Sunday, January 23, 2022

Why are effective therapeutics denied in the USA?

The charts below are the COVID case and death count as reported by the World Health Organization for India and the United States. The WHO is certainly not an Alt Right, anti-VAX, conspiracy theory organization. The first graph shows reporting for India, the second is the good old USA. You may need to click on the image and expand it to see the full graph for the United States.

India was in the news daily in April of 2021 because of a sharp spike in cases and deaths. You can see the spike clearly on the India graph. Then in early May 2021 you can see a sharp reversal of trend followed by a steady decline to nearly no new cases in December for India. On the USA graph you can see a less radical ebb and flow of cases and deaths but since the Summer of 2021 you will notice a steady increase in both cases and deaths culminating in a sharp increase in cases and somewhat less sharp increase in deaths from late 2021 to present. In contrast India had nearly no new cases or deaths in the summer and fall of 2021 and only recently has had a spike in cases but the death count is remaining flat for India.

So, you may be wondering what happened in India in late April and early May of 2021. Well, India decided to ignore WHO guidance and began a massive program to treat COVID with a cocktail of drugs which included Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. They have also been using these drugs as a preventative for COVID. The results cannot be denied. The numbers tell the truth. You may argue that these results do not prove causation but hopefully you will agree they justify giving these drugs a chance here in our land.

In the USA and around the world there has been a concerted effort to deny the usefulness of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for` treatment of COVID. Doctors in the USA are being threatened with loss of license to practice medicine if they prescribe these drugs for COVID. Social media and legacy media are censoring affirming information for these drugs. If you Google Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin the first page of results will all be articles in opposition to these drugs, containing many lies I will add. They are saying that use of these drugs is unsafe but both drugs are on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for Children – 8th List (2021). Both are approved for off label use a further indication that they are safe. If you post articles affirming the effectiveness of these drugs on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter you will be censored, and your posting will be pulled down. You have to search for it to find it as I have done with these WHO graphs.

The question we need to be asking is, why is there such organized opposition to safe drugs which may be effective in treating COVID? Ask your doctor now if he/she will prescribe Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin for treatment of COVID if you should come down with the disease. If their answer is no find a different doctor with the courage to do the right thing regardless of the threats. If we follow India's lead, we can beat this disease.

If you have Spotify please listen/watch the Joe Rogen podcast interviews with Dr. Peter A. McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone.  From FB post by Marty Evans (1) Fans of Best of the Web Today | The charts below are the COVID case and death count as reported by the World Health Organization for India and the United States | Facebook

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Compassion fatigue by a health care worker

I'm not sure who wrote this; I saw it on my niece's Facebook page.  She works in a nursing home with direct patient care.

You are not alone...

When are we going to wake up from this nightmare? New rules every day, extra work loads, short staffed, long hours, co-workers turning against each other and having to hear the frustrations of those who just want their lives back to normal. Humanity has fallen into a dark place in our existence. Compassion is lost in the deep abyss we cannot retrieve it back from. A while ago they said we were "heroes", now we are crying for help and waiting for our Superman to save us.
Today was the day I felt all the care and compassion leave my body. Not sure if others feel the way I do, but this is how far burn out has gone. I have a feeling there will be no end in sight if humanity keeps going in this direction. We are dropping like flies. Every day I keep hearing those advertisements saying, "Mental health is important". Yeah? Well, HELP US! We are tired when we come home, lost interest in taking care of our own selves. If you think that we are just being "overdramatic" or "you need to get over it", then I am truly sorry you are not walking in our shoes.

Here is the definition of compassion fatigue:

Compassion fatigue is a condition characterized by emotional and physical exhaustion leading to a diminished ability to empathize or feel compassion for others, often described as the negative cost of caring. It is sometimes referred to as secondary traumatic stress.
You read that right? Traumatic stress? This is why people are leaving nursing. It has taken a toll of us all once and for all.

"The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet." - Naomi Rachel Remen

Friday, January 21, 2022

Bountiful Goodness

I've requested through my public library, "Bountiful goodness" by Thomas a Kempis, a German priest and monk who died in 1471. Under copyright, so I'll just quote a few lines. It's a devotional, intended for meditation. Has a Matthew 25 feel--how to meet Jesus.

He who assists a brother in need holds Jesus by the hand.
He who patiently bears the burdens placed upon him carries Jesus crucified on his shoulders.
He who speaks consoling words to a saddened brother gives Jesus a tender kiss.
He who regrets another's fault and prays for his pardon washes and wipes Jesus' feet.
He who remakes an angry person into one of peace prepares a bed of flowers for Jesus in his soul.
He who at table places the best portion before his brother rather than himself places before Jesus a feast and a honeycomb of charity.

The One percenters--an internet meme sent by a friend

Some of you are younger and not in the 1% age group. I decided to send it as a history lesson of what life was like then.

Yes, I am one of the One Percenters and thank God every day that I do remember all of this - the Good and Not So Good. Let us continue to Stay Safe-Healthy-Strong to enjoy each day.

One percenters . . .The 1% Age Group.

This special group was born between 1930 and 1946 = 16 years. In 2021, the age range is between 75 and 91.

Are you, or do you know, someone "still around?"

Interesting Facts For You . . .

You are the smallest group of children born since the early 1900’s.

You are the last generation, climbing out of the depression, who can remember the winds of war and the impact of a world at war which rattled the structure of our daily lives for years.

You are the last to remember ration books for everything from gas to sugar to shoes to stoves.

You saved tin foil and poured fried meat fat into tin cans.

You saw cars up on blocks because tires weren't available.

You can remember milk being delivered to your house early in the morning and placed in the "milk box" on the porch.

You are the last to see the gold stars in the front windows of grieving neighbors whose sons died in the War.

You saw the 'boys' home from the war, build their little houses.

You are the last generation who spent childhood without television; instead, you “imagined” what you heard on the radio.

With no TV until the 1950's, you spent your childhood "playing outside." There was no Little League.

There was no city playground for kids.

The lack of television in your early years meant that you had little real understanding of what the world was like.

On Saturday mornings and afternoons, the movies gave you newsreels sandwiched in between westerns and cartoons.

Telephones were one to a house, often shared (party lines), and hung on the wall in the kitchen (no cares about privacy).

Computers were called calculators; they were hand cranked.

Typewriters were driven by pounding fingers, throwing the carriage and changing the ribbon.

'INTERNET' and 'GOOGLE' were words which did not exist.

Newspapers and magazines were written for adults and the news was broadcast on your radio in the evening.

The Government gave returning Veterans the means to get an education and spurred colleges to grow.

Loans fanned a housing boom.

Pent up demand, coupled with new installment payment plans opened many factories for work.

New highways would bring jobs and mobility.

The Veterans joined civic clubs and became active in politics.

The radio network expanded from 3 stations to thousands.

Your parents were suddenly free from the confines of the depression and the war, and they threw themselves into exploring opportunities they had never imagined.

You weren't neglected, but you weren't today's all-consuming family focus.

They were glad you played by yourselves until the streetlights came on.

They were busy discovering the postwar world.

You entered a world of overflowing plenty and opportunity; a world where you were welcomed, enjoyed yourselves and felt secure in your future although the depression poverty was deeply remembered.

Polio was still a crippler.

You came of age in the 50's and 60's.

You are the last generation to experience an interlude when there were no threats to our homeland.

The second world war was over, and the cold war, terrorism, global warming, and perpetual economic insecurity had yet to haunt life with unease.

Only our generation can remember both a time of great war, and a time when our world was secure and full of bright promise and plenty.

You grew up at the best possible time, a time when the world was getting better.

You are "The Last Ones."

More than 99 % of you are either retired or deceased, and you feel privileged to have "lived in the best of times!"

Amen! It’s great being part of the 1% Special Group! And I'll drink to that . . . yes it was good times . . .

HT to Jan Fritz, member of my church

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ashli Babbitt by Mike Huckabee (from his newsletter)

 If you’ve watched the documentary CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, about the Capitol Hill rally and riot of January 6, 2021, you’ve seen the video of Ashli Babbitt smiling and happy, enjoying herself immensely as she participates in a march to the Capitol building. She is effervescent. Even on that cold, gray day, she exudes positive energy.

But you’ve also seen the video of her just a little while later, inside the building, caught in a crush of people on a stair landing and trying to crawl through a broken-out window to the other side of a closed door when she is shot to death.

How to reconcile these two visions? Could this smiling young (unarmed) woman suddenly morph into an angry rioter, a vandal, an insurrectionist, trying to breach the Speaker’s Lobby and prevent Congress from doing its job? Her husband, Aaron Babbitt, looking at a frame-by-frame analysis conducted by The Epoch Times, says no.

That is not what happened.

“After repeatedly forcing myself to watch the murder of my wife,” he told The Epoch Times, “I have come to my own conclusion that Ashli came to a point of realization that she was in a very bad situation and the police weren’t acting appropriately to what she was witnessing.”

He said, “I know my wife very well. She is not destructive. She was not there to hurt anybody.”

“It all comes down to which mental angle a person views it from,” he said. “If they hate Ashli because they believe the lies, that’s all they see: her being part of a mob. Us who love her, know her, know every action and emotion she was displaying --- she realized a minute before her death she was not in a friendly situation and something very wrong was occurring.”

In fact, the video strongly suggests that she was trying to stop the violence, not join in. She had gone up some stairs and, only about five minutes before she was killed, was casually talking and laughing with three U.S. Capitol Police officers. (She had served in the Air Force as a military police officer herself.) But then more people started coming up behind her. Members of a U.S. Capitol Police Containment Emergency Response Team rushed up the stairs as well, in response to a false alarm –- repeat, false –- of shots fired. (No shots were ever fired except by Ashli’s killer.) She was trapped in that mass of people outside the door.

It’s evident in the video that she was horrified by what was suddenly happening. She confronted a rioter identified as Zachary Alam, getting between him and one of the officers guarding the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby. He turned away from her and punched a window in one of the doors with his hand, then punched it again with a helmet to smash it. Her face registered alarm.

According to husband Aaron, an audio analysis of the video shows that she was shouting, “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!”

Aaron says she was trying to climb through the broken glass because she was in fear for her life. She was trying to escape. U.S. Capitol Hill Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot her as she was partway through the window frame, and she fell backwards onto the landing.

The officers who were supposed to be guarding that door were not there. “The only way we’d ever know why Ashli felt the window was the only way out is if she had been detained by one of the countless police officers that abandoned their post in front of those doors, Aaron said. “That did not happen. She was murdered and robbed of the chance to tell her side of the story.”

There are conflicting reports as to whether Byrd shouted warnings before he shot her. It was so noisy in the stairwell, it’s likely no one could hear anyone else, so we might never know. And Byrd refused to be interviewed or even give a statement for the Internal Affairs “investigation,” which apparently was fine with the investigators ("investigators"?) because they no-billed him, anyway. “We have declined criminal prosecution of the above officer as a result of this incident,” wrote Acting U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips as part of a three-sentence dismissal.

But Ashli’s family is suing. Their lawyer, DC attorney Terry Roberts, said, “If you’re acting in self-defense, you have to tell somebody you’re acting in self-defense, or it should be quite plain from the circumstances. It clearly was not plain in these circumstances. I don’t believe the officer acted in self-defense at all.”

Another witness, Tayler Hansen, told The Epoch Times that Alam broke out that window because HE wanted to get to the Speaker’s Lobby. He said the only reason Alam didn’t climb through the window before Babbitt is that his glasses got knocked down his face in the scuffle and he had had to stop to reposition them. “He was about to go through that window,” Hansen said. “It was his idea. He was the one shattering it.”

Here’s more about Alam and how the FBI tracked him down. They say if you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all, so we won’t say anything at all.

In contrast, there’s a lot of good to say about Ashli. Hansen, an independent journalist who knew her and was walking close behind her inside the Capitol, echoed her husband in describing her. “The reality of it is, Ashli wasn’t a violent person. She was a good person, but they’ve demonized her to become this domestic terrorist that she has never been,” he said. “She served her country for 14 years. That’s just insane to me that they can get away with pushing this narrative. They’ve done that by suppressing first-hand witnesses like me.”

So, why had the Capitol Police left their posts at the door to the Speaker’s Lobby? One of them told Internal Affairs investigators that he left because he feared for his life and hadn’t wanted to have to use deadly force. If this was a situation in which officers were afraid for their own lives, it’s easy to imagine Ashli feeling the need to escape it as well.

According to a U.S. Capitol Police sergeant, Byrd and one other officer had taken positions on the other side of the door and had their guns out. This can be seen in the video, but it doesn’t appear that it was visible to Ashli. For her, the shot would have come out of nowhere.

Incidentally, the video that is providing so much detail was shot by the mysterious John Sullivan, also known as Jayden X, who has said he was there to “document” the event. Who he’s associated with and why he was there are questions for another time, but it’s fortuitous that we have his record of what happened. Otherwise, all we'd have to go by was what the feds and their media minions told us.

The Epoch Times story is a premium report, but ZeroHedge has a detailed account.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Why Big Tech controls us: It controls the internet.

Wall St. Journal, Jan. 15:

. . . "Fiber-optic cable, which carries 95% of the world’s international internet traffic, links up pretty much all of the world’s data centers, those vast server warehouses where the computing happens that transforms all those 1s and 0s into our experience of the internet. Where those fiber-optic connections link up countries across the oceans, they consist almost entirely of cables running underwater—some 1.3 million kilometers (or more than 800,000 miles) of bundled glass threads that make up the actual, physical international internet. And until recently, the overwhelming majority of the undersea fiber-optic cable being installed was controlled and used by telecommunications companies and governments.
Today, that’s no longer the case. In less than a decade, four tech giants—Microsoft, Google parent Alphabet, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Amazon—have become by far the dominant users of undersea-cable capacity. Before 2012, the share of the world’s undersea fiber-optic capacity being used by those companies was less than 10%. Today, that figure is about 66%…”

The July 2021 outbreak among the vaccinated

Although the breakthrough infections among the vaccinated were reported, the Provincetown, Massachusetts, mini epidemic in July 2021 was the first big one I heard about. (And haven't heard of another one.) Over a thousand people developed Covid, and over 900 of them were vaccinated. This article in CDC's January 2022, Emerging Infectious Diseases, "Multistate Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings, United States" is an interesting description of the investigation which was a major warning that vaccines might protect from death or serious illness, but not from getting or transmitting the disease. There is no comment in this article that P-Town is mecca for the LGBTQ community. Special guides are printed to promote this. I can't even link to some of the articles about the activities. Even the titles were pornographic.  We visited there in the late 1970s and it was true then. In this discussion there's no mention of the immune compromised state of untreated or controlled HIV or whether the drugs given to gay men for long term treatment of AIDS might affect the efficacy of the vaccines. I know there is research on this--I saw it in Lancet. Also, perhaps it was the serial intimacy and not the "large gathering" that was the problem? Masks, which are recommended for vaccinated people in this discussion, won't help with that. 

The main author, Radhika Gharpure, concludes that with all this data, "major epidemiologic QUESTIONS about BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS, such as the comparative infectiousness of fully vaccinated and non–fully vaccinated persons, duration of viral shedding, and duration of vaccine-derived immunity, REMAIN." The obvious question probably couldn't be pointed out without damaging her career.

Rolling Stone did an anecdotal account of those who were in P-Town and how the gay community stepped up to alert others, but it too seemed to suggest more masking as the solution to a terrible infection rate.

Letter to a promoter for an interview

As my friends and family know, I've been writing this blog for almost 20 years (began October 2003). That's how I met some nice people whom I now follow on Facebook. So, I get offers to review books and do interviews. I did review some books, but I don't anymore, and have republished some canned interviews. Sometimes I get snarky and write back my opinions. I have no idea if anyone reads them. The one I received on Monday, January 17, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day wanted to let me know that young people aren't educated about MLK Jr. because "only 81%" knew about his "I've got a dream speech," and "only 82%" knew about the March on Washington. I think that's fantastic--they probably don't know the year their parents were born, or what happened on July 4. So, here's my response.


You’re not making a good case. Considering how LITTLE anyone, let alone youth, know about our history, if 81% know about the “I have a dream speech,” that’s fantastic! I know some who graduated from high school in 1986. One day I asked them a fairly simple question, "Which came first WWII or Vietnam War?" and they didn’t know! That’s the level of history education in our country, and we live in a great school district with high scores. What makes you think this is a lack of resources? I’ve seen Martin Luther’s statue on the internet identified as Martin Luther King! Our young people may know who King is but have never heard of Martin Luther. How many know Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican? Or that there were over 200 bills in Congress to fight lynching, and Democrats voted against all of them? You’ve got some buzz words in this message that tell your mission. . . “democratizing education,” “equal access,” “cause for equality,” “diverse backgrounds.” If you need to know how ignorant U.S. youth are, watch some of the Prager U videos or the Will Witt interviews on college campuses, “What is a conservative?” Also notice how inarticulate the students are—except for the one or two who can define conservatism.

Also, MLK Day was the day I got your message—how would I do an interview BEFORE today?

Monday, January 17, 2022

Looking for a king?

The elders of Israel came to Samuel and asked for a king, which didn't make him too happy, but he prayed about it and the Lord said, "Grant them their request." So here's was Samuel told them they would get:

He will take your sons and assign them to his chariots and horses, and they will run before his chariot.

He will also appoint from among them his commanders of groups of a thousand and of a hundred soldiers.

He will set them to do his plowing and his harvesting, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots.

He will use your daughters as ointment makers, as cooks, and as bakers.

He will take the best of your fields, vineyards, and olive groves, and give them to his officials.

He will tithe your crops and your vineyards and give the revenue to his eunuchs and his slaves.

He will take your male and female servants, as well as your best oxen and your asses, and use them to do his work.

He will tithe your flocks and you yourselves will become his slaves.  When this takes place, you will complain against the king whom you have CHOSEN, but on that day the Lord will not answer you.

The people, however, refused to listen to Samuel's warning. . . 

Sounds like the Democrats doesn't it?

I Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22

Friday, January 14, 2022

Two speeches, a defining moment in history

Peggy Noonan, whom I gave up on when she went all soft and gooey and swooned over Obama in 2008: 

"It is startling when two speeches within 24 hours, neither much heralded in advance—the second wouldn’t even have been given without the first—leave you knowing you have witnessed a seminal moment in the history of an administration, but it happened this week. The president’s Tuesday speech in Atlanta, on voting rights, was a disaster for him. By the end of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s answering speech on Wednesday you knew some new break point had occurred, that President Biden might have thought he was just crooning to part of his base but the repercussions were greater than that; he was breaking in some new way with others—and didn’t know it. It is poor political practice when you fail to guess the effects of your actions. He meant to mollify an important constituency but instead he filled his opponents with honest indignation and, I suspect, encouraged in that fractured group some new unity.

The speech itself was AGGRESSIVE, INTEMPERATE, not only OFFENSIVE but meant to OFFEND. It seemed prepared by people who think there is only the Democratic Party in America, that’s it, everyone else is an outsider who can be disparaged. It was a mistake on so many levels. Presidents more than others in politics have to maintain an even strain, as astronauts used to say. If a president is rhetorically manipulative and divisive on a voting-rights bill it undercuts what he’s trying to establish the next day on Covid and the economy. The over-the-top language of the speech made him seem more emotional, less competent. The portentousness—“In our lives and . . . the life of our nation, there are moments so stark that they divide all that came before them from everything that followed. They stop time”—made him appear incapable of understanding how the majority of Americans understand our own nation’s history and the vast array of its challenges. (Wall Street Journal pay wall, but you get the idea Biden’s Georgia Speech Is a Break Point - WSJ )

In my opinion, I don't think Biden is able to think or comment like this.  His speech writers are all steeped and stewed in Critical Race Theory, which means they know nothing about American history.