Tuesday, July 14, 2020


A cashless society means no cash. Zero. It doesn’t mean mostly cashless and you can still use a ‘wee bit of cash here & there’. Cashless means fully digital, fully traceable, fully controlled. I think those who support a cashless society aren’t fully aware of what they are asking for. A cashless society means:

* If you are struggling with your mortgage on a particular month, you can’t do an odd job to get you through.

* Your child can’t go & help the local farmer to earn a bit of summer cash.

* No more cash slipped into the hands of a child as a good luck charm or from their grandparent when going on holidays.

* No more money in birthday cards.

* No more piggy banks for your child to collect pocket money & to learn about the value of earning.

* No more cash for a rainy day fund or for that something special you have been putting £20 a week away for.

* No more fivers on the side because your wages barely cover the bills or put food on the table.

* No more charity collections.

* No more selling bits & pieces from your home that you no longer want/need for a bit of cash in return.

* No more cash gifts from relatives or loved ones.

What a cashless society does guarantee:

* Banks have full control of every single penny you own.

* Every transaction you make is recorded.

* All your movements & actions are traceable.

* Access to your money can be blocked at the click of a button when/if banks need ‘clarification’ from you which will take about 3 weeks, a thousand questions answered & five thousand passwords.

* You will have no choice but to declare & be taxed on every pound in your possession.

* The government WILL decide what you can & cannot purchase.

* If your transactions are deemed in any way questionable, by those who create the questions, your money will be frozen, ‘for your own good’.

I could write lists for 5 days & still not finish explaining how utterly awful a cashless society would be, for everyone. Even for the goody two shoes who wouldn’t dream of not declaring £500.

Forget about cash being dirty. Stop being so easily led. Cash has been around for a very, very, very long time & it gives you control over how you trade with the world. It gives you independence. I heard a story where a man supposedly contracted Covid because of a £20 note he had handled. There is the same chance of Covid being on a card as being on cash. If you cannot see how utterly ridiculous this assumption is then there is little hope.

If you are a customer, pay with cash. If you are a shop owner, remove those ridiculous signs that ask people to pay by card. Cash is a legal tender, it is our right to pay with cash. Banks are making it increasingly difficult to lodge cash & that has nothing to do with a virus, nor has this ‘dirty money’ trend.

Please open your eyes. Please stop believing everything you are being told. Almost every single topic in today’s world is tainted with corruption & hidden agendas. Please stop telling me & others like me that we are what’s wrong with the world when you hail the most corrupt members of society as your heroes. Politics & greed is what is wrong with the world; not those who are trying to alert you to the reality in which you are blindly floating along whilst being immobilised by irrational fear. Fear created to keep you doing & believing in exactly what you are complacently doing.

Pay with cash & please say no to a cashless society while you still have the choice.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Zuby’s podcasts

Zuby has Nigerian parents, was born in Britain, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and attended Oxford. He’s a rapper and a podcaster personality.  But he has an American accent and is easy to listen to. In this edition, he interview Charrise Lane.

Charrise Lane is an American student and social media personality who comments on politics, culture and racial issues from a conservative perspective. We discuss growing up in a Christian household and how it's shaped her views, why she wants to get involved in politics, the cases for and against reparations, what it means to be 'pro Black', and much more!


A returning student comments on campus brain washing

“As someone who has gone back to college for the last few years, now age 40, I would say it has not stopped on the college campus. It now just has no one pushing back against these ideas, they are mainstreamed. It is accepted truth, and emailed out by the head of my institution. We live in a rape culture, an irredeemably racist and sexist society. It is broadcast all over my campus, and when I first went back after such a long hiatus, I was, an continue to be, appalled. They had young women making puffy paint sweatshirts documenting how many times they have been gang raped. Which if was actually true, no one was encouraged to go to the police. No, they were encouraged to wear their shirts as a badge of honor. All over campus are posters pointing out that society is racist and must been torn down and rebuilt. I have friends of all ethnicities whom are appalled but don't dare speak up. The professors are fearful of the students, it is a sea change from the first time I was in college.”

This was a comment left at a discussion on racism in our culture. I certainly believe him—I was on campus in the 1990s, and it was bad then. There was a list of 50 organizations to help women posted in the women’s restroom even in the 1980s. This was then called victim mentality.  Now it’s a mental illness, and it’s apparently catching.

So you see, George Floyd riots really weren’t about bad cops, or a murder, they were/are about years and years of conditioning impressionable young people, they graduate, and move into society.

How to take advantage of the pandemic to promote your own cause

In reviewing the OnCampus on-line newsletter for Ohio State University, I noticed two offerings under health, which I am assuming qualifies for some sort of special grant money to fight Covid19, since they are listed under that heading. The first concerns a dialogue, a favorite word for "you keep quiet and I'll talk"; the second an ethical obligation to become an ally of people confused about their sexuality.

It's impossible to imagine there is a "dialogue" in the traditional and accurate sense of the word if offered by IED, which doesn't promote diversity of thought, or the inclusion of conservatives but does promote equal outcome for unequal effort. IEDs exist in all colleges and universities and in the various departments--they are part of administrative bloat.

The "ethical" obligation for social workers to become an ally for LGBTQ is similar in planned outcome. "You will be with us, or you are against us."  We also know that the shift in emphasis is to the T, even within the BLM movement. The T and the G should be at odds with each other, but are lumped together.  The T says there is no such thing as a defined biological sex and therefore logically the G could be heterosexual if so desired.  To qualify for pandemic money, "safe spaces" training is included.  3 continuing education units for social workers. Sweet.

Preparing for an Effective Dialogue (Part 1)
Many staff and faculty members are interested in hosting dialogues around race and social injustice. Dialogue can lead to more insightful and well-supported decisions and can allow individuals to feel heard. But effective dialogue is not always easy to achieve. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitators Committee is hosting a two-part panel discussion series on preparing for an effective dialogue session. Part one is July 15 at 10 a.m.

New online course on being an LGBTQ+ Ally
The College of Social Work offers “The Ethics of Being an LGBTQ+ Ally,” a new asynchronous course that will provide participants a better understanding of the ethical obligation social workers have to advocate for and become an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. The course includes how to develop safe spaces for clients identifying as LGBTQ+. Three CEUs are available.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Candace Owens interviews Kingface

Two blacks discuss problems with the black culture.  If whites discussed it this honestly, they'd be charged with hate crimes and white supremacy.  He says BLM uses emotions to control Blacks. They get money and support through the death of blacks.  When have they ever saved a black life, he asks. They discuss the death of George Floyd and his nine prison sentences.


Katie Hopkins from UK warning America.


Do-gooders think they are helping migrants when in fact they are helping traffickers and criminals organized to make money from people's misfortune.  She has interviewed them.  All the old conflicts emigrate with the refugees. Charities aren't always charities. Media mocked Trump for "Sweden has fallen."  But she was in Sweden where she was the only white person.

Friday, July 10, 2020

“From Christ to Emancipation,” Townhall.com Wednesday, July 8

From Christ to Emancipation, the mob is determined to erase history

Blinded by their rage, the Left targets Christ, Grant, and Lincoln in the name of the revolution

By Bishop Aubrey Shines

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” but, as I’ve watched the unrest that continues to play out in our cities, I think it’s safe to say the “activists” who have taken over left the good intentions behind some time ago.

First, they came for only the Confederate statues. Then they came for our Founding Fathers, and now they’re coming after President Lincoln, General Grant, and even our Savior Jesus Christ.

In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, last month Shaun King, who is a prominent voice in the Left’s Woke class, called for the removal of any statues of Christ with European features because, apparently, those too are now a symbol of white supremacy.

As a minister, it pains me to see such an asinine and narrow view of the Messiah. Not only is it shortsighted, but Mr. King is missing the entire point of Christ; what he may or may not have looked like doesn’t matter, but his message about love and reconciliation with others does.

Christ walked the earth 2,000 years ago. None of us can ever know what the Savior actually looked like. Logically, it’s reasonable that different cultures would depict Him in a way they would know. White Europeans aren’t any guiltier for depicting Jesus as a white European in Renaissance art than Africans or Asians are for portraying Him as an African or an Asian in their artwork. Moreover, the Messiah’s message has nothing to do with the pigmentation of one’s skin. In His time on earth, Jesus extended God’s love to both Jews and Gentiles; Samaritans, Romans, it didn’t matter.

Furthermore, what Mr. King suggests is the next step on an already dangerous path. Statues of Christ are found on the grounds of churches, and churches are separate entities from the government (look it up, it’s in the Constitution). This means Mr. King wants his Antifa friends to trespass on private property to destroy other private property. I would be shocked, but these people see themselves as revolutionaries; they live by their own rules, and no amount of reasonable discourse will stop them.

And if statues of Christ that look too white have to come down, how long will it be before statues of Abraham, Moses, or Jacob have to come down if they look too white? Does this mean Michelangelo’s historic sculpture of King David needs to be destroyed because it looks too white? How long will it be before any white statues come down, regardless of whether or not the person in question enforced white supremacy?

I fear that last question is already being answered. We’ve already had a statue of General Grant ripped down. Didn’t he bring an end to the Civil War by forcing Robert E. Lee to surrender? He, if anyone, should have a thousand statues up for every one Confederate statue; Grant ended the war and saved the Union. But because he is a 19th century white man with a beard in a military uniform, he must come down! So say the misguided who ignore their own history.

The statue of Teddy Roosevelt, one of the greatest conservationists in American history, is being removed from in front of the New York Museum of Natural History. The reason? Roosevelt is apparently more prominent than the adjacent statues of a Native American and African American. This must mean Roosevelt only stood for imperialism and the patriarchy, never mind the fact we would not have our national parks were it not for him. Oh, and he was the first president to entertain a black man for dinner in the White House, namely Booker T. Washington.

The mob even wants to attack the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, without whom there would be no Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Memorial, a statue of Lincoln helping a freed slave to his feet, has stood by the White House since 1876. The mob’s excuse for this one is that the statue endorses “white saviorism,” even though the statue was funded by ex-slaves. If they stopped screaming and listened for a moment, maybe the misguided young folks trying to trample President Lincoln’s legacy would realize this.

If Mr. King and his ilk insist on this path of destruction, I ask him to remember that Christ’s message is about forgiveness. He and the Antifa thugs tearing our country apart will always have a chance to be forgiven, even as they try to erase our history. I hope he knows this. I will be praying for him to understand it.

Bishop Aubrey Shines is the founder of Glory to Glory Ministries and chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color.  Bishop Aubrey Shines, is available for comment on this op-ed.

To schedule interviews with Bishop Aubrey Shines of Conservative Clergy of Color, please contact Will Hadden at whadden@sbpublicaffairs.com or call 703.739.5920

Greg Gutfeld to Juan Williams on Fox The Five and how Left politicizes the pandemic

“Let’s face it. Number one, they [the lapdog media] politicized hydroxy. Remember that? They were so happy to find that one bad study that said it didn’t work, now they go strangely silent when you hear that it might work and in fact we all kind of knew that it might work. In terms of a strategy, it was well-tolerated among people. We knew there was promise, but the media didn’t like that.” [referring to Henry Ford Health System study showing significant success with hydroxychloroquine treating Covid19 patients] . . .

“Two, the rest home deaths. The media bent over backward to cover up for the Cuomos, right? They didn’t want that to be a big story, but that was a big story, OK?” [Gov. Cuomo forcing nursing homes which weren’t prepared to accept 6,5000 Covid19 patients] . . .

“And let’s not forget the travel ban, right? Which, many in the media — Juan — said that was stupid and said that it was racist, but that probably did a large part in preventing a lot of death.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that “the media and those that politicize this need to be ignored.”


Thursday, July 09, 2020

There are never enough statues. . . now Hamilton the musical

"Hamilton," created by Lin Manuel Miranda, tells the story of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, with an almost all non-White cast. The musical, which was first performed in 2015, won 11 Tony Awards and has had several tours."

The musical was the darling of liberals and leftists--mainly, I think, because by making its cast culturally assume the roles of whites, they thought they were poking conservatives in the eye. Vice President Pence was booed when he attended. Not so. They just were not "woke" enough for the change global forces had put in place.

“They’re sort of trapped. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome if you’re a liberal and you’re caught in this woke revolution. You can’t believe that you’re on the wrong side of history,” [Miranda] Devine said.


The Surge in the Positive Rate Fallacy

"A July 8, 2020 Columbus Dispatch headline helps explain how this fallacy works. It screams, “Ohio’s spike continues with fourth-highest number of daily cases!”

But what the Columbus Dispatch and the DeWine administration fails to report is that this increase in cases simply reflects the fact that Ohio has significantly ramped up its daily testing numbers. For example, on July 2, 2020 Ohio reported a whopping 1,265 new cases. But what they didn’t tell us is that on July 2, 2020 Ohio also performed a whopping 20,613 COVID19 tests, one of their highest totals to date. In fact, it took until June 30, 2020 before Ohio was able to even perform 20,000 tests per day! . . .

A surge in new reported cases is only happening because Ohio has quadrupled its daily tests over the past several months. We aren’t seeing an increase in the actual percentage of positive tests. To say that these new cases are the result of a surge, is simply fake news."


Columbus abandoned by city council and mayor

BLM and ANTIFA have made Columbus, Ohio, unsafe by demeaning police and promoting destruction in downtown. The Democrat party leadership has done nothing, and the Republicans are wimps. Churches play with technology and academics look for grants to publish articles about racism. Who will save our cities?


“[James ] Scanlon recently called out Ginther and city council members at a council meeting on June 29 for waging an “on-going assault” on Columbus police by “demonizing officers and misinforming the public.”

“It is shameful how you and other city officials have demonized these officers and misinformed the public into believing they are a group of ‘rogue, racist cops.’ All of you have relentlessly and falsely accused the Columbus Division of Police, and its officers, of being complicit in a culture of systematic racism. Due to my 42-year involvement with the Columbus Division of Police, I know that you are spreading falsehoods,” Scanlon told them.”

I blogged about this on June 30. https://collectingmythoughts.blogspot.com/2020/06/facts-matter-in-current-racism-debate.html

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

It’s just a mask

It's just a mask.
It's just two weeks.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
It's just until cases go down more.
It's just to keep others from being scared.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just communion or singing you don’t have to meet.
It's just until we get a vaccine.
It's just a few side effects.
It's just a bracelet.
It's just to let people know you're safe to be around.
It's just an app.
It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with.
It's just a few more months.
It’s just a video.
It’s just an email account.
It's just for protecting others from hate speech.
It's just a few people.
It's just a credit card company. You can use cash.
It's just a few places that don't take cash.
It's just a little chip.
It’s just for medical information and paying for things.
It’s just so you can travel.
It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
It’s just so you can vote.
It's just for a few more years.
It's just a statue.
It's just a building.
It's just a song.
It's just a few words.
It’s just a piece of paper.
It's just a book.
It's just a movie.
It's just a flag.
It's just a piece of cloth.
It's just a blood test.
It's just a scan.
It's just a chip.
It's just a clump of cells.
It's just the bad people.
It's just the undesirables.
It's just the Jews.
It's just the men.
It's just the Christians.
It's just the people that don't think like we do.
It's just... wait...
It's not just a mask.


Christians—please reject further lockdowns and closing—for the children’s sake

At the K-12 level, the risk of Covid to children is low. The Wall St.  Journal’s Andrew Duehren and Alex Leary report today:

The Trump administration is pressing the nation’s school systems to educate children in-person this fall, preparing to offer safety guidelines for reopening, as lawmakers on Capitol Hill search for an agreement to provide schools the federal aid they say they need to do so.

Team Trump is encouraged by a recent statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics which notes the negative impact of lockdowns as well as the relatively small Covid risks faced by children. The organization says it “strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school. The importance of in-person learning is well-documented, and there is already evidence of the negative impacts on children because of school closures in the spring of 2020.” The statement adds:

Lengthy time away from school and associated interruption of supportive services often results in social isolation, making it difficult for schools to identify and address important learning deficits as well as child and adolescent physical or sexual abuse, substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation...

Policy makers must also consider the mounting evidence regarding COVID-19 in children and adolescents...Although children and adolescents play a major role in amplifying influenza outbreaks, to date, this does not appear to be the case with SARS-CoV-2. Although many questions remain, the preponderance of evidence indicates that children and adolescents are less likely to be symptomatic and less likely to have severe disease resulting from SARS-CoV-2 infection. In addition, children may be less likely to become infected and to spread infection. Policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within schools must be balanced with the known harms to children, adolescents, families, and the community by keeping children at home.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

You never know someone else's pain

Marcia, a very friendly, smiley gal, a little younger than me whom I’ve known about a decade here at Lakeside stopped by to chat on the porch, but she hadn’t heard about the death of our son Phil.  When I told her she responded that she and her husband had 2 children who’d died, a baby and a 17 year old son.  I was so shocked, since I’d never heard her mention it.  So I asked her how the 17 year old died, and she told me it had been a murder.  She then told me the details, and I was just speechless.  They live in suburban Toledo, and her son Matthew was shot and killed by a black gang member when he was at a private party in 1992. She said even almost 30 years ago the media kept the racial aspect of the murder very quiet, because the black gang had singled out all the whites in the group, beat and terrorized them, leaving all the black teens at the party alone.  The people at the party were all friends, and none knew the gang. Then within the year, both her parents died and then the murder trial started. Anyway, you just never know the grief someone else is dealing with. That will never go away. She said her other son, 11 months younger than the deceased, never really recovered as they were best friends.

What a child needs to hear

Joan’s opinion on BLM, guest blogger

“The organization calling itself Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with blacks or their lives. They are simply one more instance of a seditious group USING a minority group's legitimate pain to further their own agenda. Thinking people of all colors recognize that this movement is racism at its worst. People who really value black people and their lives are building up not tearing down. People who truly value black lives also value the lives of people of other colors. People who truly believe that black lives matter are offering educational and employment opportunities; they are offering friendship and fellowship in working toward some common good for society. If you really believe that all lives matter and that color of skin does NOT matter, live your life treating all God's children as if they matter - because they DO. What is happening in our nation has little to do with race; it is insulting that this organization thinks Americans can be manipulated in such an obvious way to participate in their own destruction.”