Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Churches using government money to fulfill their promise to Christ

Christian relief groups, particularly churches like the Catholics and Baptists, are really in a bind. Christ commanded us to help the poor, imprisoned, hungry, etc. but NOT by taking grants from the government to do it. We Christians are cooperating with evil by providing humanitarian care for the caravans--many funded by traffickers and drug cartels. And it isn't just this administration, it really geared up under "thousand points of light" of GHW Bush, although it was common before that with building contracts to help clean up poverty and farm surplus for food pantries run by churches.
When Jesus comes back and asks how we followed Matthew 25, I fear he'll find the churches there with the goats, and not the sheep who know him. We're not to be siphoning off tax money and becoming dependent on the government.

Unfortunately, this invites anti-Catholic hostility from other Christians, while tying the Catholics even closer to poorly managed, dead end government practices.  Plus, many Christians who are critical of this, are ignorant of what their own denomination is doing with government money.

A year late, and trillions of dollars short

Even in the Biden administration and the diehard leftists in the main stream media, there is skepticism about the latest WHO report. 

That the virus may have escaped, or been released, from a lab in China has been a discussion at Newsmax and other conservative sources, especially Gordan Chang, China expert, for months. Jen Psaki, Biden's Spox said in a press conference that medical experts and the global community "all deserve greater transparency." She said the report lacks crucial information and provides a "partial, incomplete picture" of the virus’ origin. Well, duh. Where was Mr. Expert Biden a year ago? Well, he was criticizing President Trump as a racist and xenophobe.

Here's Gordon Chang on Fox last April, "And, by the way...there is a lot of evidence that suggests this comes from the lab. A January 24th article from The Lancet -- which is the authoritative British medical journal -- said that many of the initial coronavirus cases did not come from the wet market, which is China's theory," he stated. "Well, if they didn't come from the wet market, they had to have come from the lab."

The Trump hatred, which includes Google and Facebook blocking my posts,  has made this disease much worse in the U.S. by insulting and cancelling voices that wouldn't believe the China-WHO information.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Downton Abbey the third time

We received a gift boxed set of the British TV series Downton Abbey for Christmas and are watching it for the second time. We watched all the bonus shows after we finished the series and then the movie, and so went back to see what clues, music, fashion, etc. we had missed.   I had first seen it 10 years ago, but had forgotten most of it.  Now we just finished watching the 3rd season (2nd time) and Matthew Crawley dies in the last scene. It was a shock the first time, and still is.  If Daniel Stevens hadn't wanted out of his contract, you do wonder what direction the series would have taken.  His departure caused a huge uproar among the fans, but his career has gone well.

 There are a few things we’ve noticed and commented on. We think if the series were made today—2020 instead of 2010—they wouldn’t have begun the story with a homosexual as the bad guy. Thomas Barrow is a gossip, a coward during the war, and gets into the post war black market, even though he fails. He’s nasty and sneaky and no one likes him. He is redeemed somewhat for being so mean as the series progresses. But also, we noticed that except for the rape story involving Anna, most of the overt sexual aggression was from the women. Edith, Sybil and Mary, all go beyond proprieties to get their man—especially Edith is aggressive. Mary’s shame influences the family’s fortune for years. Then Rose is also quite the sex kitten. Old lady Grantham had almost run off with the Russian prince in the 19th century when she was young, and was prepared to give up her two children. Then there are 3 house maids who go after men socially above them, and the one gets pregnant and then becomes a prostitute after her baby is born. I don’t think I noticed that thread so much the first time I watched it in 2011. We’ll probably watch it again when we’re at the Lake house this summer. 

Karen vs. Meghan

Apologies to the Karens of this world. According to a popular internet meme, Karen is a middle-aged white woman with an asymmetrical bob asking to speak to the manager, who happens to be as entitled as she is ignorant. But it's two mega-rich, opinionated Meghans who are acting the part of poor lil me. One is a B list movie star turned Princess, and the other a soccer star.  The "Karen" meme was sexist, misogynist and racist, and she was the junior hi popular girl we all loved to hate. Yet these two poor examples of womanhood are masquerading as icons of the culture and get even more publicity from the media who make money from them.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Christian singing groups in India

Yesterday I found a source of beautiful hymns, including “All glory laud and honor” for Palm Sunday, and was surprised they were from India—St. Andrew Kirk in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, and other cooperating Christian groups. According to the tradition of Indian Christians, the Christian faith was introduced to India through Thomas the Apostle, who is said to have reached the Malabar Coast (Kerala) in 52 AD. From this album I looked at a few more sites, and found this lovely group, BESY. But they looked Asian, not Indian. And they are indeed, Asians of many diverse tribes, but an Indian state.
“Mizoram is a state in northeastern India, with Aizawl as its capital city. The name is derived from “Mizo“, the name of the native inhabitants, and “Ram”, which means land, and thus Mizoram means “land of the Mizos”. Mizoram was previously part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a Union Territory. It became the 23rd state of India, a step above Union Territory, on 20 February 1987. Mizoram’s population was 1,091,014, according to a 2011 census. It is the 2nd least populous state in the country.

About 95% of the current population is of diverse tribal origins who settled in the state, mostly from Southeast Asia, other waves of migration started about the 16th century but mainly in the 18th century. This is the highest concentration of tribal people among all states of India, and they are currently protected under Indian constitution as a Scheduled Tribe. Mizoram is one of three states of India with a Christian majority (87%). Its people belong to various denominations, mostly Presbyterian in the north and Baptists in the south.”

Some of the Mizo tribes claim to be Jews, of the lost tribes of Israel. They had first converted from animism under European missionaries to Christianity, then in the 1950s became Jews. Some have immigrated to Israel.

The myth of food desserts

Yesterday I blogged about dollar stores and how the woke blokes are sounding the alarm that they target poor and minorities (Google/FB blocked my link when I tried to post it to Facebook). But while watching the show on Cheddar, I noticed again how often the food nannies complain and alarm us about "food desserts." That was disproven about a decade ago, when it was a common myth. I think it was a hobby horse ridden by Michelle Obama. Too many fast food and convenience store businesses was the complaint. Here's a recap by Rod Dreher, from 2012.

"But two new studies have found something unexpected. Such neighborhoods not only have more fast food restaurants and convenience stores than more affluent ones, but more grocery stores, supermarkets and full-service restaurants, too. And there is no relationship between the type of food being sold in a neighborhood and obesity among its children and adolescents.

Within a couple of miles of almost any urban neighborhood, “you can get basically any type of food,” said Roland Sturm of the RAND Corporation, lead author of one of the studies. “Maybe we should call it a food swamp rather than a desert,” he said."
Obesity is a growing (no pun) problem for all Americans, but particularly in "underserved neighborhoods." Thousands of academics have earned promotion and tenure by siphoning off our tax supported grants from the federal government to try to change the food culture of minorities. They develop exercise programs, food plans and diets. We get fatter and they get richer. Meanwhile they want more and more women to leave their homes and children, and sit behind a desk with a computer. Go figure. I know several of my inches belong to Blogger (Google) and Facebook.

The good news is I passed the 11,000 mile mark on my exercycle (since January 2015).  The bad news is that it makes little difference in how my clothes fit, so I'm hoping its good for the heart and lungs.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Dollar Stores, good or bad for your community?

I like to watch Cheddar channel on Sunday when I cycle (inside, another 11 miles and I'll pass 11,000 miles). But because its focus is on youth, it's a bit thick with woke and SJW opinions and stories. Today its focus was on the scary, outrageous (hype) growth of the dollar store chains. Oh. My. They cater to low income and those with immediate shopping needs! Horror. Remember, these same greenie "save the world" types ran out investments in big box stores and chain grocery stores from inner city neighborhoods about 2 decades ago. It seems there are now more dollar stores than McDonald's. The save-the-earth  and make-all-minorities-victims groups also don't like McDonald's.  Consumers like them so much, everyone is obese or at least not eating enough fruits and vegetables from other sources.

It seems the SJW crowd are all for "mom and pop" stores, but only if run by an actual local family, who is probably white or Asian and middle class hoping to expand to something better. I've been hearing about "mom and pop" and the "small farmer" for decades. Look, they are in business to make a living. If we drive by on our way to Walmart, or the produce is too limp and old to make a salad, let's not blame a lack of diversity and equity in the "system." If "mom and pop" owners can sell the family business because the real estate is now worth $2 million and they only clear $30,000 a year working 12 hours a day, why would the SJW deny a small business owner that opportunity to move up and out by selling to a corporation?

I love the little dollar store a few miles from my home, and the one near Lakeside. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find small packages in large supermarkets? I prefer to pay more per ounce if I can lift the container! I love paying 2/$1.00 for greeting cards, or 5 shower caps for $1, or 6 packages of peanuts for $1. The store is clean, the staff pleasant, and they seem to meet the needs of the people now taking up residence in those awful apartment complexes that look like prison compounds. 

The Cheddar program reported that dollar stores target poor and minority neighborhoods--you know, so they can walk to the store, or find several items they can afford. What the SJW are really mad about is that market forces and capitalism are driving the growth of small scale, cheap to build money making stores. There are many suburbanites who shop there too, and they fill a need the big box stores don't. And they stayed open during the pandemic.

The final point in the program was that they attract crime (I suppose because of the minority neighborhoods?). Recently in Columbus, we've had a spate of shootings and robberies at suburban shopping centers and gas stations. Criminals aren't stupid, and they don't become bad people because of where investors put their businesses whether it's a kosher grocery in Boulder or a massage parlor in Atlanta.

But as I noted, Cheddar's focus, fast paced and trendy, is on the young--they have a specific market just as dollar stores do. But for them, I guess it's OK. Cheddar was founded by Jon Steinberg, President and Chief Operating Officer of BuzzFeed from 2010 to 2014. Its investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Raine Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Global, Comcast Ventures, AT&T, Amazon, Antenna Group, Ribbit Capital, The New York Stock Exchange, Altice USA, 7 Global Capital, and Denstu Ventures.

Palm Sunday 2021, All Glory, Laud and Honor

 Many churches are still on a limited schedule, buildings locked during the week, ministries of service that involve person to person contact closed, and even if meeting with social distancing, hymn singing is discouraged.  I've heard from friends who have changed worship locations that Shiloh Mennonite (London, OH) and Grace Fellowship (Upper Arlington, OH) and Resurrection Lutheran (Hilliard, OH) continue to have congregational singing. Today is Palm Sunday when Christians celebrate the entrance of Christ the Lord into Jerusalem.  Normally, and nothing is normal these days, at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, we would pick up a palm branch on the way into the sanctuary, wave the palms from the pew and sing with gusto . . .

All glory, laud and honor,

To you, Redeemer, King,

To whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring.

You are the King of Israel,

And David's royal Son,

Now in the Lor's Name coming,

Our King and blessed One.

One of the commenters at the Indian site, Prashant L. Nemani, left this information; 

Words "Gloria, Laus, Et Honor" (Latin).Author: Bishop Theodulph Of Orleans [760- 821], Circa 820. Theodulph was born into the Italian nobility in 0761, but decided on a life of religious service. His first position was as abbot of a monastery in Firenze (Florence), Italy. In 781, Charlemagne appointed him Bishop of Orleans, France. However, this flourishing career came to an abrupt end with Charlemagne’s death. Louis the Pious suspected Theodulph of secret loyalty to political leaders in Italy, the country of his birth. These suspicions led to Theodulph’s imprisonment in Angiers in 818. His predicament is reminiscent of Paul’s incarceration in Rome. Like Paul, Theodulph’s faith sustained him inside cold stone walls. It was there he wrote ALL GLORY, LAUD AND HONOR, and there that he died in 821. Translated from Latin to English by: Rev. (Dr.) John Mason Neale [1818-1866], in 1851.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Joe Biden lied at press conference

For the first time in anyone's memory, household income and wages of the low income made REAL advances during the Trump years as a result of the tax cuts. 82% of us got the cut, and 90% of working people got a raise. But what did Biden spout at the presser? The same old lie--only the richest benefitted. That's been disproven so many times, you wonder where the speech writer was the last 4 years (we know where he was). Growth was greater for the lowest quarter than the upper quarter, plus there were REAL wage gains. Now he wants to chase American companies to foreign soils as higher taxes always do, creating job loss and higher consumer costs here. At the same time, he's bringing in people who will compete with our workers in the lower income groups. Kevin Brady (R-TX) says Biden told so many lies at the press conference (his first) that Twitter should take his account away from him. He's welcoming people who will need a huge safety net and impose costs on local communities, while simultaneously pushing well paid jobs to foreign countries.

Now that he and Pelosi have us speaking trillions instead of billions, and they just foisted on us $1.2 trillion, little of which was for Covid19, but had that check dangling out there as a carrot, now it will be trillions more for "infrastructure," the green grab and more government control over public and personal health.

Do we even know what a trillion is? Let's look at seconds. 60 seconds is a minute. One million seconds is 12 years. One trillion seconds would be about 32,000 years. And $10 trillion still won't change the climate.

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020--7 Critical Lessons

As of January 28, 2020 there were more than 4500 confirmed cases (98% in China) of a new virus that originated in the City of Wuhan, China and more than 100 deaths according to Lawrence O. Gostin, J.D., global health expert at Georgetown University (and now an advisor to Biden). On January 30, 2020, when the U.S. had not yet reported a single death, President Trump closed travel into the U.S. from China. Powerful Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, and DeBlasio predictably called him racist and xenophobic. Since Trump is not a doctor, lawyer, or experienced in public health, he created a team and listened to advice from well established experts, with credentials just as good as Dr. Gostin. For weeks he was on TV with his advisers, but because he was hopeful and positive, the Democrat run media stomped their feet and insisted on gloom and doom (which we still get with the nightly news).
In JAMA Forum article Nov. 10, 2020 (v. 324, no. 18) Dr. Gostin published "The Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020--7 Critical Lessons." He's a lawyer who advises organizations like UN, WHO, and now Biden, and holds multiple international academic professorial appointments. If I were to criticize his lessons, I would be waved away like a gnat.

With distain he refers to "populist political leadership" right after acknowledging the remarkable development of clinical trials for a vaccine within 6 months of the virus being sequenced. He credits personal hygiene, physical distancing and masks to control virus particles so tiny that so far, no mask has been able to stop. Still, lesson 2 is a nation needs great leadership and public trust to beat such a challenge. Imagine public trust when 95% of the media report negatively or lie about dear "leader." Gostin seems to mean, any leader other than Trump could raise the public trust. Like someone who says, "Hey man, I'm here for ya."

And no article could be complete these days without a mea culpa for health inequities. When this article was in a first draft in the fall he knew, we all knew, old age and comorbidities were factors in death rates. Now I think the figure is about 50% elderly and 80% overweight or obese. Blacks and Hispanics have a higher rate of overweight and obesity than whites, who are obese, but less so. Life style strongly influences health--smoking, drinking, drugs, poor nutrition/too many calories, lack of exercise and sexual promiscuity. Dr. Michael Rosen of the Cleveland Clinic says 75% of chronic illnesses can be improved or cured by changing our lifestyles. The medical profession has not yet found a way to control our lifestyles, despite all the articles, TV ads, billboards, organizations and lectures. It's easier to just blame societal inequities.

In lesson 6 he mentions the horrifying disaster of the uneven lockdowns through the sweeping powers of local and state governments. He warns of usurpation of power under the pretext of a health crisis which threatens to erode democratic freedoms. Yet his only solution seems to be "the rule of law," by which I think he means federal, or even global. If you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and his area of expertise is global law and institutions. So he really was unhappy when President Trump thought WHO mishandled or mislead other countries.

So his recommendations are choose "science," the rule of law, and equity. That would be transformational, he says.

Income inequality—shrinking

As government transfer payments to low-income households exploded in the last 50 years, their labor-force participation collapsed and the percentage of income in the bottom quintile coming from government payments rose above 90%.   WSJ Incredible Shrinking Income Inequality – WSJ

"Nobody making under 400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised. Period. Bingo." – Joe Biden, May 22, 2020

Of course, that doesn't tell the whole story. An increase in the federal corporate tax rate to 28 percent as proposed would raise the U.S. federal-state combined tax rate to 32.34 percent, highest in the OECD and among Group of Seven (G7) countries, harming U.S. economic competitiveness and increasing the cost of investment in America. When businesses are taxed more they either move to another country or raise our prices. So who is Biden kidding?

Few people could get elected promising to raise your taxes, but Biden isn't few people. He's just Barack Obama 2.0.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Biden Border Crisis

Government transfers provide 90% of income for bottom percentile

This should give you pause.

"As government transfer payments to low-income households exploded, their labor-force participation collapsed and the percentage of income in the bottom quintile coming from government payments rose above 90%."

People experiencing income in the bottom fifth of the US population get 90% of their income from the government. Think about that. And while you're complaining about greedy rich people, remember who supplies the transfers.

"Americans pay $4.4 trillion a year in federal, state and local taxes. Households in the top two earned-income quintiles pay 82% of the tax bill."

But enough is never enough.

What happened to Flatten the Curve?

"Whereas lockdowns were originally sold as a short-term measure to “flatten the curve” and avoid overwhelming the medical system, they have now become the knee-jerk policy response for politicians whenever case numbers so much as inch upwards."

Since they've been ineffective (notice the number of people who have died) and have had consequences more deadly than the virus the lockdown was suppose to control, why do we continue in this mindless behavior of accepting total government control (joined at the hip with the power of Big Tech)? Huxley noted in Brave New World that mass starvation and firing squads were inefficient--better to use totalitarian government combined with mind control from mass media propaganda.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


It's the American way. Particularly for the Twitter jury. How many (including the vice president's niece) jumped to make Boulder a race issue until they found out the suspect is a Syrian immigrant, with ties to radical Islam in his social media record, and a police record in a town with strict gun laws? Oops.

Democrats in government also acted predictably and irresponsibly, same as the Twitter mob. Biden wants to pass "common sense gun laws," aka get rid of the 2nd amendment. More Americans are killed with fists than rifles, so we know he has bigger plans. It's been known for as long as the DoJ has been tracking gun violence, that the rate of victimhood and aggression is highest among black Americans who rarely use automatic rifles. The criminal is almost always a young black man. In mass shootings like Boulder and Sandy Hook, the criminal is almost always a young white man. Maleness and youth seem to be the common denominator--not politics, race or socioeconomic status. 

In the past decade or so, we've seen a very high rate of the perps in mass shootings radicalized by Islam; San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston, Ft. Hood, 9/11, Boulder. . . And then there was that really odd massacre by a white older man with an arsenal for which no motive has been found, Las Vegas. 60 killed and hundreds injured. In that case, the Twits and Democrats rushed to blame Trump because they hated him, the victims were mostly white and fans of country music, aka, "white supremacists" according to the smearful left.
Oh yes, the Twitter jury is usually wrong about the right, including our president, but never apologizes.

Gender equity push by Biden Administration

How are women or gays helped or "advanced" if we defund the police while "Advancing Gender Equity" in law enforcement, for example? Send more women and girls out to be slaughtered by an increasingly hostile environment toward police whipped up by BLM and Antifa?

This briefing document chants just about every shibboleth we've come to expect from the left about gender. Income, Health. Promotion. Laws. Customs. Careers. Violence. Yes, if you compare men who are ambassadors with the women who clean their offices you will find a difference in pay grade, but that would apply if women ambassadors, lawyers, college professors and doctors were compared with women pre-school teachers, waitresses, pastors, and retail clerks. Men have shorter life spans, are more likely to be killed or injured on the job, are less likely to graduate from high school and college, and are expected to do more of the heavy, gritty, smelly work than women. But in government, you never have to compare like with like. Only gender, color and ethnicity matter.

And even though men's health has been more vulnerable in the current pandemic, this document from the Biden Administration reports, "the impact of COVID-19 on women and on our economy has put us [women] at a very serious breaking point, one that is a – basically, a national emergency." Never waste a crisis. And who helped that along? Our Democrat governors, Congress, and a task force that claimed some jobs were essential and others were not! Gender? All the plumbers, electricians, farmers, truckers, and emergency workers, continued to serve.
This briefing was a heads up for an appeal for more money, "The American Rescue Plan," for more well paid bureaucrats to sit in their offices and dole out grants to more universities. More money (paid by us) doled out by well-paid bureaucrats to well-paid academics to write more task force reports, so they can get promotion and tenure. And when the leisure industry recovers from the bad decisions of the bureaucrats and academics who instilled fear in the nation for over a year there will be more grants to attend more conferences and meetings--like this one.

This briefing was also one more slam at President Trump, who lead more people out of poverty and low income slots than any president in history.
"Understanding America; advancing gender equity" March 4, 2021, Dept. of State. Understanding America: Advancing Gender Equity - United States Department of State

Critical Race Theory has bad effect on employee morale

Mike Huckabee: "Cigna workers told the paper [Washington Examiner] that they are forced to undergo “sensitivity training” that they find to be racist and discriminatory. They aren’t just made to feel guilty of “white privilege,” but also “gender privilege,” “religious privilege” (if they’re Christians), heterosexual privilege, age privilege and on and on. There are internal complaints that it’s “disgusting and wrong.” There’s even a list of words that are banned for possibly triggering someone (I guess I’m insensitive due to my whiteness, but I can’t even imagine why “Hip Hip Hooray!” is banned at birthday parties but “Hooray! Yay!” is deemed “inclusive.”)

Cigna offers employees lessons in the “systemic racism” of the US taken right out of the debunked “1619 Project” and recommends that employees read such divisive racist books as “White Fragility” and “How to Be an Anti-Racist.” Worst of all, workers claim the company is engaging in openly discriminatory hiring practices in which minorities are hired despite a lack of qualifications while highly qualified applicants are rejected solely because they’re white. One employee complained of positions being left open for an inordinate amount of time just because the only applicants were white."

If your book club, church or next door neighbor recommends "White Fragility," ask them to justify their selection or recommendation.  Ask them if they consider themselves a racist or just other people.  Ask them how this will calm or reduce racial tension.  If they do identify as a racist, ask them what sort of changes they will be making.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Barbara Lee maligns millions for the act of one man

Rep. Barbara Lee of California lied about the Atlanta shooting. She smeared Trump and by association all who voted for him--half the country. Now who will she blame for Boulder? How about blaming the criminal? Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.
How about looking into the sex trafficking that allows these "massage" parlors to exist, Rep. Lee? There are probably some in California. Even the old gray lady NYT reports 9,000 of them are fronts for prostitution. Do their lives mean anything? We don't know about that particular Atlanta enterprise, but Lee should at least do her homework and protect all women brought into the country and California illegally and investigate who owns these establishments. The sex workers also take the fall for the illegal acts of their employer/owner.

"While anyone can become a victim of trafficking, illegal aliens are highly vulnerable to being trafficked due to a combination of factors, including lack of legal status and protections, limited language skills and employment options, poverty and immigration-related debts, and social isolation. They are often victimized by traffickers from a similar ethnic or national background, on whom they may be dependent for employment or support in the foreign country."

Monday, March 22, 2021

Reasons for the latest hate crime fake memes

There are at least 8 reasons I can come up with causing the media and the Biden Administration to be focusing on "hate crimes against Asians" this past week. It even got Biden out of the house for a trip. Take your pick. All are true--the links aren't hard to find. You can add your on opinion. Let's see if they can squeeze as much angst and money out of this as they did the garage pull rope.

1. The media and co-conspirators in academe need to continue the white supremacy/white racism charges to demean all whites, even though in rate and number, most "hate crimes" against Asian Americans the aggressors are black.

2. President Trump called the SARS Cov 2 virus by the country, China and city of origin Wuhan. Although the media did also last Spring, it has become verboten now. The National media and Big Tech have to continue hateful attacks against him to please their base and earn back the money they lost when he left office. They truly need to call him xenophobic and racist, although the variants of Covid19 are being called the UK variant, the Brazilian variant, the Australian variant, and the media aren't calling themselves xenophobic. In fact, if you look up UK Variant, CNN is really whipping that fear pony.

3. Women from S.E. Asia are victims of human trafficking and frequently work in massage parlors and hair and manicure establishments. The media are not focusing on THAT real hate crime. They'll need to do more investigation or be called soft on slavery. Someone in government would appreciate less attention on illegal prostitution and trafficking. Much of it comes in through the porous border. An investigation could get a reporter in big trouble. The world wide slave trade is bigger than the 18th century trans-Atlantic slave trade. The source is still Africa, and to a lesser degree Asia. If Leftists were to concentrate on that tragedy, how would they have enough time to reinvent microaggressions in the U.S. by whites?

4. Lumped together in the artificial category of the U.S. census, Asian Americans are the most successful, most educated, and wealthiest demographic. They really reflect American values of family, education and hard work. Asian Americans (40 different ethnicities) do better than any other group, all the way from Indians ($101,591) to Chinese ($69,586) to Pakistani ($62,848) to Bangladeshi ($44,512). (Nielsen report on Asian Americans, 2017)

5. Asian Americans vote heavily Democrat, support liberal causes, but are small in number and generally not activists. Separated out, there are many new arrivals, particularly from southeast Asia who do not come close to the top earners--Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino. So this group is ripe for pickin' by the Democrats. How better to achieve this than making them victims?

6. Indian-Americans and Chinese-Americans are increasingly being discriminated against by major, elite (Democrat run) universities. One of the top high schools in Fairfax, VA has a 73% enrollment by Asians (particularly Chinese-Americans). This is causing unhappiness, and law suits. So it's time for the Democrats to use yet another crisis and misfortune to shore up their soft side.

7. Until very recently, the U.S. Census considered people of South Asia and the Middle East--Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Egyptians, Persians, etc.--white. With the waving of the Civil Rights flag and the government money by becoming a pan-Asia group they are now POC, People of Color. They became a "socially disadvantaged minority group," eligible for all sorts of government goodies, despite the facts and data like marriage rates, college enrollment, longevity, achievement in business, health statistics made that a lie.

8. Because Asian Americans are the wealthiest group, they pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes than whites, blacks, and Hispanics, and thus are more disadvantaged by our wealth transfer system. Asian Americans are more likely to be paying for non-tax payers to receive money from the government. Maybe the Democrats need to take the focus off their tax increases by creating a crisis?

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) look up data

 You can check data for PPP by state, ZIP, type of organization.

Under open government transparency guidelines, information on recipients of the $595B in forgivable government loans issued through the 2020 Paycheck Protection Program by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) are a matter of public record. has created a powerful search tool that allows public access to the PPP loan database.  Therefore, you'll see ads on this site.

This is the link for information about churches and non-profits, national: SBA Paycheck Protection Program - Religious Organizations - FederalPay

There are a total of 96,557 businesses in the Religious Organizations industry across the country that received PPP loans. They received an average of $80,452 per loan. Some are $10,000,000 like Diocese of Covington, KY, and Lutheran Social Services of Tampa, FL.

My church, UALC, received $667,000 for 107 employees.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Ronald Spire

 Ronald Spire Obituary 2021 - Farrar Funeral Home

The gatekeepers of wisdom and morality

Donald Trump and Mike Pence were elected to Make America Great Again in 2016. They were doing such a good job the DC quagmire got worried. Very worried.
Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Zucker, Bill Gates (none of whom are black, brown, female or trans) and other not-so-famous heads at Vox, Daily Beast, NYT, LATimes and WaPo were not elected. Consumer dollars had voted them to rise to the top in their corporations which our capitalist economy had afforded them. They'd been allowed many tax breaks to become fabulously wealthy at our expense with the support of the swamp's tax laws.
Their gratitude for being allowed to set up shop in a free country was to go from publishing nasty opinion pieces to shadow banning to outright blocking and deplatforming the President when their efforts to collude with Democrats to remove him from office didn't succeed. Gone are the days when they lauded "free speech." Now they are lusting for more power.
They released an army of "fact checkers" so we can't question the 2020 election after they screwed the country over about the 2016 for four years. We can't publish or distribute books about the climate change hoax, transgenderism, the threat of the CCP and conservative principles, but they can go on forever about hate crimes. They control the narrative about Covid and January 6, stifling all the rights Americans have come to expect and respect. They tell you which words you can use to describe a disease. They cover for the Biden Crime Family deals with Ukraine and China,
We are their prisoners, they our gatekeepers.

The C word V word

I noticed this sentence in an AP article lead: 

"Ozlem Tureci, who co-founded the German company BioNTech with her husband, was working on a way to harness the body's immune system to tackle tumors when they learned last year of an unknown virus infecting PEOPLE IN CHINA."

People in China are usually called Chinese. And pandemics are usually called by a geographic area. You may recall that most of the MSM were calling SARS Cov 2 by the C word and the W word last spring. When we were visiting our son in the hospital in February there were no restrictions, not even in critical care, but there were boxes of masks if you chose to use them, clearly labeled for people who had recently visited China. Our President was already on top of that problem and was called xenophobic by Biden and Pelosi.

Now there's been a shooting at Atlanta massage parlors, and it's become all about race, instead of the real problem--the number of women, particularly from Southeast Asia who are trafficked in the U.S. for labor and sex. Atlanta has nearly 170 such establishments and most are owned and operated by members of the Southeast Asian community. Presidents Harris and Biden rushed there for photo ops so they could heap blame on Trump who acted quickly while they criticized his actions. The hate crime is one more against Trump.

The government and anti-slavery non-profits (usually Christian) have been investigating and trying to dismantle this crime mob for years, but I suppose now it will be considered racist and a hate crime to free women from slavery if they are Asian.
I wonder who and what are behind that? Politicians and Profit. Leftists and CRT.

Exercising in the morning

 Saturday morning TV/radio is rather. . . boring and bland.  Rehashes of the week's news and garden shows.  So while riding my indoor cycle this morning (6 miles) I brought up Cheddar, a channel that seems to specialize, at least on Saturday early a.m., short documentaries and films.  Week-days it's a  regular news and technology channel and the target is millennials (obviously, not me). It was founded in 2016 by Jon Steinberg. Today I watched one on suspension bridges vs. cable bridges, their design, span and replacement; two on music how brain-sound researchers are manipulating the background music for exercise, shopping, workings, etc. and the changes in hip-hop and rap (and I assume pop and country-western) by young producers using the internet to sell "beats"; and two more on the military, the use of drones primarily during the Obama administration in military targets, and how the military, particularly the Department of Defense has had a cozy relationship with Hollywood ever since Wilson needed to convince the American public to go into WWI. All very interesting, and I can see how the millennial crowd becomes very jaded and cynical.  Especially with the stories about drone strikes.  Until someone investigated (in 2017) not much was known about the U.S. military branches helping Hollywood.

How the U.S. Military Influences Hollywood on Cheddar

How Focus Music Hacks Your Brain - Cheddar Explains - VoiceTube

Hip Hop's Underground Beat Economy on Cheddar

Friday, March 19, 2021

Columbus today--according to Wikipedia

Columbus is the state capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Ohio. With a population estimated at 898,553 in 2019, it is the 14th-most populous city in the U.S., the second-most populous city in the Midwest after Chicago, and the third-most populous state capital.[5] Columbus is the county seat of Franklin County; it also extends into Delaware and Fairfield counties.[9] It is the core city of the Columbus, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses ten counties.[10] With a 2019 estimated population of 2,122,271, it is the largest metropolitan area entirely in Ohio.[a]

More at Wikipedia Columbus, Ohio - Wikipedia

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Liberal protestants and Catholic bishops--where are you?

Churches have always been involved in helping the poor, sick, hungry and imprisoned. It's part of Jesus' command and promise.  See Matthew 25.   It's why the Granthams of British television fame lived in an Abbey (former monastery taken by Henry VIII from the Catholics--payback to the Lords who supported him). Before the huge government intrusion into social welfare programs in the 20th century, churches were the social safety net. The Roman Catholic church is still the largest humanitarian and educational institution in the world. However, in order to decrease the size of the official bureaucracy, a lot of that responsibility that the government had assumed with the War on Poverty, was shifted to non-profits, mainly churches, under GHW Bush, thousand points of light. Now many churches are financially dependent on government grants for housing renewal, job training programs, prison reforms, food pantries, etc. It's very useful in keeping the churches silent.

When will schools be opened to serve all children?

All over the country, schools are open, and have been open for months--some all year. Here in Upper Arlington schools opened for all on March 1.  A friend in a Cincinnati suburb says theirs have been open since August.  Science?  Hardly.  Some private schools attended by the movers and shakers' children, never closed. (Their teachers are not unionized.) That's a pretty big laboratory to test for super spreaders or whether teachers are in danger. Hasn't happened. 

This disease has an extremely low infection fatality rate, and it's almost non-existent for the young. CDC reports that about 80% of the fatalities were overweight or obese. Teachers' unions are the problem, not science. They are holding back the primarily poor and minority schools in Democrat controlled states and municipalities. Their cause is political. They want more money--the other allocations provided in CARES didn't meet their lust for power. Those children will be facing the future 2-4 years behind in skills and social development, yet still expected to compete (or whatever you're allowed to call it then without being a racist). The Left will find a way to blame Trump for this "disparity" since the virus was brought into the country by travelers from China during his administration. Unless the archives of government are digitally manipulated, those children and their parents should know the truth some day.

Women in Georgia killed

The "outrage" over the deaths of women killed in Georgia by a "sex addicted" man is going to be directed at Donald Trump after it makes the rounds of the "hate crime" group. He called it the China virus (as did many in media)--because the current pandemic was created in China. The Chinese are Asians, although we can be sure these women were not Chinese. But this will be laid at his feet, and once again the charges will be white supremacy. We have learned after 5 years of 24/7 media bias and lies, that nothing bad ever happened in America before Donald Trump. He has made the media and Big Tech wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

"The exact number of sex trafficking victims forced to work in illicit massage parlors is unknown. But reporting methods and analysis have improved in recent years, and advocates and researchers largely agree that the problem is growing, to as many as 9,000 illicit spas in the U.S. alone." 

The deceased women are lumped into the Asian U.S. census category by the media, which in itself is disconcerting. We don't know if they were Americans or trafficked women from southeast Asia. I'm guessing because of investigative reports published by our government, southeast Asia. Poor women are often lured into the sex/massage trade and moved from city to city with threats of immigration status and debt to keep them bound in slavery. Look it up, "sex trafficking in Southeast Asia." NGOs have been working for decades on this issue. It's part of the modern slave trade that is much larger than the 18th century trade.

There was little outrage about Asians when Ivy League universities began systematically discriminating against Americans of Asian ethnicities--China, Japan, Philippines, and Indian. Those groups are superior to whites and minorities in test scores and it was messing up their quota system. Based on merit, Asian freshmen could overwhelm college classes so they are judged by higher standards.
I've seen little concern on the Left for the Uyghurs in China who are also Asian (and Moslem), but confined to a different type of slavery and death than these women in Georgia. Or where is the outrage over China's one child policy which primarily killed females--all "Asian."

When women are killed in a violent act, it is usually domestic--they are killed by someone they know--usually a boyfriend, husband or family member, usually of the same race and class and household. They might get a line in the evening news, but unless it's a high profile celebrity like O.J. Simpson's wife, it's the last we hear of that. Rarely is it called a hate crime.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The tale of two elections

Election results were questioned in both 2016 and 2020. In 2016, the issue wasn't fraud, it was the Electoral College and many Democrats wanted the Constitution changed, or wanted to try to undo it with state electors colluding. The whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing came about later when they couldn't undo the electoral process.

In 2020 the issue was illegal behavior by states because of Covid and changing voting rules without state legislation, and questions about the voting machines changing results in the middle of the night when Trump was ahead. It became very clear about why Biden didn't appear during the campaign. He didn't need to. It was fixed from the beginning.

Democrats beginning in 2017 continued to march, riot, whine and spill a lot of ink the next 4 years. They even managed to impeach the President over unrelated issues, but which began by trying to undo a valid election.
Meanwhile, there were real, actual violations of federal and state voting laws which Republicans and Trump supporters questioned. They were not allowed a few weeks, let alone 4 years to investigate, discuss and bring law suits. The Democrats had massive amounts of help from Big Tech, which not only closed down the President, the man Democrats had been vilifying as Hitler redux and a dictator, but they've shut down other prominent Republicans on Twitter, deplatformed millions of conservatives and even prevented selling their books (aka book burning). Gradually, the truth about the election is dribbling out in PA, KY and other states about deadlines missed, voter registration laws ignored, and fraud in mail in voting. Confidence in our election process is at an all time low; it's at 3rd world trust level.
Democrats are rushing to increase the number of states, register illegals, give the franchise to prisoners and underage minors, pack the Supreme Court, and to federalize state elections so they can permanently control the country--a one party system, like the CCP in China. Now how's that for election fraud?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Drug cartels now free to cross the border



Those "pro-life" evangelicals--an embarrassment to Christianity

Is there a more flaccid word than "dialogue" in politics, or anything more vague than "common ground solution?" 

"As pro-life leaders in the evangelical community, we publicly supported President Biden's candidacy with the understanding that there would be engagement with [sic] us on the issue of abortion and particularly the Hyde Amendment," the group writes. "The Biden team wanted to talk to us during the campaign to gain our support, and we gave it on the condition there would be active dialogue and common ground solutions on the issue of abortion." (Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden)

Joe Biden was Obama's vice president for 8 years and could not have possibly surprised them. They disliked Trump more than they cared about the lives of the unborn. Lets give them a bag of white feathers for cowardice. One cannot support the Democrat party and be pro-life.

Report from the 1776 Commission

Under the executive order as US President, Donald Trump established a 20-member group serving a two-year term, which is to write a report on “core principles of the American founding and how these principles may be understood to further enjoyment of ‘the blessings of liberty’". Trump announced the new commission in a speech on September 17, 2020, in which he stated that a "twisted web of lies" regarding systemic racism was currently being taught in U.S. schools. The commission's goal is to end what it calls the "radicalized view of American history" which has "vilified the United States' Founders and its founding". The first day in office Joe Biden cancelled the commission, because Democrats are behind the move to change our history, our culture, and our values. However. that Commission met quickly, and in what must be a record for a government commission, it has published its work with a great bibliography. You'll need this to combat the lies your children and grandchildren will learn in school. I would hate to think Amazon is the only way to get it--try Hillsdale college.

The failed lockdown policy

Our governors imposed draconian measures to control the Corona virus. The people meekly obeyed as though they didn't have a Constitution to protect them. Our rates of restricted movement and mask wearing are just as good as other developed countries. Yet still over 500,000 have died, and our "leaders" just call for more of the same, with more damaging health and mental welfare outcomes. Even the new "president" claims he has no ideas for how to stem the spread (which disappeared after the election) and has moved the target for backyard get togethers to July 4. Minorities and the elderly, whom Democrats claimed to care about, are suffering the most. Lockdowns have never been recommended before, even for those pandemics with higher death rates, like the Asian Flu in 1957 which I survived.

Where is the American spirit of 1776? Haters of America claim our country was built on slavery in 1619. Don't prove them right by being slaves to power hungry politicians.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Melanie Philips, British writer, on today’s culture of intersectionality and bigotry through the Sussex lens

"Universities and high schools have morphed from crucibles of knowledge and reason into propaganda platoons indoctrinating and intimidating students into endorsing androgyny, apocalyptic climate change and hatred of capitalism, white people and the West. And, of course, bigotry against Jews and Israel is rampant." . . .

"Although Christianity embedded those [Jewish] values in Western culture, it is the Mosaic codes themselves that are in the cross-hairs of those who are intent upon destroying justice, truth and sexual continence and unraveling biological identity."

The Sussexes take morality through the looking glass - Melanie Phillips (

Would you get a job?

 "Full summary of what the unemployed and low income workers get.

 Family of four: $5600+$3,400 from CARES Act+$2400 from December bill. Total cash $11,400. 

Then they get $300 a week x 4=$1200 per month for each parent through September which will get extended to December =$21,600 (9 months) for both together. 

Plus average state unemployment another $300 a week each = another $21,600 by December. 

Child care credit $7,200 each child under 6- $6,000 over 6. Let’s say $13,200. 

Dependent care child care tax credit $4000 per kid if the parents are working, so 2 kids $8000 tax CREDIT, not deduction. 
If on Obamacare, zero premium payments if unemployed. 15% added value to food stamps. $27 billion to give to people who have not paid their rent and utilities. On top of $25 billion in December for the same use. And cancellation of at least $10,000 student loan.

So $11,400 + $21,600 + $21,600 + $13,200 = $67,800. Plus 2 kids $8000 kid tax credit, plus rent subsidy paid, plus utilities bills paid, plus free medical insurance plus food stamps. 

And they expect these people to go seek a job? Don’t you feel great supporting all those lazy people. And they will try to make these credits and subsidies permanent. You wonder why the Democrats win elections in poor counties and cities. 

These numbers come from the Wall Street Journal."

Investment letter

Friday, March 12, 2021

Ohio Right to Life and Title X

 "On Monday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a joint motion with the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to keep Title X funds from being used to pay for abortions. Title X funds are designed to support family planning and are currently prohibited from being used to pay for abortions. An executive memorandum by President Biden indicates however, that he will throw out the pro-life protection in Title X and allow abortion to be funded through the program.

Eighteen other states signed on to Attorney General Yost’s motion: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.

This is what those silly Evangelicals for Biden were upset about.

In what must be the worst reading of political tea leaves ever,
"More than 5,000 evangelical pro-lifers signed the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden statement, insisting, “Joe Biden’s policies are more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life than those of Donald Trump.” They focused on economic issues (the welfare state) that might lead more women to choose life over killing their preborn child." (Catholic Daily)

How could Christians even imagine that after 8 years as Obama's V.P. the only politician (at that time) who was against born alive abortion legislation to save a child's life. A job is always better than welfare, and Trump offered low income women the best possibility for a good life for their children. Some anti-Trumpers will use any excuse to hide their hate. No president reduces welfare ever. What were they thinking?

Catholic Daily continues: "If the leadership of this group feels used and betrayed, they should: they were used and betrayed. It appears that Biden wanted their endorsement to provide cover to pro-life evangelicals and Catholics who had their misgivings about Trump but were also uncomfortable with the Democrats’ full-throated endorsement of abortion. It also appears that Biden had no interest in finding common ground on abortion funding or any other issue."

Thursday, March 11, 2021

How is your state doing?

We live in Ohio, technically a red state if you only count the governor. However, with major cities, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Akron, etc., all being Democrat, I can’t say we’re a shining example of freedom during the pandemic, which is now officially one year old (all Democrat run cities had riots this past summer). The growth and vitality have been in the red states.  No one really knows what the death total would have been if common sense had prevailed and only those of us over 65 had been asked to stay home and covered. In low income countries the death rate was actually lower than developed countries because they have fewer elderly. Many lives in Ohio have been ruined, and we were already the epicenter of an opioid crisis given that the cartels (black tar heroin from Mexico) moved into Ohio years ago and used us as a base to spread the products around east and west and south of us. Teachers’ unions were already powerful and they fought return to the classrooms. Ohio has so many universities and colleges which are hot-beds for every flakey idea that pops up, and every federal grant ever released, it’s really hard to tell could the pandemic fear and terror have been slowed down.

Happy Anniversary

It's been a year since WHO declared that we had a global pandemic. Of course, our President had already taken action to close air traffic from China and was called xenophobic and a racist for protecting us by Lady Nancy who continued to invite tourists to California. 

Within months, when obese, diabetic smokers with cardiovascular disease were struggling more with the disease than normal BMI Americans, the entire medical system was declared racist building on the summer riots and the obvious known facts from decades of research that black Americans were more obese with more health challenges of personal decision than Americans of other ethnicities. 

The President moved quickly to mitigate the hospital challenges with extra funding for NY and CA for hospital ships and event centers open to take Covid patients. Both governors praised him, but the media had to move in to destroy any hope and confidence because clicks to their greedy websites were booming. 

The president's task force fumbled and fudged on the facts, and knew nothing about economics or finances or even mental health. Our nation, and indeed the world, locked down on the basis of a teen-ager's science report model of a decade ago. Riots by BLM and Antifa exacerbated the situation in Democrat run cities, while Democrats called for defunding the police. 

Soon the clever Democrats found a way to use the pandemic to play games with the state supervision of voting and decided it would be constitutional to override state laws on voting by mail. Democrats enlisted their supporters in Big Tech which began to block or deny "science" they didn't agree with, even finally silencing the President of the United States of America. Something they hadn't done to the Communist Party of China, President Putin, or the Islamic leaders of Iran.
Yes, the pandemic really did turn out to be Joe Biden's best friend.
Never waste a crisis to grab more power. Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It's not the cat, it's the culture

Yes, your cable news keepers and Big Tech will remind you that the Seuss Cat hasn't been censored or pulled from book stores and libraries. But when they went after Confederate generals we didn't know Lincoln, Columbus and Catholic saints were next.


The point is, slow learning moderate Democrats, the culture--whether you call that Western Civilization, Judeo-Christian,  cartoon characters, or plastic potatoes--must be declared racist, sexist or classist so that Marxism can make more inroads. You'll find it in the academic literature in obscure journals back in the 1990s. This is not a new idea. When the Cold War ended, it just heated up in the USA and Western Europe. Now we have a few generations of mind-numbed robot college grads taking the message to kindergartners and CEOs.

Monday, March 08, 2021

Holy Family prayer and painting

 The Heavenly and Earthly Trinities - The Family Project

I received a prayer card with a prayer by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but with no identification of the artist of the painting. So I typed in a description and clicked on images and it came up about third on the list. 

"What we see in this painting is a vertical and horizontal presentation, the vertical of course being the Heavenly Trinity with the Holy Spirit descending as the dove from the Father upon the Christ child. The horizontal presentation is the trinity of the holy family revealing the humanity of Christ as well as the mystery of all families: one flesh of mother and father coming together in their love which typically brings forth new life, a creation of their own flesh who is one flesh with them. A human trinity. A small but important detail about this piece is where the Christ child is standing. It is the stone the builders rejected which will become the cornerstone who is Christ. (Matt. 21:42)"

The exact prayer wasn't easy to find.  The first two sentences seems to be settled, Prayer for the Family by Mother Teresa, Spirituality for Today December 2010 -, But then it may be spliced in from another prayer.

March is women's history month, and four years ago they marched

Four years ago, apparently to "honor" women's history and rights, women were marching against President Trump. I wrote this on March 8, 2017. Still true today. Although I've never wanted to be a man, many days I am embarrassed to be a woman. And those "ladies" epitomized what's nasty and mean about women.

"Some women will be marching today against President Trump.
  • We know it isn't for the right to vote, because many have that and don't vote;
  • we know it isn't for higher education because they outnumber men in college; 
  • we know it isn't for protection of Title IX because they believe biological sex doesn't matter and anyone can be a woman even a 6' 300 lb. male wrestler;
  • we know it isn't for higher salaries because most work for the government in some capacity either as teachers (average hourly wage about $60 according to BLS) or mid-level bureaucrats in local or state or federal government and they are paid more than in the private sector;
  • we know it isn't for freedom of religion or the right to own a gun because they want people to keep religion private and inside churches and want the 2nd amendment to go away;
  • we know it isn't for life from womb to tomb because they are pro-abortion;
  • we know it isn't to stop hunger because only 25% of Americans are "normal" BMI;
  • we know it isn't to crash the glass ceiling because women are free to make choices for career track;
  • we know it isn't to stop international slave trade in women for sex because they want to do battle against 18th century slave trade.
So that only leaves the obvious since for the last 8 years they just went to work and nothing is different today."

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Why is Amazon censoring black opinion, lives, and opinions?

Why did Amazon, owned by the richest man in the world, find this film offensive? Another agency who decides who is black enough or liberal enough to be heard and seen? What are they afraid of?
"Early last month [Black history month, just in case you've forgotten] Amazon deleted a documentary film about Justice Clarence Thomas from its popular streaming service. Titled “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” and culled from more than 30 hours of interviews with its subject, the film recounts Justice Thomas’s rise from poverty in segregated Georgia to Yale Law School and, eventually, to the Supreme Court." . . .
Last fall, Eli Steele’s “What Killed Michael Brown?”—a critique of liberal social policies that was written and narrated by his father, the race scholar Shelby Steele—was slated to stream on Amazon in October, then held up for reasons the company never fully explained. Amazon eventually relented and made the film available, but only after these pages weighed in and made a fuss." Wall Street Journal, March 2, Jason Riley

Saturday, March 06, 2021

A new network to keep an eye on


Blue Anon


Rereading old blogs on health, Lakeside, family memories

As my memory becomes less sharp, it's nice to find markers and reminders, many of which I don't even recognize, in my blog posts. The stats at blogger tell me I've written about 19,000 posts since 2003, and approx. 2,900,000 readers or bots have either stopped by, glanced at or read them. That's a lot more action than I ever got writing articles when I was working, and I don't have to hassle with an editor to get them published. Today I was looking up articles on exercise, homocysteine levels, Covid, chocolate, Lakeside (not all in one post) and found I'd written on all and since I try to include links, I also had places to look. 

China benefitted from the Pandemic

 Whether you call it the Wuhan Virus, the China Virus, Covid19, or SARS-Cov-2, China is the big winner economically. Our current president has a very chummy relationship with China.

H.R. 1, another way to steal our rights

Democrats are masters at manipulating our language, but this one is priceless. "For the People Act."  They could be honest and call it, The Democrats Forever Act.

Everything that went wrong with the elections in 2020, the Democrats now want to enshrine in law so that states and the Republicans can never be in power again. The people who gave us Jim Crow, restrictive covenants and Black Laws are at it again to steal our freedom. Just new tricks for their old games. 

Since Big Tech doesn't approve of, don't be surprised if the link is blocked.  

Friday, March 05, 2021

Churches, the relief bill, and PPP

I think this $1.9 trillion relief bill, 9% of which is directed at Covid, is a trial run for universal basic income which U.S. socialists have wanted for a long time. Eighty Five years ago Democrats under the leadership of FDR extended the Great Depression probably 5-6 years longer than a natural recovery, now they want to do the same with the pandemic economic slump. 

I do hope that churches will turn down the 2nd application for PPP. Churches are member supported organizations which do not pay federal income tax. If they have the trust of their membership who continue to pay their pledges, there's money to pay staff. It's legal, but not ethical, to apply for PPP. Especially since so many churches sat in their closed buildings and were willing to be "non-essential" in the eyes of their state governments.

Critical race theory and the churches

This is the racist/Marxist target and idea behind critical race theory (CRT). If you are a member of a Christian of Jewish congregation--Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Bible only, non-denominational centered on your pastor, you are the target. If you are ethnically a distant German, Scot, Lebanese, Slovak, Spaniard, Greek, etc., you are a target. If you are ethnically an African American, middle class or higher, and college educated, you are a target. It's Marxism, and it is coming for YOU, especially you males. 

"Critical theory is a Marxist idea developed in postmodernity in which absolutes, objectivity and absolute truth are no longer accepted. Critical theory purports to explain the world in terms of power, and its proponents believe those with the least power have the most moral authority to speak. Power is, therefore, mapped through intersectionality -- race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. The white male heterosexual Christian has the most power and therefore has the least moral authority to speak in society." (Erick Erickson column in Town Hall, March 5) 

You can confess or humble yourself, cower, scrape and bow, or pay big bucks to offer CRT reeducation camps, it won't make any difference, because reconciliation isn't the goal. The intention is never forgive, never offer forgiveness and never have peace. Some liberal churches played with this when it was James Cone and Black liberation theology back in the 70s. It has simply been resurrected.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Now Biden calls us Neanderthals

To Obama Americans were bitter clingers to Bible and guns, to H. Clinton they were deplorables, and to Biden we are Neanderthals. Oh, but don't forget, President Trump posted mean tweets and so Twitter needed to take him down to let us know who is really in control. Democrats. Pelosis and Schumers. Oligarchs and Fascists. Totalitarians and despots. Karens and Simps.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

A run on Dr. Seuss books

As I understand it, Dr. Seuss Enterprises pulled six of his books from the publishing list. Of course, it's still "cancel culture" because they knew what was coming.  After all, crimes against humanity, like abortion, child sex trafficking and destroying careers and maligning fragile people because of race, don't exist today, right? We are so much more holy than those slugs of the 1950s who had lived through two world wars and a world wide Depression. That said, yesterday copies of the “If I Ran the Zoo” title were going for $680 if you could find one.

Over 90% of the bill is not related to Covid


Your mom was right—eat all the colors, and a lot of them

Research shows Mom was right. Eat all the colors. This is a meta-analysis. Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Mortality: Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies of US Men and Women and a Meta-Analysis of 26 Cohort Studies (  Free, original research article. Print it and read between the food commercials on TV.

  • A higher intake of fruit and vegetables was associated with lower total and cause-specific mortality in a nonlinear manner in both an original data analysis in 2 prospective cohorts of US men and women and a meta-analysis of 26 prospective cohort studies.
  • The lowest risk of mortality was observed for ≈5 servings per day of fruit and vegetable intake, but above that level the risk did not decrease further.
  • The thresholds of risk reduction in mortality were 2 servings daily for fruit intake and 3 servings daily for vegetable intake

My favorite vegetables, peas, corn and potatoes, are not associated with lower mortality. Too starchy. Darn. It's just hard to eat this much of anything.

Despite recommendations in dietary guidelines for decades to increase fruit and vegetable intake, the current average intake among US adults is 1 serving of fruit and 1.5 servings of vegetables per day. Not good. There have been many campaigns (cited in the article) to change this because poor nutrition contributes to the burden of disease and premature death.

BTW, this is a premiere, peer reviewed journal. When I was a librarian, Circulation and its many numbered series, was the bane of my existence.

Andrew Cuomo and the fake outrage of the Democrats

The Cuomo "scandal" is so frustrating. The women involved were all his staff--all helped him get to power. Were jobs so scarce in NY that one had to put up with that? He's public and private behavior is not as bad as all the hair sniffing and fondling we've seen from the man they elected president. To kick him out with no medieval inquisition when he's made such horrid decisions about Covid, to the cheers of media and Democrats for being such a leader, is just ugly. The MeToo movement isn't addressing the women and children who are being trafficked across the border for sex. That's real damage. BLM isn't addressing the modern sex slave trade that includes very young children, because it's just so much more comfortable to look to the past rather than what's in front of their faces. Antifa is a fascist, racist organization supported by Big Tech, yet Amazon changed its logo because someone thought she saw Hitler's mustache. Stupid, ignorant, biased leftists.

Monday, March 01, 2021

Modern day slavery--labor, sex and children

Our book club selection today was "7 men and 7 women," by Eric Metaxas. Two of the individuals, William Wilberforce and Hannah More were English abolitionists. Amazing stories--and few people know of them, nor did most people of their era (18th century) know about the evils of slavery. Same thing is happening today. There's more slavery today than in the 18th century. Candace Owens interviews Tim Ballard who is fighting sex slavery--of children. The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is selling people. Most people don't know that. Now you'll have no excuse. Candace and Tim are telling you.