Monday, March 01, 2021

Modern day slavery--labor, sex and children

Our book club selection today was "7 men and 7 women," by Eric Metaxas. Two of the individuals, William Wilberforce and Hannah More were English abolitionists. Amazing stories--and few people know of them, nor did most people of their era (18th century) know about the evils of slavery. Same thing is happening today. There's more slavery today than in the 18th century. Candace Owens interviews Tim Ballard who is fighting sex slavery--of children. The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is selling people. Most people don't know that. Now you'll have no excuse. Candace and Tim are telling you.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Revolutions and the Bible - Os Guinness

At the 2020 Wilberforce Week-end (named for William Wilberforce, famous abolitionist) sponsored by the Colson Center), Os Guinness discusses the deep divisions in modern America. The roots go back to the 5 revolutions of the modern era--England (1642), United States (1776), France (1789), Russia (1917) and China (1949). The first two were Biblical (Exodus), and the last three were anti-Biblical. The French Revolution was based in atheism and was extremely anti-church. Today our current "revolutionaries" follow the French model. Utopian. The American Revolution is based on the idea that mankind is sinful. Utopianism is/was disastrous. It is always filled with violence and force. Our revolution comes from the idea of Covenant, a Hebrew idea. The Constitution is freely chosen consent, a morally binding pledge. It's reciprocal. Therefore it includes the idea of freedom, truth and love. Today's revolutionaries must use the idea of victimhood--wrong answered by revenge--so the feud continues. The Biblical way includes repentance and forgiveness, freedom from the past and therefore freedom in the future. Guinness is a European, an immigrant. If America turns from true freedom, he says, it will be a disaster for the world.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

CPAC, masks and Twitter

I caught an interview on Newsmax of something that happened at CPAC in FL. A young man with a twitter following (I’d never heard of him) had press credentials, and was wearing a mask, but when people asked to have a photo with him, he pulled it down. The Security asked him to leave. (Not sure how you eat, drink or take photos with masks--the entire Biden clan took off their masks for photos at the inauguration.) He thinks it was because of his t-shirt which said, “Arrest Cuomo.” Then he uploaded this incident to Twitter, and they have banned him. He says the CPAC event was in a blue county and individual stores and facilities have the right to control mask wearing, not the governor. Once Twitter found out it could ban the President of the free world and no one would stop it, it went crazy banning anyone it pleased. This makes Big Tech more powerful than Big Government, with its CEOs billionaires the richest people in the world. And not a one of us voted for or asked for that. But we did give away free all our data and they have imprisoned us with it.

On race, racism, class and opportunity

Who are the white supremacists? Maybe those white and black globalists who control or own academe, entertainment, music industry, major sports teams, the tech industry, government, unions, financial industry, health care, Facebook, Google, Twitter, foundations and non-profits, and especially the Democrat party. They are the ones feeling entitled to tell the peons how to live. Just ask them--they will tell you they are righteous.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why the people with all the power are trying to convince us that it's a 40-somethingTrump lover with no investments, not on welfare, riding a motor cycle or driving truck, with a flag sewn to his leather jacket who watches OANN who is the problem. Makes no sense, but then as Tucker has pointed out, the 21st century social and economic revolution is from the top down. The hyper-educated, moneyed elites are oppressing the little guy demanding he give up his first and second amendment rights so they can have more power! So they can feel morally superior while they trash everyone who doesn't agree with them.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, earned $280,621,552 in total compensation—more than 1,000 times the income of a median company employee ($246,804 is the median, well beyond what the rest of us can complain about). He was born in India and went to an IT school there before he immigrated. Too bad the U.S. is such a terrible racist country, so prejudiced that no one has any opportunity to become that overpaid. I wonder if Alphabet's employees have to attend reeducation classes to become woke.

No one gave us the chance

What if the nation had stayed open for business and only the old (>65) had restricted their activities, spaces and faces after the "2 week shutdown to save the hospitals" last spring. Would there be any difference in the infection death rate (already extremely low)? We are the boomers and the silent generation, but I think we could have saved the nation if given the chance.

"The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education has been severe, accelerating the learning losses typically seen over summer breaks. The sad reality is that the shutdowns have had an unequal effect on students. While most students have experienced a learning decay, the impact has been more severe among disadvantaged children." (PolicyEd "Endless Summer, How Covid has reversed academic achievement")

Friday, February 26, 2021

News from the Front Line on Covid

FLCCC Protocols - A Guide to the Management of COVID-19 - updated Feb 23, 2021 (

An overview of the MATH+ and I-MASK+ Protocols A Guide to the Management of COVID-19

Developed and Updated by Paul Marik, MD, FCP (SA), FRCP (C), FCCP, FCCM for the COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance). This is our recommended approach to COVID-19 based on the best (and most recent) literature. This is a highly dynamic topic; therefore, we will be updating the guideline as new information emerges. Please check on the FLCCC Alliance website for updated versions of this protocol.

Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies. 257 studies, 187 peer reviewed, 210 comparing treatment and control groups.


Nutrition and diet changes for heart health

When the cardio rehab from Ohio Health called to discuss Bob's diet, I had to be on the phone since I buy, plan the menus and prepare the food. Slowly we're making changes--more for me than him, since he's always been careful and disciplined. 

So the other day I was reading about heart healthy goals, SMART, which are 

Realistic, and 

We can hit all those. I've lost 6 lbs., my blood pressure is down, and haven't had the salt shaker on the table for five days. Salty crunchy is my go-to comfort food. However, I recognized that's how my former boss (now deceased) Jay Ladd told me to write my goals for my annual report. For instance. Attend 3 professional conferences--national, local or state, meet with the faculty library committee once a month and send him a report, answer 2 letters a month from school children (two was a good achievable number because there would be many more). It had to be specific, measurable and attainable. That way when he'd visit my library the next year, all he had to do was check, check and check. I hate setting goals, but being specific and measurable helped a lot. Same with health changes.

Since I'm now checking my blood pressure, which I'd never done in the past, I also read an article on how to do it.  
Empty your bladder.  
Sit with feet on the floor and don't cross your knees.  
Sit quietly and relax.  
Lay your arm on the table.  
Apply the cuff correctly (which is difficult for me without help).  

Some days the high number is over 130, but more and more, it's in the teens as I give up salt and do it correctly. Today it was 112/65 pulse 64. On Feb. 20 it was 116/67 pulse 79. 

About salt.  I don't like adding artificial things if I can just do with less of the natural (such as "lite" salad dressing or "low salt" anything), so I poked around in the cupboard and found a shaker of "The Avenue" signature steak seasoning. The Avenue Steak Tavern  We'd gone there for my 80th birthday before Phil became ill.  The ingredients are granulated garlic, granulated onion, dried parsley, pink peppercorn, black peppercorn, and Kosher salt.  Since salt is the last ingredient, I think I'll use this on some things that are just tasteless. Ricotta, for instance, is as tasty as school paste. The main ingredient is whey.  I browsed the internet for other steak seasoning, and found most listed salt as first or second ingredient. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

White Fragility

Robin DiAngelo has made a fortune being a racist. She writes in White Fragility, that “All white people are invested in and collude with racism,” and that “The white collective fundamentally hates blackness for what it reminds us of: that we are capable and guilty of perpetrating immeasurable harm and that our gains come through the subjugation of others.” She also claims if we disagree with her we're racists. Kafkatrap. 

Would DiAngelo be allowed into our churches, book clubs and non-profit reading lists if she were speaking such vile filth about Jews, Blacks or Asians? Robin, if you are a racist and need to unload your guilt and promote your moral superiority, speak for yourself. Don't come to my social and educational events. Keep those books in your basement archive. 

I hope she donates her ill-gotten, slave-pimping wealth to an organization that wants to stop slavery in this time and place, this century--it exceeds the numbers of the 18th century, and is still primarily based in Africa and Asia. It includes labor slavery, sex slavery, and child slavery. Check the annual reports for TIP U.S. Department of State.

Telling black women to abort their future in the name of health and liberation

New ways to oppress blacks. Tell them that aborting their children is reproductive justice and liberation. And feature it during Black History month. I wonder how much these women earn for taking their show on the road. They've been paid speakers as "Christians" for years. More black babies are legally killed in 4 days than 80 years of lynching. Why isn't it called "systemic racism?"

"Ohio State's Center for the Study of Religion for "Religion, Healing and the Movement for Black Lives," from 4:30─6 p.m., featuring these presentations:

• "Black Spirituality and the Creation of Spaces for Healing and Liberation" with Dr. Elise Edwards (Baylor University)

• "Trusting Black Women: Reproductive Justice as Black Liberation" with Dr. Monique Moultrie, Georgia State University"

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Look back at your isolation this past year

Three years from now, some of you will look back & admit that you spent an entire year of your life wearing a mask, cooped up in your house & avoiding all the people you love.  A year in your life that you’ll never get back.

Every single day is a risk.

Car accident, flu, etc.

Our days were numbered from the moment we took our first breath. Life isn’t a race where we win against the inevitable! That has not changed since the beginning of time!

BUT, we should not be forced to live in fear.

We went from being a free nation to being told we:

couldn’t go to school

couldn’t go to church

couldn’t go to our grandma's house

couldn’t pay respects to a loved one through a funeral

couldn’t leave our homes

...and when we were allowed to do these things, we were told:

how long we could be there

how far apart we have to be

which direction to walk

what to wear

what we can buy/not buy

where we could shop/not shop

whether we could sing/worship/take communion

what time we had to be home

Yes, our health matters.

But you know what else matters?

✅ Family.

✅ Friends.

✅ Church.

✅ School.

✅ Sporting events.

✅ Family vacations.

✅ Neighborhood BBQs.

✅ Life.

✅ Fitness.

✅ Hugs.

✅ visiting the hospitalized

Etc.. etc...

One day, you’ll hug your grandma, mom, dad, or brother for the last time.

One day, your best friend will cry on your shoulder for the last time.

One day, your child will play their last ball game.

One day, they’ll have their last day of school.

One day, you’ll spend your last day laughing with a loved one.

One day, you’ll dance your last dance.

Don’t waste the days you have by living in fear.

Your time here on earth matters.

Live your life while you have the chance.

God is gonna call you home when it’s your time.

Virus or no virus.