4 percent of them. By comparison, white women made up 33.4 percent of those abortions.

Watching the Eclipse--bringing communities together

 Columbus was in a line through Ohio to see the total eclipse on April 8.  We went outside about 2:40 and sat in our lawn chairs in our drive-way and chatted with the neighbors while we watched with our special glasses.  Later I saw on Facebook that my friend Jeanne had equipped her dogs for the event. We noticed about a 10 degree drop in temperature and the birds were acting strangely. 


My brother in Byron, Illinois with 90% eclipse, also sat in his drive-way with neighbors with his glasses saved from 2017.

My friend Anna from Cherry Valley, Illinois drove to a small town in Indiana with her son and granddaughter where they enjoyed a full eclipse at a park with lots of festivities.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Ten exercises to improve balance for Seniors

 Putting this here so I can find it. There are not a lot of good spaces in our home to do these, however, some don't take a lot of room.  I often read the comments: 

"Thank you so much i am 84 yrs old .at last exercises i can actually do." 

Sounds like me!

"I am in PT right now to work on my walking. Most of these exercises have been given to me to do. My balance was terrible when I started. Now it's much better. The exercises help if you put in the effort. Keep trying if you start, you will improve."

Doug Weiss, this instructor, has a webpage with a good overview lecture, and highlights of many videos. How to WALK to prevent Falls (  He has some good advice on using a walker in order to increase your miles and balance--uses the example of using a shopping cart at the store. Home | Proprioceptive Rehab

Sunday, April 07, 2024

California's minimum wage trick by Democrats--virtue signaling

Who are they kidding? $20/hour in California for an unskilled teen-ager, or recently released prisoner?

Minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. An increase has always hurt the poorest by raising prices and closing them out to the possibility of moving up. It began in the Great Depression and FDR hurt blacks and women the most who at that time could compete for jobs by using their negotiating for wages. This is more smoke and mirrors by Democrats. What employer would take a chance on an 18 year old with no skills but potential? Some kids don't even know how to show up on time--it's part of learning/teaching your minimum wage staff. Very few employed people earn minimum--it was already too high. Employers forced to pay $10-$15 will look for people worth it. California has hurt the poor and particularly American born minorities (immigrants often have a better work ethic if they walked 1,000 miles to get here).

Only about 1.4% of wage earners make federal minimum, compared to 13.4% in 1979. And that's not good. Those are earning/learning jobs--part time, good for teens and the mentally challenged that require good mentoring to move to the next level. Those jobs are now done by machines who won't take smoke breaks, call in sick, or want off for a relative's funeral. The good paying, living wage jobs are the kids who went to trade school, or high school grads who can be carpenter or plumber helpers.

Some are saying then an increase is needed for Social Securty. For that we have COLA. Like Minimum wage, Social Security was never meant to be a living wage. Rate of return in 2022 was about 6%--and considering a dicey economy struggling with socialist Bidenomics, that's not bad. It was about 1.2% in the late 90s. Possibly private investing could do better, but SS has a number of other programs to help workers that pensions and 401-k's don't. Unfortunately, we are now down to about 2.9 workers for every retiree. In 1940, that was 42. Someone in FDR's cabinet couldn't do the math. But that's Democrats. Promises, promises.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Batya Ungar-Sargon talked to the people

Yesterday I listened to an interview of Batya Ungar-Sargon who went out into America and actually talked to working people about what they believe about immigration, abortion, the economy, education, etc. What a concept! She's published a book "Second class: How the elites betrayed America's working men and women." I'd be surprised if one would vote for Biden because Democrats haven't been the party of the working class for decades. Their pollsters also lie to you every night on the news about the working class beliefs. If they don't answer the questions as the elites want, then the check mark is racist/ homophobic/ xenophobic etc. And Americans DO want those jobs that the elites wouldn't do. Dem economists are such snobs and have a low opinion of the people who allow them to live well that they skew the results of polls. Batya works for Newsweek.

Honestly with Bari Weiss: How the Working Class Became America’s Second Class on Apple Podcasts

"Bari Weiss: My guest today, Newsweek opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon, has been on a journey for the past eight years to understand how Trump won the White House in 2016 and how the left fundamentally misunderstood the American working class. She eventually came to the conclusion that the most salient feature of American life is not our political divide. It’s “the class divide that separates the college-educated from the working class.”

Democrats have historically been the party of the working class. But for the better part of the past decade, Democrats have seen their support among working-class voters tumble. Policy wonks and demographic experts kept saying just wait: the future of the Democratic party is a multiethnic, multiracial, working-class coalition. But that didn’t pan out.

Instead, in 2016, Trump carried 54 percent of voters with family incomes of $30,000 to $50,000; 44 percent of voters with family incomes under $50,000; and nearly 40 percent of union workers voted for Trump—the highest for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Meanwhile, in 2022, Democrats had a 15-point deficit among working-class voters but a 14-point advantage among college-educated voters.

In order to understand how and why this happened, Batya decided to spend the last year traveling the country talking to working-class Americans. Who are they? Do they still have a fair shot at the American dream? What do they think about their chances to secure the hallmarks of a middle-class life?

She collected these stories in her new book: Second Class: How the Elites Betrayed America’s Working Men and Women. What she found is that for many of them, the American dream felt dead.

Today, Batya discusses who really represents the working class; why she thinks America has broken its contract with the working class; how we reinstate our commitment to them; and what will happen in 2024 if we don’t.

Biden still going after the middle class

"The most recent data suggests the IRS is still focused on the middle class. As of last summer, 63% of new audits targeted taxpayers with income of less than $200,000. Only a small overall share reached the very highest earners, while 80% of audits covered filers earning less than $1 million. Don’t forget to save those charitable-giving receipts." Wall Street Journal,  April 3, 2024.

I wonder why the IRS doesn't go after the federal government employees who are behind on their taxes. 10 years ago the figure was over 300,000, but nothing has been done.

The Number of Tax Delinquent Feds Is Growing. The IRS Watchdog Wants a Crackdown. - Government Executive (

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Spring rains in April 2024

We've certainly had our spring rains. We have a small, sleepy creek north (our view), south and east of our condo grounds . Although I've seen it higher, not often. What's usually quiet is called "Turkey Run" and it meanders through the OSU Golf course and empties into the Olentangy River. The view from our deck. First view.

Second View link.  This is the topographic map and we're sitting on that little red line between Kenny and Olentangy. We get a lot of deer here and the birds love it. Long time residents of UA may remember the bad flood we had around 1973. Then we were 2 houses from "Evans Ditch" on Abington Rd. which was really for drainage, but people called it a creek. Everyone but us had flooded basements--we were slab on grade. Our neighbor had a large wine collection in his basement.  All the labels came off and floated away. I think all the creek beds and walls in UA were upgraded then. It ran to the Scioto Golf Course on Rt. 33. Phil and his little friends loved playing in it and scaring me to death. 


Sunday, March 31, 2024

The slippery word equity

I asked Co-pilot (AI) how many government memos since 2021 have the word equity in them. It burped, but gave me just a few notables from 2023-24. They are all word salad, and will cause a lot of mischief, since there is no definition--it's a "concept" and very fluid. Equity is not equality, that much we know. 

AI doesn't like to work hard. I looked at one of the 2024 for AI and found 10 uses of the word.

"Since 2121, several government memoranda have addressed the concept of equity. Here are a few notable ones:

M-24-08: This memorandum focuses on strengthening digital accessibility and the management of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act1.
M-24-05: It emphasizes catalyzing sustainable transportation through federal travel1.
M-24-03: Provides guidance on advancing climate resilience through climate-smart infrastructure investments and implementation guidance for the Disaster Resiliency Planning Act1.
M-24-XX: Proposes advancing governance, innovation, and risk management for agency use of artificial intelligence1.
M-24-XX: A draft policy aims to modernize the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)1.
M-23-22: Focuses on delivering a digital-first public experience1.
M-23-18: Addresses administration cybersecurity priorities for the FY 2025 Budget1.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but it highlights some relevant memoranda. For further details, you can explore the White House Memoranda page1. Additionally, the concept of equity has been central to various executive orders and initiatives, including the Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and efforts to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across the federal government2."

I took the suggestion and added in EOs and initiatives to my query, and it cut it to three!

How the IRS loses track but seeks equity

GAO-24-106140, Private Debt Collection Program: IRS Could Improve Results and Better Promote Equitable Outcomes for Taxpayers

Apparently, during the Obama administration a Private Debt Collection Program was set up to collect taxes from dead beats. Then during the Trump years, certain taxpayers were excused from the program because they couldn't pay anyway. I didn't know we had private companies collecting taxes for the government, and their track record in this report is horrible. I wandered into this report from the GAO which was reporting on Covid recommendations that hadn't been followed. This particular report was 43 pages. I didn't find anything about Covid (except "oh look what we did to the poor"), but I suppose people got behind in their taxes. This program had been tried 2 other times in the past but was determined to cost more than it was worth. Duh! There is apparently something called "the shelf" where lost causes are pushed to the back burner. But the idiocy to me seems to be the quest for "equity." Since 1% of the taxpayers pay 45.8% of the taxes, I wonder why no one seeks equity at the upper end.

Since the "underserved" and "marginalized" were recovering nicely with Trump's economic growth policies before Spring 2020, more than other groups, and the Covid lockdown killed that, now we'll have one more search for equity. I suppose a higher rate of blacks and Hispanics were not filing and sitting on "the shelf" even if the actual number was higher for whites on the shelf. Now we need a new bevy of IRS outsourced agents to find them.

42,000 federal employees have multiple years of unfiled tax returns and we know they aren't underpaid, marginalized or underserved. Why not collect from them? The Number of Tax Delinquent Feds Is Growing. The IRS Watchdog Wants a Crackdown. - Government Executive (

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Joe Biden wants the rich to pay their "fair share"



Joe may be the biggest criminal to ever live in the White House, but he owns a bevy of tax accountants who will tell you the rich don't pay enough. He'll never have to pay taxes on the money Hunter gave him which came from China and Ukraine back when he was Vice President.  Read today's opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Already Soaks the Rich - WSJ

"Taxing the rich is popular these days, in part because Republicans are now playing the same tax redistribution game as Democrats. The problem in Washington isn’t that the rich refuse to pay their “fair share,” whatever that means. The trouble is that with the notable exception for national defense, Mr. Biden’s progressive spending ambitions are limitless. Washington could confiscate the income of every billionaire in the country and still not finance what Democrats want to spend."

I've lost a close friend of 50 years, Nancy Long

Since January I've been keeping a close watch on my good friend Nancy Long, who has been in and out of the hospital several times.  Fortunately, I'd been able to visit her and talk to her on the phone during her last illness.  We met in 1974 in a Bible study at FCC, found out we both enjoyed going out for coffee for a chat, and later that year she introduced us to Lakeside.  I also knew her parents, daughters, husband, and had met most of the grandchildren. She was well read and always knew the latest trends in fashion, real estate, politics and investments, plus what was going on in our school system and city government. She was a Republican long before I was, but we rarely disagreed. We celebrated our birthdays together probably all but last year, our 50th anniversaries, attended the funerals of mutual friends, many Lakeside events, church services, and dinners.  This is her obituary.

Panera's for coffee--2005

Exercise class--Blues Brothers--1986
Our 50th anniversary 2010

Nancy Lou Mitchell Long passed away Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

She was the beloved wife of Professor Ronald K. Long for 64 years. She and Ronald were residents of First Community Village for nearly three years.

Nancy was born June 18, 1933, in Bellevue, to Bertram and Helen Moreland Mitchell, who preceded her in death. Nancy fought a courageous almost lifelong battle with lung disease (bronchiectasis) which left her with a chronic productive cough and ultimately led to her passing.

After graduating from Bellevue High School, Nancy attended Denison University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree (1955). She joined Chi Omega Sorority and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and National Mortar Board Honorary her junior year. She earned her Master of Science in Counseling from Stanford University (1957). Nancy spent many of her years as an educator, teaching at Columbus State Community College, Ohio State University, Euclid Senior High School, and Harding Junior High School in Lakewood.

Nancy was a member of First Community Church since 1960 and served as chair of numerous councils and committees including First Community Foundation, FCC Governing Board, Board of Deacons, Couple's Circle 29, Women's Guild Board, and Guilds X and G. She also enjoyed OSU Women's Club, Wednesday Literary Club (20 years), Mortar Board Alumnae, American Association of University Women, and Women's Association of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Over the years, her interests included playing piano duets with friends, reading current books, and giving book reviews. She developed and directed a merchandising program for Mortar Board National Office.

Since 1947, Nancy and her family spent summers at the family cottage at Lakeside on Lake Erie where she enjoyed walking along the lakefront path and hosting her grandchildren each summer. She was active in Lakeside Women's Club, The Heritage Society, and Friends of the Hotel Lakeside.

Nancy is survived by her daughters, Marilyn (Patrick) Roddy of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Susan (Davin) McAndrews of San Francisco, California; grandchildren she cherished, Katherine (Noah) Lavine, McKenzie (Chase) Hall, and Margaret Roddy, and Davin (Mac), Mitchell, and Porter McAndrews; and great-grandsons, Henry and Simon Lavine.

As an only child, Nancy always considered herself fortunate to have shared her childhood with cousins James Dean Miller (Carole, deceased), Jane Louise Miller Davisson (deceased) (David, deceased), Sandra Miller Woolley (Frank, deceased), and Michael Miller (Lu Ann).

Memorial gifts may be sent to First Community Foundation - Guild X fund, 1320 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus, Ohio, 43212. Nancy's celebration of life will be 2 p.m. Saturday, April 13, 2024, at First Community Church, 1320 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus, Ohio, 43212. A reception for family and friends will be at the church following the service.

Arrangements have been entrusted to SCHOEDINGER NORTHWEST.

Friday, March 29, 2024

How much they hate Trump--Letitia James

 "In 2014,  [Jon] Stewart sold his 6,280-square-foot Tribeca duplex to financier Parag Pande for $17.5 million. The property’s asking price at that time is not available in listing records. But according to 2013-2014 assessor records obtained by The Post, the property had the estimated market-value at only $1.882 million. The actual assessor valuation was even lower, at $847,174.

Records also show that Stewart paid significantly lower property taxes, which were calculated based on that assessor valuation price — precisely what he called Trump out for doing in his Monday monologue."

Everyone who has bought or sold property in New York should be shaking in their boots, or do you think Trump is the only white man Letitia hates?

Monday, March 25, 2024

Harris puts her stamp of approval on abortion clinics

Donald Trump was the first president to offer full support for the unborn and the pro-life movement in January 2020. Kamala Harris was the first vice president to visit a death camp, aka, abortion clinic, in March 2024. To be a Democrat, you have to support abortion.

"All of us here today understand an eternal truth, every child is a precious and sacred gift from God. Together we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and the sanctity of every human life. When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation. When we hold a newborn in our arms, we know the endless love that each child brings to a family. When we watch a child grow, we see the splendor that radiates from each human soul. One life changes the world. From my family, and I can tell you I send love and I send great, great love. And from the first day in office, I’ve taken historic action to support America’s families and to protect the unborn." Donald Trump

Thursday, March 21, 2024

What's the Biden crime? Let me count the ways

AOC asked Bobulinski the most important question yesterday. What is the crime? That's what we want to know about Trump. He didn't commit a crime on January 6; he didn't commit a crime by having presidential records in his home, although Pence, Carter and Biden did; he didn't commit a crime with his NYC real estate deals unless every American does the same thing when selling property. Letitia James is doing the bidding of the Master (aka Massa). Trump also didn't commit a crime by joking or exaggerating or using an idiom (like bloodbath) unless every media talking head who uses hyperbole and metaphor commits a crime. The crime is in the evil swampy mind of the Democrat party, in the muck and rot. They want to destroy our election system by eliminating a candidate and disenfranchising 80 million voters.

"I want to be crystal clear: from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was 'the Brand' being sold by the Biden family," Bobulinski said. "His family’s foreign influence peddling operation — from China to Ukraine and elsewhere — sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government."

Bobulinski said the president was "an active, aware enabler" of his family's business pursuits, a claim Joe, James, and Hunter Biden have all repeatedly and adamantly denied."

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Stumping Artificial Intelligence with a question about bad behavior at Harvard

I thought it would be an easy question for AI--it's so smart and has access to the world of the internet.

My Question: "Why are Gay, Charleston, and Greene still employed at Harvard?"

Copilot hesitated, not knowing if it were politically safe to answer. Then after a wait, it wrote timidly as it is programmed to do for anything woke or DEI:

"There have been several allegations of plagiarism against Claudine Gay, Sherri A. Charleston, and an individual named Greene at Harvard University.

Claudine Gay, the former University President, resigned on Jan. 2, 2024, following a plagiarism scandal (4).

Sherri A. Charleston, Harvard’s Chief Diversity Officer, was accused of plagiarizing passages in multiple academic papers (3).

Greene, who handles Title IX complaints at the Extension School, was also accused of plagiarism(2). [Copilot didn't know her first name, but I looked it up and it is Shirley.]

Despite these allegations, it’s important to note that accusations of plagiarism are serious and typically require thorough investigation by the institution before any action is taken. The continued employment of these individuals could be due to a variety of reasons, including ongoing investigations, the nature of the allegations, or other factors not publicly disclosed. It’s also worth noting that employment decisions are typically confidential and made by the institution based on a variety of factors (1, 2, 3).

Learn more
4 "

Now there is a new Harvard plagiarizer, Christina Cross, whose dissertation from University of Michigan got her a professorship at Harvard.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Nostalgia for Y2K

 Was it only a quarter of a century ago? Almost. Remember the preparation for the big 2000 celebration and how Y2K bonded us? Communism was defeated and Naziism gone, but we had wised up about pie in the sky humanism. Both U.S. parties believed in and advocated for "western style democracy" as the best method to raise 3rd world people out of poverty and to defeat totalitarianism.

GW Bush was naive and thought we could impose western values on tribal cultures, allowing people to vote, liberating women and supporting an endless war. At home BH Obama wanted to reduce our next generation and poverty through abortion, take over the largest sector of the economy with socialist medicine, and pay back the sins of the past with old family feuds by imposing on 21st century white Americans, the discrimination and laws of the 19th century that hurt black Americans.

With Biden and his blue state cronies we have the worst of the first 2 administrations of the 21 century. Wars, death, destruction but with inflation, gnosticism, higher taxes, millions invading at our borders, and more tribalism at home.

Biden's cronies as Obama 2.0 have brought back the totalitarianism, slavery (both labor and sex), discrimination, endless wars, and tribal battles that we had hoped had been eliminated by "western democracy."

Monday, March 18, 2024

In March 2004 I started another blog Antiques Roadshow pt.6

I mentioned on March 16 that I'd found two "antiques" in a cabinet. The first was my 65 page printed blog about our Holy Land tour in 2009. The other, about 20 years old (March 2004) is a printout from one of my other, other blogs, "In the beginning," which is about my hobby. The hobby is about 50 years old, but I didn't start writing about it until 2004. It's probably only something that would appeal to a librarian--at least I've never found anyone else collecting these. The last one I printed out was 2006.
I just checked the on-line version and the last one I entered in the blog was in 2012. My ambition exceeded my wallet, will power, and wisdom. The year I decided to record my collection the average cover price was $5.80, and I don't have a figure for today because I rarely look--but I'd guess $10-$15. When I bought the premier issue of "People" with the lovely Mia Farrow on the cover in 1974 (it turned 50 this year) it was $.35. 2003 was a bumper crop for new issues--949! I'd crush our house with just the weight of the paper if I'd tried to collect new issues the last 50 years!

I started this blog on March 21, 2004 with these comments:
"I collect first and premiere issues of magazines and journals. If you want to know if there is confidence in the economy, just take a look at what is appearing on the news stands in 2004. I've purchased about seven new magazines since December, and that's without trying. That means venture capital. That means investors. That means advertisers. That means jobs. That means consumers willing to buy. That means a crazy exuberance and hope in the future. And that's what I love about a new journal."
My oldest is "Atlantic," my most exciting find is "Edible Columbus," (it just went up for sale), and my personal favorite is "Garage Slab." I did have a list of rules for collecting, but they evolved, and I frequently ignored them. I eventually even included some newsletters and government journals because often magazines began as a newsletter and every new government bureaucracy wants to publish a magazine. In the 1980s and I worked in a bookstore, I decided to drop the computer category because new ones were coming in every week. 
To read older entries in this magazine blog you have to look at the archive list on the right-hand side because it seems to have no code for going forward or backward.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

March 14 tornadoes in Ohio

Although I slept through it on Thursday, March 14 (not serious on our side of Columbus), I heard that the final count was 14 tornadoes in that area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, with 8 in Ohio. I don't know what the record is, but that was quite a spring storm. Using the Internet I looked back a few hours and then days, and that afternoon the warnings were not serious and a few days before, the comments were that it had been a very mild season for tornadoes! So much for knowing what climate, temperature and weather will be--cooling or warming--in a century or two if we can't get a few hours warning.

I've never been to Indian Lake but know it is a popular summer recreation area and retirement spot in Ohio, and it has suffered a lot of damage. There are many stories at this link.

Thank you to friends/family who checked in with us.

Fifteen years ago today, March 16, 2009 Antiques Road Show pt. 5

Although it's a gorgeous day, it's a tad chilly for me to walk outside, so I've been on the exercycle watching reruns of Antiques Roadshow again. I thought of one of mine and rustled around in a cabinet and found two.
The first was a printed copy of my blog written 15 years ago, March 16, 2009, the day after we returned (and were recovering) from a Holy Land cruise with about 170 travelers--
members of our church, their friends, and members of 2 other churches. I must have written furiously--it runs for 65 pages (with photos) and was finished on March 18! Of course, I was much younger then.
Here's what I found written for March 16, 2009--advice from Beverly Miller Meyers who had been on a similar trip some years before. With tears, I copy it here, safe and true 15 years later.
"Bon Voyage! Have fun and be safe. I am still green with envy. Wear your support stockings on the plane and any long bus rides. In Egypt follow your guides rules but if you get a chance the people are so poor especially in Cairo that a few shekels is always appreciated. In Israel climb up to into and around everything. There is so much history there. At Bethlehem crawl under the altar under the main altar and look through the star to the dirt. If Jesus wasn't born there it had to be close by. In Greece buy some Ouzo it tastes like licorice. Drink it with ice and the same amount of Ouzo and water. At the Parthenon go into the back of the temple of Athena and see the best representation of Nike bending to tie her sandal. If you get there please take a photo for me. Nike might have been moved to the museum by now though. At Ephesus look at everything again for me. Ephesus is my new favorite ancient city. I want to go back there some day not on a tour and just wander. Check out the history of the evil eye in Greece and Turkey.
Lots of Love,
And we did it all, but in reverse order leaving from Cairo, 31 hours back to Columbus.

Friday, March 15, 2024

The rise in black violence due to the George Floyd riots

Alarming rise in youth gun deaths breaks down very differently by race (

You can read this NBC account (based on Pew Research) and never see a word about George Floyd or how black "leaders" including the current vice president encouraged the rise in violence among black teens (called children or kids in msm articles). That's because Democrats asked the Democrat run sanctuary cities to defund the police and allow rowdies to roam. They encouraged black mobs to assemble and riot during Covid restrictions too. Far more people were killed or injured and federal buildings damaged during the BLM political riots in most major cities than during the January 6 riot when only one person was killed--a white female Veteran killed by a capitol policeman. Democrats continue to fail black citizens of the USA.

You'll only hear about these (mostly homicides) deaths if a police officer is involved. Otherwise, black leaders and the media pay those families no mind. This story is all based on Pew Research which makes no mention of who is doing the killing.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

St. Patrick's Day is three days away

March is Irish American Heritage Month. My Irish beat the crowd and came to British America before the revolution, and no one was Catholic. I'm a huge admirer of that great missionary St. Patrick and liked this story.

Why I Hate St. Patrick’s Day by AMANDA TEIXEIRA

Imagine that you grew up uneducated. In your teenage years, you were kidnapped and sold into slavery in a foreign land. Your family was gone. You submitted to your masters and relied on God through this struggle, growing leaps and bounds in your faith. You escaped your slavery in an adventurous series of events. Later, you decided to go back to the land of your slavery to share the Gospel with the pagan land. In faith you began preaching, baptizing, giving your very self in love to the people who once enslaved you. They came to know Jesus Christ through your witness; they convert, their families convert, and eventually their whole country converts! They even decided, upon your death, to preserve that day as holy to celebrate your heroic generosity, bravery, and love.

Fast-forward 1700 years give or take. From heaven you gaze down to earth on your feast day…
And people are using it as an excuse to get drunk and be irresponsible as they stumble around with rainbows, shamrocks, and green beer flying in every direction.
Hello, St. Patrick!

Modern traditions didn’t pop up overnight, but these days most people in Western Civilization are decidedly Irish and Catholic on St. Patrick’s Day. Most saint feast days come and go without societal notice but St. Patty’s day has everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Even Wonka is aware of this.
OK, so I don’t really hate St. Patrick’s Day…I am Irish and Catholic; I can’t truly hate it. However, I can hate that the entire point of having feast days are lost in modern society.

Why do Catholics have saint feast days to begin with? To celebrate the life of someone who gave their life to Jesus Christ and shared him in heroic ways with the world around them. The reason for these days is to remind us of those older brothers and sisters who have gone before us and left behind a powerful witness. We are celebrating the grace of God in their lives as we also celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over death and sin in our lives. We remember that we are but pilgrims on earth and, God-willing, one day will worship the Lord in heaven alongside the saint we are celebrating.

So, what can we do to reclaim St. Patrick’s Day? Or even take what’s already GOOD about St. Patrick’s Day and reintroduce the point of why it’s good to our culture?

Become a person who truly celebrates the REAL St. Patrick! Practically how can you do this?

1. Tell the real story! This man was sold-out for Jesus Christ and endured crazy hardships many people could relate to! Bring inspiration to those around you.
2. Become an evangelist! If Patrick was on earth for his feast day, this is what he would likely do. Remember the old legend about St. Patrick using shamrocks to explain the Trinity? Don’t hesitate to use the shamrock on his feast day to talk about God, who desires to be in communion with all people. Be bold and loving…not weird and creepy.

3. Drink some green beer! If you are 21 or older, feel free to have some beer on St. Patty’s dayin moderation. Set an example about how to use alcohol properly – to celebrate and make merry while maintaining sobriety. “Go, eat your bread with joy and drink your wine with a merry heart, because it is now that God favors your works.” Ecclesiastes 9:7

4. Celebrate with others! Feast days are opportunities to join in communion and camaraderie with others to enjoy their friendship. Go to a local Mass, attend a parade, cook corned beef and cabbage, meet up at a pub…with others!

5. Get into it! Wear the hats, beads, (appropriate) shirts, temporary tattoos, etc. and have fun with the day! These Patty’s Day symbols of the day can increase our silliness and joy as we walk around looking like goofballs with all our buddies. Remember the Party Blog? We certainly can’t show the culture how to truly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with long faces.

Have fun this March 17th, celebrating the REAL St. Patrick – a father in our faith and a hero for the New Evangelization.

“Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.” -Saint Patrick

This article was originally published at Focus.


Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Fitness routine with the guys

I was minding my own business at the Lifetime Fitness Center watching HGTV on the big screen, but I couldn't help overhearing the 3 guys next to me. Men just rag on each other. It's a hoot. They call each other ugly, bald and fat, and then they all laugh. Don't try that with women. But after the introductions it's down to business. A friend who wasn't there on the treadmill was at the hospital with his wife who was having surgery; another guy was waiting for a kidney transplant; two guys were discussing the various taxes they were struggling with; another reminisced about the old days when our suburb had its own trash department and little scooters would go to the garage to pick up the trash cans (I'd forgotten that, but it was true).

And meanwhile, I missed which house was chosen by the home buyers.

The State of the Union by Joe Biden

I didn't watch the SOTU, but here's what I gleaned from listening to podcasters who did. Joe's most popular programs are abortion, war, maiming children with the trans agenda, and invasion at our borders. (I heard the applause.) This is what he's asking Democrats to support. Oh yes, and he hates Donald Trump and thinks he's a Nazi, as well as half the country who support him. The only time he even mentioned the USA was when he was condemning Trump (or so I heard). Prove me wrong.

Friday, March 08, 2024

Be Kind Campaign for adults

The Ohio State Office of Student life is having a contest and I can't figure out what it is or how it is done! It's a good thing I'm not a student, and just a retired faculty member.
First, the rules sound like it is for kindergarten age, and second, it might work better in a church Vacation Bible School program than a campus of a major university.

Here's the name of the contest: #BeKind Instagram Walls Contest.

Here's the purpose of the contest: promote kindness, love, positivity and mental health support on the OSU campus and in the Columbus, Ohio, community.
Here's what the entrant submits: Art via Instagrammable wall. An Instagrammable wall is a decorated or artistic wall that lends itself to being photographed and posted on social media. The contest will consist of wall artwork that shares messages about kindness, happiness, love and Buckeye Pride. The art can be any type of visual 2D media (paintings, illustrations, photography, etc.) with other details on the website, which I won't post.

So, I was so stunned that adults needed contests to be kind and that Instagram is considered art (a 2-fer), I asked Chat/AI if kindness contests were popular on college campus. Oh yes, s/he gushed. It's really BIG. It can be like holding the door open for someone, or saying thank you, or sharing a snack!. Woo! Woo! Imagine that I said. They not only don't know basic biology, like who is a male and who is a female, but mom and dad didn't teach them any basic social skills, so one more reason Meta (who owns Instagram and Facebook) has to collect more information about them.

And don't forget, kiddoes, "by submitting a Submission, Entrants agree to grant to the University a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable, fully paid-up, worldwide license to such Submission, together with all intellectual property rights therein, including, without limitation, the license rights to cache, publicly display, and reproduce the Submission. Entrants also give up any claim that any use by the University, derivative or otherwise, of any Submission violates any of Entrants rights, including, but not limited to, moral rights, privacy rights, rights to publicity, proprietary or other rights, and/or rights to credit for the material or ideas set forth therein." I'm just guessing that Meta takes a cut too.

Here's a link to a NATIONAL organization to be kind. It has a board of directors, corporate support, fund raisers and all sorts of things you could research. And to think that churches do this for free! And teachers at my parents' one room rural schools back in the 1920s knew how to do it! Amazing.

I smell the poop of a cash cow.

Update:  I found a poster for the OSU Kindness contest.

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

The Mighty Mississippi postage stamps

Not everyone cares. But I do. I send letters and notes and I like pretty or interesting stamps. My local USPS branch has diddly squat for stamp selection. The last time I was there the selection was four black history designs and one lunar New Year and a Valentine abstract beyond recognition. I bought the Valentine. Then I went home and looked on-line. It took about a week and $1.70 shipping and handling, but I now have some lovely "Mighty Mississippi" and "Historic railroad stations of the United States." The Mississippi river sheet is 10 different states (without location), and the rail stations block is 5 cities, although I only recognized Cincinnati, which by the way is spectacular if you ever want to see wonderful public art.

I suspect no one knows the location of the Illinois stamp "In Illinois, a sailboat passes limestone bluffs adorned with fall foliage in a photo by Walter Blackledge." (Waterways journal) I asked Chat and it gave me word salad. The closest I came was a comlex description of the limestone bluffs, only 2 small towns nearby.

Forgotten books--like strolling through the stacks

This morning I was looking on-line for a title about the hymn writer Frederick W. Faber and came across a reprint series. "Forgotten Books is a London-based book publisher specializing in the restoration of old books, both fiction and non-fiction. Today we have 1,294,132 books available to read online, download as ebooks, or purchase in print." I found what I was looking for plus many more written by Faber. But truly the oddest collection of titles with nothing in common except they are "forgotten." Everything from "Canned Poultry," October 1950 to "The Lives of the Popes in the Early Middle Ages" to "The Book of Costume, or Annals of Fashion From the Earliest Period to the Present Time" to "The Blind in the United States, 1920, by U. S. Bureau of the Census." Cost is about $9 a month to read as a member, or $9.50 for a paper copy.

Faber came up in my morning devotions.  He authored the well-known hymns "Faith of our Fathers" and "There is a wideness in God's mercy."

Monday, March 04, 2024

Antiques Roadshow pt. 4, the purse

On an Antiques Roadshow rerun (possibly 2018) I saw a lovely, 19th century beaded purse. I was surprised it was valued at only $385. It was beautiful. I wouldn't carry it, but I do have an antique purse. I get a lot of compliments on this purse--a few a week. I'd buy another one if I could find it. A faded denim which can hold my i-pad or phone, with two nice side pockets. Walmart--$9.00. I purchased it about 6 years ago, although I really don't remember, so it could be older. Since it began life faded and worn, it's hard to tell, but it's starting to develop some holes from my pencils.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Chef-o-Nette is closing

We heard some bad news Monday night. The Chef-o-Nette in Upper Arlington is closing! This week! When we moved here in June 1967 we rented an apartment on Farleigh Road. We cut through someone's yard to the little Tremont shopping center and found a restaurant. We lived in that neighborhood for 35 years. I couldn't count the times we've eaten there, or just popped in for the tapioca. I'm not sure but I think the last time I ate there was with Phil in September 2019 for my birthday 2 days before he was diagnosed with glioblastoma and our lives changed forever. I probably had a "Hang-over with fries." When he was in pre-school we'd go there for a snack then wait for Phoebe to get out of Tremont School across the street. I wrote about the Chef in this blog in 2010 and 2006.


Food labels and storage

Last night my neighbor Jan asked if I had any corn starch. I did, but it was waaaay beyond shelf life, maybe 10 years or so, so she declined and went to the store. Corn starch is inert and has no viable anything in it. But that shelf was high and I was on the step stool, so I checked out what else had expired. Most of it. Like 2010. But what was the most gross was the powdered milk. It was brown! Yuk! Ever the librarian, I looked it up, and learned it's a known chemical reaction called The Maillard reaction which is responsible for the color change. "It’s the same process that gives crusty bread its golden hue and imparts flavor to roasted coffee beans. In the case of milk, the lactose molecules react with amino acids, leading to the formation of brown compounds. " It's why milk turns brown when heating at higher temps. 

Powdered milk is safe for long term storage, however, mine was probably over 10 years. And the top cabinet next to the stove is NOT cool which is best for storage. You can also freeze it. With long storage, the vitamins decrease some, but the other essential nutrients—such as protein, carbohydrates, and minerals—remain relatively stable for years. Co-Pilot generated the answer to my question about why powdered milk turned brown with age.

The Cyber attack that wasn't

AT&T reported it was not a cyberattack last Thursday but "the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network." How many believe this given the unpatriotic way the Biden crowd protects even a land border from invaders (including Chinese and Russians coming across) and allowed the "weather balloon" incident near military bases? Biden just gives away the store. Democrats need a really big incident come November to disrupt and change the rules that keep elections safe. But it requires a little practice.

Antiques Roadshow, pt. 3, the dictionary

The Antiques Roadshow appraisal at our house today is my Merriam-Webster New International Dictionary of the English Language 2nd edition Unabridged. At least that's what I told my husband at dinner, but I was wrong. The word Merriam isn't in the title but is in the publisher's name. And until I looked at it carefully, I had several things incorrect. I'd assumed it was copyright 1948, but it is 1934. It has an updated "New Word" section which is 1939 and 1945, but 1948 is on the title page. That section (from the 40s) is truly fascinating. You can still purchase Mr. Webster's 1828 edition and it's interesting because it reflects a Judeo-Christian culture. The 1934 2nd edition unabridged was last printed about 1960 and the copyright doesn't end for a few years. But the 3rd edition is available.

This particular antique was a Christmas gift to my parents perhaps in 1949 or 1950 from my grandparents. My aunt and uncle probably were given one too. My parents had a special stand for it which someone else in the family might have. The volume is massive, so a stand that fits would be helpful. It sits on our dining room buffet. After my father died in 2002 it became mine. I use it frequently. 

Here's how language and dictionaries change with the culture.
Marriage (1828 Webster's dictionary): "MAR'RIAGE, noun [Latin mas, maris.] The act of uniting a man and woman for life; wedlock; the legal union of a man and woman for life. marriage is a contract both civil and religious, by which the parties engage to live together in mutual affection and fidelity, till death shall separate them. marriage was instituted by God himself for the purpose of preventing the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes, for promoting domestic felicity, and for securing the maintenance and education of children."
The color plates and illustrations are as good as the day 10 year old Norma first looked at it. The print does seem to have grown smaller! There are 600 special topics with little bios about the editors and there were special assistant editors checking their work!

Monday, February 26, 2024

Antiques Roadshow, pt. 2, the dishes

Today's Antique Roadshow at our house is the dinner table set with hand painted Blue Ridge China (Mountain Ivy pattern) from the Southern Potteries company (1916-1957) Erwin, TN. I bought these from the Lakeside Archives shop in 2020. The pottery in Erwin which at one time was the biggest in the USA closed almost 70 years ago because of foreign competition after WWII. There are avid collectors and they have a show which this year is October 3-5 which coincides with an apple festival. Dinner was broccoli soup, grilled salmon, green beans with onions, fresh pineapple with red grapes, sour dough toast, and lemon cookies. I have a fairly full set, so I had enough pieces.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

My own Antiques Road Show, pt. 1

Addictions start small. At first, I hardly noticed. One day I flipped on Roku (streaming service) to watch something while riding the exercycle and I came across reruns of PBS Antiques Roadshow, something I rarely watch. Now I watch several hours a day. I think the oldest show I've seen was 1998. I most enjoyed the 2019 Sarasota show at the Ringling mansion because we'd been there with Bob and Jeanne Poisal. I've seen a lot of changes in fashion, hair color of the appraisers (they are volunteers and not paid), and some ridiculous values, but they go up and down. Gen-X and Millennials don't care about Civil War flags or Grandma's pottery. But a Hot Wheels prototype can go for $100,000.
So, for Sunday dinner today I served up a box of watches and miscellaneous I found in my scarf drawer and asked Bob to identify. We think we know where the pocket watches came from but we're scratching our heads about the WWII compass. We're also pondering a set of cuff links with Phil's initials that was in the box. I'm checking with his ex-wife on that one, and the groom for whom he was the best man.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

He gets us ad

The "He gets us" ad. Such a kerfuffle. It amazes me that so much misunderstanding and suspicion can ooze from such a simple message--Jesus' message. Mostly I've heard very conservative Evangelicals question it. They see a subtle SJW message. But here's a liberal Catholic:
"Even as I look at the images in the foot-washing ad, I note that several of them feature white Christians washing the feet of people of color—a priest washing the feet of a young gay Black man; a suburban mother washing the feet of a migrant who has just gotten off a bus. It feels patronizing, self-congratulatory: The white people performing humility as a sly power move to cement their authority in this situation.

As charitable as I try to be in watching something like this, I cannot help but wonder if this isn’t a Protestant evangelical sneak attack of some kind. A slick ad that somehow lays down groundfire for something more proselytizing to come in and penetrate our very brains."
The foot washing questions. That seems foreign to many. I was baptized in The Church of the Brethren, an Anabaptist group formed in 1708; foot washing is part of the communion service as it is for Amish and Mennonite groups (there are many different sects). It reenacts a passage from John and symbolizes humility, service and the call to love. If the writer thinks the ad unnecessarily shows whites in the role of being the humble, loving servant, maybe he should think about how that works with your fellow church member--the one you think sings off key in the choir or is a different political party or is the teacher who flunked your kid. Not all sins are about about sex and race--that's media hype.
Millions were watching that ad who perhaps had never heard of Jesus except as a swear word. Maybe they will ask a question. Maybe they hate white people, or black people, but maybe they hate their ex-wife, or co-worker, or are depressed about their failures, or are discouraged and suicidal -- and if this ad points them toward repentance and restoration, God love 'em.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Food insecure?

I saw an article about "food insecurity" yesterday That means that in the last 4 weeks the cook/mother/grandmother/oldest daughter once or twice or 10 times went to the cupboard and couldn't find enough to make a meal for the family/residents/siblings. Really? A gallon of milk is $2.65 and 10 pounds of potatoes are $4 in Columbus, Ohio.
A pack of cigarettes is $9 in Columbus--and a big chunk of that is federal and state taxes. The food in Ohio has no tax. You can fix a very nutritious meal for less than a pack of cigarettes, but you'll believe the stories on TV about hungry people in America. Potato combined with dairy is almost a perfect food. That's why smart mothers make potato soup and scalloped potatoes.

What's insecure is the cook. S/he has a 12 can pack of Coke for $4.00 and 13 oz. bag of Lays potato chips for $5 in the cupboard. And she may be smoking a cigarette. If she admires her $40 manicure when opening the cupboard, well, it's not the food costs but the values.

The survey (of a child or youth) to determine "food insecurity" is really vague and uses words like a lot, sometimes, enough, cheap food, run out, and asks the person to recall the past month (Self-Administered Food Security Survey Module for Children Ages 12 Years and Older, September 2006)

You might be a Christian Nationalist if

 You might be a Christian Nationalist if:

You believe in natural rights.

You attend church. Possibly more than once a week.

You support your children and participate in their lives.

You believe marriage is between a man and woman.

You believe men can't become women, nor women men.

You believe teachers and school administrators should not secretly influence your children against your family values.

You believe giving a child cross sex hormones and genital surgery is child abuse.

You believe the USA has borders that should be protected.

You believe children are being trafficked across the border.

You believe releasing foreign military age young men who are well dressed and physically fit into the general population with no tracking could endanger our safety.

You believe sowing distrust and loss of trust in the military with wokeism instruction is a threat to our safety.

You believe DEI has been destructive to student learning.

You believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

You believe Israel has a right to eliminate the danger of Hamas.

You believe Hillary Clinton and ladies in pink hats had a right to protest the election results of 2016, just as Trump supporters had a right to protest the election results of 2020.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

I''m not a good list maker

I had printed my blog of October 17, 2022 (3 pages), and found it in a stack of papers today. I think it is a list I'd intended to check off. I'm not a good list maker--some of you live by lists. Not me. But #17 was interesting.

"17. Should I buy more food for emergency storage? Joe is talking Armageddon and nuclear war so we've got a crazy leader in Russia and a demented leader in the USA, and I don't even have extra batteries in the house, and I see a lot of pasta in my "emergency tornado" food box. How would we cook pasta if Putin dropped a bomb on NYC or DC? Remember in the 1950s when the basement of our school building was lined with huge bundles of dried (I assume) food stuffs. Must have been for the whole town. And we learned to duck under our school desks. Sure, that will solve the problem our government doesn't know how to fix."

Are you preparing for any more Joe-built disasters?

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Letitia, another DEI hire, campaigned to get Trump

The latest non-crime and ridiculous "award" of nearly half a million (paid out to whom since there was no victim and no crime?) for "civil fraud" against Trump brings back to memory how our federal government created a housing/mortgage free fall in 2007-2008 and sent our entire nation into a recession by over valuing homes and getting inadequately funded suckers to fall for the trap. The government backed mortgage agencies have been over evaluating the real estate market for decades. We were helping our son buy a home at that time, and the ridiculous financing of that era was unbelievable--so we went the standard route with a solid down payment. Just call me Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. The only crime was that of AG Letitia, another DEI hire, vowing in her campaign to get Trump. She used Trump to get elected. She called him "illegitimate" meaning she publicly campaigned on not believing in the results of the 2016 election. Isn't that illegal? Republicans are call Nazis for believing the 2020 election was a fraud. No one else would have ever been charged with what the government has done for decades.

In 2008 I wrote a poem about the fed chair and the Secretary of the Treasury.

"I’ve got the low down, trillion dollar, Ben and Henry Blues"
by Norma Bruce ©

Woke up this morning ‘bout five fifteen,
Read my big ol Bible and a new magazine,
Jumped in the van, turning on the key
Let me tell you mama, there’s no stopping me.

Driving on to Main Street, stopping at the light
Heading for the coffee shop the other side of night,
Singing with the radio, changing stations now
Got the dog and pony show, candidates take a bow.

(refrain) Mitigating factors, oozing out the wazoo,
Sell ‘em or hold ‘em, it’s all a rescue.
I’ve got the low down, trillion dollar
Ben and Henry blues.

Warm bakery bread and yeasty brown rolls
Congress still propping up the C-E-Os
Espresso coffee chai and tea
The government ya know--that’s just you and me.

NINJA loans for aliens, flipping for the rich,
From coastal homes, to buildings in the sticks,
McBama to Fannie to Goldman Sachs
They’re pointing fingers and covering tracks.

(refrain) Mitigating factors, oozing out the wazoo,
Sell ‘em or hold ‘em, it’s all a rescue.
I’ve got the low down, trillion dollar
Ben and Henry blues.

A church joke from an internet friend

Subject: Squirrelly

The Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrel infestation. After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there, and they should not interfere with God’s divine will.

At the Baptist church, the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistry. The deacons met and decided to put a water-slide on the baptistry and let the squirrels drown themselves. The squirrels liked the slide and, unfortunately, knew instinctively how to swim, so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.

The Lutheran church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God’s creatures. So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist church. Two weeks later, the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the water-slide.

The Episcopalians tried a much more unique path by setting out pans of whiskey around their church in an effort to kill the squirrels with alcohol poisoning. They sadly learned how much damage a band of drunk squirrels can do.

But the Catholic church came up with a more creative strategy! They baptized all the squirrels and made them members of the church. Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.

Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue. They took the first squirrel and circumcised him. They haven’t seen a squirrel since.

The gang's all here--retirees' lunch

 On January 5, 2024, the OSU Libraries retirees got together for lunch at the Morgan House.  This restaurant is in Dublin, OH, north of here about 20 minutes, and is named for a Civil War event.  It's a log cabin with additions moved to Glick Rd. from another location. About The Morgan House & John Hunt Morgan Near Columbus Zoo Restaurants | Dublin Ohio (   Lots of back lighting, but that's my white hair in the front.  We don't talk much about libraries anymore.  I think we talked about Medicare and the drug plan changes. And cats, grandchildren and vacations.  Like all older people. From the left, Marty, Marcia, Mary Jo, Graham, Susan, Jerry, David, and me. On Februaty 2 it was my turn to host, so I chose the OSU Golf Course Dining Room.  It's close to my home and the parking is easy.

Monday, February 19, 2024

The menu begins with the letter C

We had an interesting Sunday dinner yesterday: every item on the menu began with a "C" but I didn't realize it until today. What are the odds? Chicken alfredo, carrots with honey and butter, coleslaw, cantaloupe, and chocolate chip cookies. The letter C has no sound of its own. Poor thing. It is either a K, an S, or a CH. K sound obviously is the biggy. S, not so much. Cellar, center, cymbal, citizen, city, cinnamon etc. Looks like if a C is followed by an I or E it has an S sound, but if followed an A or O or U it is a hard K sound. The British Isles were overrun and conquered by so many different nations/peoples and had so many dialects, that I'd have to ask a scholar why this happened--that we have an orphan letter in our English language alphabet. 

Photo:   C is for Cat and Chihuahua.

A tiger by the tail

 The clerk said there is a tiger face on this sweater, but we had to take a photo to find it.