Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Faster than an assassin's bullet

You've got to give Democrats credit/blame for their head twirling, gaslighting blather. They/he/she/all of them. Now Trump is too old to run. He was traumatized, they gossip, by the assassin's bullet. After years of their/her/his lying to us about Biden! If Trump says anything about Kamala it's a racist, sexist attack, but it's still OK for them/her/him to call Trump a Nazi, white supremist, and threat to Democracy. As soon as they kicked Biden to the curb (when he was sick) for being old and forgetful, all the money came back. It was faster than a speeding bullet! That's their version of Democracy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Kamala Harris' rise in politics

Since it will come up during the campaign, let's compare Harris' lucrative climb in politics via her boyfriend (twice her age) Willy Brown with Trump's relationship with Stormy Daniels. The devious (and Biden supported) Alvin Bragg managed to find 34 felonies within one misdemeanor; it was clearly election interference on Biden's part. Now if we had an investigative media (dream on), how many felonies could a clever prosecutor of the other party find in the payoff Harris took from Brown? And if the statute of limitations has run out--no problem. That was also the case for the Democrats v. Trump.

"Brown’s decision to appoint Harris raised eyebrows in political circles. “Both boards are reserved for political payback or occasionally for personal rewards for personal service,” said Brett Granlund, a former California Republican state assemblyman who worked closely with the commission while Harris was on the board. “The boards are considered plum appointments as they require no work, no policy credentials, and are paid the equivalent of a full-time [state] senator for arriving at a one- to two-hour meeting each month.”

Cheatle resigns, but Heritage is on the job

The Heritage Oversight Project has been tracking phones connected to Crooks' workplace and home, coming up with some interesting facts. Let's see if the tardy investigative actions of the FBI and Secret Service ever get this far. This is an IMPORTANT read.

"A cell phone associated with the home and work addresses of would-be assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks visited the Gallery Place building in Washington, D.C., that houses a mall and offices of the FBI, the Heritage Oversight Project reported July 22."

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has resigned now, but Biden (if he's out there) should have fired her.

The informed Democrat voter

In case any conservatives thought going up against Kamala would be a breeze, let me tell you about today's treadmill gossip. I had to move down the row a bit because a lot of the TVs weren't working, and I ended up next to 3 men (old guys, but younger than me). These guys were talking football--they knew the name of every coach, player and water boy. Then all of a sudden, one guy says, "What do you think of Kamala?" One other says, "Oh she's fine; I'll vote for her, but don't know anything about her," and the others chimed end with approval. Dumb jocks.

Monday, July 22, 2024

It's been a very long week

A long extended week from Saturday, July 13, to Sunday, July 21. From an assassination attempt to a coup; there's a lot of evil, corruption, denial, grifting, lying, disloyalty, DEI failure, hate, and gaslighting oozing and revealing to the world just how deep the swamp is. The Democrats are everything they accuse Trump of being.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Emily Jashinsky, voice of a conservative?

I've never been able to put my finger on it, but I just don't care for Emily Jashinsky, culture editor for The Federalist and occasional guest on Fox (I'm told). I think it's her whiney giggly voice. (I just looked her up and she's quite young--30, unmarried, no kids.) 

For podcasts, voice quality is important to me. I heard her on the "UnHerd with Freddie Sayers" podcast evaluation of Trump's speech of Thursday. Yikes. She might as well have been on the View, a show I don't watch, but because they are such racists and haters one does see clips occasionally on other shows. She even doubted he needed the bandage. I wonder if she's ever had a part of her ear blown off, or even had skin cancer on her head or face and realized the danger of infection? The skin is the largest organ of our body, a protective shield against injury, and infection. The flesh on his ear prevents entry of bacteria and when it's gone--a bandage would cover the scab or prevent it from being bumped by an enthusiastic grandchild or fan. At least she didn't demand to see the medical records as one screechy leftist feminist on Demedia did. She didn't like the tribute to Corey Comperatore who was killed by one of the bullets some on the Left wished for Trump. Perhaps she would have preferred the full-scale riots and defund police parades that honored George Floyd? She said Trump was just being Trump and she didn't see any real change. 

An air-head trying to get inside Trump's head and heart. She's called a "rising conservative voice," and she's just full of herself--something she accuses Trump of.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

The lies about Trump--NATO

One of the biggest lies the Democrats tell about Trump is that he wants to destroy NATO. So, paying your fair share (2% of GDP) is now being a Nazi? Hmm. Who is it that talks about "fair share" all the time? But what's crazy is Biden is now given credit for what Trump asked for!

 "Just five years ago, there was still less than 10 allies that spent 2% of GDP on defense,” Stoltenberg said during remarks at The Wilson Center in Washington. “I can only now reveal that this year, more than 20 allies will spend at least 2% of GDP on defense.” (CNN, June 17, 2024)

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The tale of 3 cities--Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum

Today's Gospel reading in Magnificat is the disturbing warning Jesus gives three cities, Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum (Matt. 11: 20-24). They not only had a long history of being God's special people, but they'd witnessed the Kingdom of God, Jesus performing his miracles, yet refused Him. We could read that Chicago, New York and LA, or the United States, Canada and Mexico, or Germany, England and France. All have been blessed over the years not just with material wealth, magnificent universities and stunning technological achievement, but the riches of knowing God's word, from parchment to podcast. And still, we don't repent and follow His ways. The events of the last several months, or even since 9-11 come to mind. God seems to be doing something remarkable right now, summer 2024. Trump may never be president again, but God has revealed through his efforts the soft underbelly of a very corrupt system that refuses to honor God and appreciate all His gifts.