Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The abortion battle in Ohio

I've been watching all the classy pro-abortion ads on TV (trying to enshrine abortion up to the day of birth in our Ohio Constitution). Excellent production values and heart-rending stories. Mega doses of outside money. It has caused me to wonder about all the rights and choices the babies being aborted won't have in their future.

No, women will still be able to get treatment for miscarriages.

No, it will not affect removing a deceased unborn child.

When a woman's life is at risk and the baby is pre-term, medical intervention can possibly save both.

Ectopic pregnancy (embryo implants outside the uterus) interventions are still necessary.  This is not an abortion.

Don't forget, abortion is the direct and intentional killing of a baby in the womb.  In the past, both parties were champions of the weak and helpless.

Monday, October 02, 2023

What Jesus never said


Welfare statistics for 2023 in U.S.

 50 Important Welfare Statistics for 2023 | Lexington Law

There were 70 million people on the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s welfare programs in the United States in 2021 which includes SNAP, housing assistance, unemployment programs and Medicaid. It is higher than military spending. It is estimated welfare spending in 2023 will account for around 14 percent of the federal budget.

How and why we lost confidence in the public health system

"In the end, it took some grandstanding Republicans in Congress to break the logjam of information. In July 2023, the U.S. House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic released a trove of emails, text messages, and other interactions between Fauci, Collins, other health officials, and leading virus experts. Other messages were leaked to independent reporters, including Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and Michael Shellenberger. These communications reveal a stunning contrast between those experts’ confident public statements and the doubts and fears they expressed privately.

In dozens of interviews, dating to the start of the pandemic, Fauci, Collins, and others expressed bland assurances that the new virus must have spilled into the human population from a wild animal. The idea that the Wuhan Institute might have been involved was dismissed as “just a conspiracy theory,” in Fauci’s words. But the recently disclosed communications reveal that behind the scenes, many of the world’s top virologists worried that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had leaked from the Wuhan lab. Worse, some feared that its terrifying transmissibility might be due to genetic manipulation."

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

I recently came across the podcast, "The illusion of Consensus" with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora. Ep. 13 was an interview with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty whose outstanding career and service as a bio-ethicist at UC Irvine was torpedoed by the censorship of Big Tech and Big Pharma on behalf of the Biden Administration. He's written a book in his "free time," The New Abnormal." The unholy alliance of (1) public health, (2) digital technologies of surveillance and control, and (3) the police powers of the state, the Biomedical Security State. What surprised me was he took a look back to a 1989 conference where the enemy in a pandemic changed from the virus or pathogen to the whole human population who could be vectors. The conference was organized/planned by Dr. Fauci! He's written about that at Substack. He's one of the plaintiffs in Missouri v. Biden. It will probably go to the Supreme Court.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The 1950 census, Forreston, Illionois

I recently received a notice from Family Search about the 1950 U.S. census. So, I looked at my mother, p. 27--interesting to see the details from 1950--names of our neighbors, their kids, professions etc. I remember so many of these people. I didn't know our street had a name! However, my brother and I weren't on the list (we were 10 and 8), so I moved to the next page. No, we weren't there. Then I went backwards and there we were on p. 26 not attached to a family (at least not that I could discern). Maybe the paging goes down instead of up?  I also noticed that in 1950 49.51% of women over 14 were married, so I checked for current data, and found that in 2022 49.9% of women over 15 are married. When I looked at the 1920 census for my grandfather, I see that young children (under 3 or 4) also were listed with months.  My aunt Muriel was 2 and 11 months. That wasn't done for older children.

Thomas Sowell on famous American Racists

 Thomas Sowell TV provides a lecture on famous American racists, most of whom were academics, economists, socialists, journalists, progressives and leftists, just like today. https://youtu.be/Cbq145xnaSs?si=hKO--kj3WU6fXKeT

Edward A. Ross, Roscoe Pound, Francis A. Walker, Richard T. Ely, Madison Grant, George Horace Lorimer, George Creel, H.L. Menken, H. G. Wells, and Jack London.

Bidenflation and Trump

The numbers for household median income since the pandemic illustrate how American families have lost ground: Income in the United States: 2022 (census.gov)  Table A-2
  • 2019: $78,250
  • 2020: $76,660 ($1,590 below 2019)
  • 2021: $76,330 ($1,920 below 2019)
  • 2022: $74,580 ($3,670 below 2019)
Although I have nothing good to say about Biden, I think he's the biggest criminal ever to live in the White House, Trump made mistakes too with the pandemic. I think he, along with everyone else, was totally unprepared, because how would he know? It's not encountered in business. However, he's a good judge of character--usually trusts his gut.
1) He should have let Fauci go as soon as he noticed his fascist tendencies, double speak and switcheroo speechifying.
2) He should have made sure his own advisors he put on that Covid advisory group were able to have their say.
3) Even if he was unfamiliar with the concept of peer-reviewed scientific research, I'm sure someone told him that those speaking for the CDC and Big Pharma could be balanced by outstanding researchers who were advocating for better treatment options and not just an experimental "vaccine" begun after the disease had already spread.
4) As a businessman familiar with the cut-throat capitalist model, Trump should have sniffed out the demonization, deplatforming, and cancel culture methods of the Democrat party and figured out they'd use it to their advantage in the election.

5) Trump was failed by his advisors and those he selected to be close to him or his vanity prevented him from listening. If ordinary non-scientific, non-political citizens figure out this was as much ideological as viral, then he should have also. If he wants our vote in 2024, he'll have to do a better job in that department.

Now in addition to the numbers above listed for household income one has to add to those losses, what it is costing every household to bring into our country 230,000 border jumpers each month from many nations with many languages and cultures--Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico, China, Russian, Ukraine and India. Those expenses are local--schools, emergency housing, benefits, more police, displacement of local low-income citizens, etc. If Trump can't convince the Republicans to get off their butts and do something, then he should step aside and let someone else do the job. Having been a Democrat for 40 years, I am still shocked at the lazy, good for nothing Republicans who can't agree on where to do lunch, let alone legislation, that we elect year after year.

Your thoughts? I'm running out.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The cost of natural disasters compared to . . .what?

"Since 1980, billion-dollar natural disasters have resulted in nearly 16,000 deaths and cost $2.5 trillion (after adjusting for inflation). "

I haven't checked this USAFacts story. It's probably OK, but is the intent to cause fear and blame, with the aim of taxing you more for a non-existent climate change threat?

16,000 deaths in 43 years? 2022 had 466 deaths from natural disasters--cyclones, fires, earthquakes, blizzards and cold waves, floods, etc., but 42,795 traffic fatalities. Technology and warning systems have drastically reduced dangers from disasters as has reduced poverty. 2.8 million Americans die of obesity related diseases, and 80% of the Covid deaths were due to weight related problems.
100 years ago this natural disaster figure would have been in the thousands with a smaller population. If it weren't for bad environmental policies established by federal and state governments in the 80s and 90s, the wildfire problems would go away. A lot of hurricane damage costs and deaths could be reduced if the population didn't want to build in risky, beautiful places--especially the wealthy. Denying people government insurance might reduce that.

2020 Income Taxes, updated

I still see a lot of "interesting" interpretations of tax rates, percentages, quintiles, etc., and of course, greed. I admit, the top 1% made out well with the lockdowns and pandemic in 2021 and 2022. Probably own a lot of stock in pharmaceuticals. And with new war expenses, and Biden shoveling all he can to Zalenskyy anyone invested in war materiel is doing well. But here's the latest I could find on 2020, the last full year of Trump's term.
"Average tax rates for all income groups remained lower in 2020, three years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, than they were in 2017 prior to the reform.

In 2020, taxpayers filed 157.5 million tax returns, reported earning nearly $12.5 trillion in adjusted gross income (AGI), and paid $1.7 trillion in individual income taxes.

The average income tax rate in 2020 was 13.6 percent. The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid a 25.99 percent average rate, more than eight times higher than the 3.1 percent average rate paid by the bottom half of taxpayers.

The top 1 percent’s income share rose from 20.1 percent in 2019 to 22.2 percent in 2020 and its share of federal income taxes paid rose from 38.8 percent to 42.3 percent.

The top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97.7 percent of all federal individual income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent paid the remaining 2.3 percent.

The 2020 figures include pandemic-related tax items such as the non-refundable part of the first two rounds of Recovery Rebates and the $10,200 unemployment compensation exclusion."

Fall Fest at UALC

Our church had a party to welcome autumn and invited the neighbors. We didn't go--it's difficult for us to stand for long periods of time, but it sounds like everyone had a good time on September 17. Here's Becki Bork's note:
"We give thanks and praise to God for a wonderful Fall Fest! The weather was perfect and the Mill Run property was filled with people both from the congregation and the surrounding community! Kids were bouncing on inflatables, running through a mountain of bubbles, making and flying kites, playing miniature golf; adults filled the pickleball courts and euchre tables in friendly competition; all ages were enjoying popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cones, and many took time to sit down for dinner from the food trucks, talking with friends and meeting new people. It was a beautiful time of being a welcoming Oasis. Praise God! "

Monday, September 18, 2023

Remember Joe's promises about the pandemic control

Reminder: The pandemic killed nearly 1 million Americans in 2020-2021 according to the CDC. "Tragically and remarkably, a majority of those deaths happened after we announced the authorization of COVID vaccines, which means that they were particularly concentrated in 2021." (Atlantic, March 2022)

During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden blamed the pandemic's spread on President Trump's poor leadership, and denied that the vaccine he was fast tracking could be worthwhile if Trump was behind it. He said he had a plan to stop the spread. After Biden was in office, more people died from the virus in his first 10 months after the vaccine (which had great compliance the first year) than in 2020 before the vaccine, plus he became a dictator about using it, demanding it for federal employees (the rest of us were stuck with our governors' decrees).
No one ever holds old Joe accountable for his lies or his promises or his business crimes or his sexual fantasies about children.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Who wrote the letter to the Ephesians

 Recently I heard a Bible discussion where the speaker remarked that "scholars believe Paul wasn't the author of Ephesians, that it was someone, a disciple perhaps, who worked closely with him."  She didn't suggest an alternative but just went on with the examination of author, audience, culture and context. Although it's not an unusual theory (it's even in the preface of my NRSV that way), I suspect "higher criticism."  I no longer keep any of those books on my shelves, but I still have my grandfather's Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed (1910), and since it's primarily an 18th and 19th century scholarly exercise, I decided to take a look.  Sure enough, there it was, however the author pretty much debunked it.  In a nutshell, higher criticism denies the supernatural nature of scripture, particularly the Old Testament, and develops theories for anything it can't understand. It's hard to believe that any of these "scholar" were believers. There were hints of this in the 17th century, but the Germans really ran with it in the 19th century, and pretty much split seminaries and denominations.  The article I found was very long, but here's the essence.  I underlined the most simple and easy to understand.  It's sort of like the theory that someone else wrote Shakespeare, but he sure was good at it.

"Objections to the genuineness of Ephesians have been urged since the early part of the 19th century. The influence of Schleiermacher, whose pupil Leonhard Usteri in his Entwickelung der paulinischen Lehrbegriffs (1824) expressed strong doubts as to Ephesians, carried weight. He held that Tychicus was the author. De Wette first (1826) doubted, then (1843) denied that the epistle was by Paul. The chief attack came, however, from Baur (1845) and his colleagues of the Tübingen school. Against the genuineness have appeared Ewald, Renan, Hausrath, Hilgenfeld, Ritschl, Pfleiderer, Weizsäcker, Holtzmann, von Soden, Schmiedel, von Dobschütz and many others. On the other hand, the epistle has been defended by Bleek, Neander, Reuss, B. Weiss, Meyer, Sabatier, Lightfoot, Hort, Sanday, Bacon, Jülicher, Harnack, Zahn and many others. In recent years a tendency has been apparent among critics to accept Ephesians as a genuine work of Paul. This has followed the somewhat stronger reaction in favour of Colossians.

Before speaking of the more fundamental grounds urged for the rejection of Ephesians, we may look at various points of detail which are of less significance.

(1) The style has unquestionably a slow and lumbering movement, in marked contrast with the quick effectiveness of Romans and Galatians. The sentences are much longer and less vivacious, as any one can see by a superficial examination. But nevertheless there are parts of the earlier epistles where the same tendency appears (e.g. Rom. iii. 23-26), and on the whole the style shows Paul’s familiar traits. (2) The vocabulary is said to be peculiar. But it can be shown to be no more so than that of Galatians (Zahn, Einleitung, i. pp. 365 ff.). On the other hand, some words characteristic of Paul’s use appear (notably διό, five times), and the most recent and careful investigation of Paul’s vocabulary (Nägeli, Wortschatz der paulinischen Briefe, 1905) concludes that the evidence speaks for Pauline authorship. (3) Certain phrases have aroused suspicion, for instance, “the devil” (vi. 11, instead of Paul’s usual term “Satan”); “his holy apostles and prophets” (iii. 5, as smacking of later fulsomeness); “I Paul” (iii. 1); “unto me, who am less than the least of all the saints” (iii. 8, as exaggerated). But these cases, when properly understood and calmly viewed, do not carry conviction against the epistle. (4) The relation of Ephesians to Colossians would be a serious difficulty only if Colossians were held to be not by Paul. Those who hold to the genuineness of Colossians find it easier to explain the resemblances as the product of the free working of the same mind, than as due to a deliberate imitator. Holtzmann’s elaborate and very ingenious theory (1872) that Colossians has been expanded, on the basis of a shorter letter of Paul, by the same later hand which had previously written the whole of Ephesians, has not met with favour from recent scholars.

But the more serious difficulties which to many minds still stand in the way of the acceptance of the epistle have come from the developed phase of Pauline theology which it shows, and from the general background and atmosphere of the underlying system of thought, in which the absence of the well-known earlier controversies is remarkable, while some things suggest the thought of John and a later age. Among the most important points in which the ideas and implications of Ephesians suggest an authorship and a period other than that of Paul are the following:

(a) The union of Gentiles and Jews in one body is already accomplished. (b) The Christology is more advanced, uses Alexandrian terms, and suggests the ideas of the Gospel of John. (c) The conception of the Church as the body of Christ is new. (d) There is said to be a general softening of Pauline thought in the direction of the Christianity of the 2nd century, while very many characteristic ideas of the earlier epistles are absent.

With regard to the changed state of affairs in the Church, it must be said that this can be a conclusive argument only to one who holds the view of the Tübingen scholars, that the Apostolic Age was all of a piece and was dominated solely by one controversy. The change in the situation is surely not greater than can be imagined within the lifetime of Paul. That the epistle implies as already existent a developed system of Gnostic thought such as only came into being in the 2nd century is not true, and such a date is excluded by the external evidence. As to the other points, the question is, whether the admittedly new phase of Paul’s theological thought is so different from his earlier system as to be incompatible with it. In answering this question different minds will differ. But it must remain possible that contact with new scenes and persons, and especially such controversial necessities as are exemplified in Colossians, stimulated Paul to work out more fully, under the influence of Alexandrian categories, lines of thought of which the germs and origins must be admitted to have been present in earlier epistles. It cannot be maintained that the ideas of Ephesians directly contradict either in formulation or in tendency the thought of the earlier epistles. Moreover, if Colossians be accepted as Pauline (and among other strong reasons the unquestionable genuineness of the epistle to Philemon renders it extremely difficult not to accept it), the chief matters of this more advanced Christian thought are fully legitimated for Paul.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the thought in Ephesians give some strong evidence confirmatory of the epistle’s own claim to be by Paul. (a) The writer of Eph. ii. 11-22 was a Jew, not less proud of his race than was the writer of Rom. ix.-xi. or of Phil. iii. 4 ff. (b) The centre in all the theology of the epistle is the idea of redemption. The use of Alexandrian categories is wholly governed by this interest. (c) The epistle shows the same panoramic, pictorial, dramatic conception of Christian truth which is everywhere characteristic of Paul. (d) The most fundamental elements in the system of thought do not differ from those of the earlier epistles.

The view which denies the Pauline authorship of Ephesians has to suppose the existence of a great literary artist and profound theologian, able to write an epistle worthy of Paul at his best, who, without betraying any recognizable motive, presented to the world in the name of Paul an imitation of Colossians, incredibly laborious and yet superior to the original in literary workmanship and power of thought, and bearing every appearance of earnest sincerity. It must further be supposed that the name and the very existence of this genius were totally forgotten in Christian circles fifty years after he wrote. The balance of evidence seems to lie on the side of the genuineness of the Epistle.

If Ephesians was written by Paul, it was during the period of his imprisonment, either at Caesarea or at Rome (iii. 1, iv. 1, vi. 20). At very nearly the same time he must have written Colossians and Philemon; all three were sent by Tychicus. There is no strong reason for holding that the three were written from Caesarea. For Rome speaks the greater probability of the metropolis as the place in which a fugitive slave would try to hide himself, the impression given in Colossians of possible opportunity for active mission work (Col. iv. 3, 4; cf. Acts xxviii. 30, 31), the fact that Philippians, which in a measure belongs to the same group, was pretty certainly written from Rome. As to the Christians addressed, they are evidently converts from heathenism (ii. 1, 11-13, 17 f., iii. 1, iv. 17); but they are not merely Gentile Christians at large, for Tychicus carries the letter to them, Paul has some knowledge of their special circumstances (i. 15), and they are explicitly distinguished from “all the saints” (iii. 18, vi. 18). We may most naturally think of them as the members of the churches of Asia. The letter is very likely referred to in Col. iv. 16, although this theory is not wholly free from difficulties."

Friday, September 15, 2023

Back Alley Abortions

Although I've known for 50 years that the number of "back alley abortions" was a lie multiplied many times over and created by pro-abortion feminists, I didn't know the actual figures. Came across it today in a Fact Sheet on the Dobbs V. Jackson case.

"Fears about thousands of women dying from back-alley abortions should abortion laws return to the states have been proven to be unfounded, as the claims that thousands of women were dying from illegal abortions at the time of Roe were made up for political purposes. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a chief advocate for legalizing abortion, said he and his fellow advocates invented the "nice, round shocking figure" of "5,000 to 10,000 deaths a year" from illegal abortions.2 While any death is a tragedy, the number of deaths from “back alley” abortions do not approach these numbers. In 1966, before the first state legalized abortion, 120 mothers died from abortion.3 In 1972, when abortion was still illegal in 80 percent of the country, the number dropped to 39 maternal deaths from abortion.4
https://www.usccb.org/resources/dobbs-fact-sheet.pdf (use this for checking numbered references)

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Short comings of the pharmaceutical industry

"Since the beginning of COVID-19, we can list the following methods of information manipulation which have been used: falsified clinical trials and inaccessible data; fake or conflict-of-interest studies; concealment of vaccines' short-term side effects and total lack of knowledge of the long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccination; doubtful composition of vaccines; inadequate testing methods; governments and international organizations under conflicts of interest; bribed physicians; the denigration of renowned scientists; the banning of all alternative effective treatments; unscientific and liberticidal social methods; government use of behavior modification and social engineering techniques to impose confinements, masks, and vaccine acceptance; scientific censorship by the media."  The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19 - PubMed (nih.gov)

The article is full text free. This is from the abstract. But even if you're crazy about Moderna or Pfizer, even if you've faithfully had all the boosters and you loved Dr. Fauci, you can't deny these statements. All have been reported even in the media I don't trust.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

What pay gap?

The pay gap, if you can call it that, is about a penny when all of life choices are considered. Men and women are different and have different goals. If a woman wants to shape eyebrows and not stand in the sun and be a mason wearing high top boots, then we shouldn't expect their pay to be the same. But there are women (and some men) who earn a living in the government and academe manipulating the statistics. I blogged about this in 2004 during the Bush administration, and even then there was no "gap" but there was gaslighting. When my children were young, I wasn't employed for 10 years. Why in the name of fairness should I have demanded the same pay as a man or woman who had been drawing a paycheck all those years? Their time and effort should count for something! And when I did go back to work, it was part time.

Monday, September 11, 2023

DeVos, Du Bois and Biden da boss

Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote about W.E.B. Du Bois, “One idea he insistently taught was that black people have been kept in oppression and deprivation by a poisonous fog of lies… " And so the Democrat party media continue the racist tradition with Wokeism. 

Remember when Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education under Trump, tried to honor W.E.B. Du Bois as an educator? His name appeared as DeBois in the text, and the media (beginning probably with Twitter) went crazy. Two people with a European De Du D in their surname indicating a connection to nobility or the land in the same sentence. The media were already calling her racist because she wanted parents to have a choice in schools, something I think Du Bois would have approved of. But oh horror! De instead of a Du!!! It's a horrible microaggression in the Trump administration. At least she didn't pronounce his name the French way (Bwa meaning wood) using the English Bois (like in Boise without the e). And I think her name Vos is pronounced Vahs, so I usually get that wrong. Not sure who I'm offending. The point being, the media had to go woke, if it was a Trump cabinet member. Put the worst possible slant on names not commonly found in American English. 

And shouldn't we all speak clearly like Joe Biden who said " Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black," to a black radio host during the 2020 campaign.

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Biden's Gestapo tactics, Enrique Tarrio

The Gestapo tactics of the Biden Administration are out of control: " [Enrique] Tarrio’s 22-year-long sentence is also significantly longer than if you light someone on fire in the name of Black Lives Matter, as Montez Lee did during a 2020 riot in Minneapolis. The Department of Justice’s sentencing guidelines call for someone who commits a crime like Lee’s to face 20 years in prison. But on the same day a judge sentenced Tarrio, the Department of Justice argued in a sentencing memorandum that, because BLM protesters “felt angry, frustrated, and disenfranchised,” the judge should reduce his sentence to 10 years, which is less than half the sentence length of Tarrio. The New York Times explained that federal prosecutors dismissed BLM charges by the thousands because “protesters were exercising their basic civil rights,” and in most cases that is probably true. But in demanding harsh sentences for nonviolent January 6 rioters and leniency for violent BLM rioters, Biden’s Justice Department is openly engaging in political prosecutions."

"Where federal prosecutors brought charges against 1,146 people connected to the January 6 riot, they only brought charges against 300 people connected to BLM riots across the country. Where at least 10,000 people were arrested in the summer of 2020, some for minor offenses but others for burglary, looting, or assault, in BLM riots, about 2,000 January 6 protesters entered the Capitol Building."
Histrionic Narcissism Behind Unequal Sentences For January 6 And Black Lives Matter Protesters (substack.com)

Biden has completely decimated our Bill of Rights. They aren't even finished arresting people yet for J-6. Yes, this is Whataboutism--that's what the Bill of Rights is about! What about the freedom of speech, what about the right to assemble, what about the right to be secure in their houses and effects and free from unreasonable seizures, what about the right to an impartial jury, what about the right to a speedy trial? Biden's violated them all. He's the insurrectionist (hiding behind his crooked Department of "just us." The irony is he's allowing millions of non-citizens to flood the borders who believe they'll have more rights here than their home country!

Friday, September 08, 2023

Do we need the federal Department of Education?

From time to time, I read that some conservatives want to dump the federal Department of Education because of the poor performance of our public schools. But before moving on that, one should take a look at the National Center for Education Statistics, an arm of that department. https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe? And "take a look" is the right phrase because it is a very confusing maze of tables, charts, graphs, essays, compilations, and mismatched years. The latest date of the report is 2023, which actually is for 2021, and various sections within the report contain the latest data for 2016.

I won't get into the weeds, but will note the report's priorities. The second item in the report after demographics (make up of families, race, enrollment) is crime. Not math or science or even attendance. The drop out rate is buried elsewhere--that's the one that uses 2016 data. Do we need drop out data that is 7 years old to hold schools accountable?

The crime rate is more up to date than drop out; it uses 2020-21 data, and the stats are a bit confusing because many students weren't on campus during the pandemic. That said, crime on school campuses had significantly dropped since 2000. So the definition changed by adding in cyber bullying and sexual assaults, moving the statistics back up. Also, school shootings statistics weren't too useful since it includes incidents AT school and AWAY from school. In the tiniest footnotes possible, I read that school shootings include all incidents that guns are brandished or fired on school property or a bullet hits school property for any reason, even if the number hit was zero. It can be any time of day or week or reason, even domestic violence or gangs. All the information on crime in schools in this federal report comes from a private database created by one private citizen, the K-12 School Shooting Database.
Also, the racialists are losing ground in this report. Hispanic (a term coined in 1980 by an HHS employee) enrollment is almost double that of Black in school enrollment, and yet because so many Hispanics are white by anyone's eyeball guess, the activists stirring up trouble about Jim Crow 2.0 will increasingly have to dig up micro-aggressions to vilify whiteness.

The report does include salary information: Annual base salary of full-time public school teachers (10 months) is $66,000--it's $69,000 in latest BLS statistics. Remember, that's base salary, for 10 months.

And one more thing. Abraham Lincoln had one year of public schooling yet became one of the most famous public speakers in the country, and then became the most famous, eloquent and successful president of all time.

Thursday, September 07, 2023

The Democrats' War on Trump

The new War on Terror is against President Trump, his lawyers, his donors, and all the voters who voted for him. The Republican leadership in Congress and the Republican candidates are ducking their responsibilities to demand accountability from the federal agencies and goons. If they think they can avoid what is happening to Trump supporters, they don't know Gestapo, NKVD, Stasi, Soviet and Chinese Communist Party history. There've been hundreds of books written about their methods and state trials, open a book!

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

My Top Gun friends

This is an AI generated explanation of a Top Gun pilot:

  "A Topgun pilot is a highly skilled fighter pilot who has completed the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, popularly known as Topgun1. The program was founded in 1968 to better train U.S. pilots in advanced dogfight tactics and to improve their combat performance2. Topgun pilots are often hired by the Dutch & American Defense for special training operations3. They are considered to be among the best in their field and are known for their flexibility, ambition, and hands-on mentality3

Steve Browning and Dwight King, friends from Lakeside, were in the Air Force, and both were Top Gun pilots.  Both are strong Christians and recently shared their stories at the evening Praise service at the Pavilion.  Steve lives in Pennsylvania and Dwight lives in Australia, or at least he did until the Pandemic caused him to extend his U.S. vacation. Both families own homes in Lakeside.

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Whew! Back in business

Blogger (owned by Google) locked me out! I'm back and ready for business! Here's my Monday, September 4 blog, saved in word processing.

Morning Hymn, September 4, Magnificat, p. 55

Glory to you who safe have kept

And have refreshed me while I slept;

Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake,

I may of endless light partake.

Lord, I renew my vows to you;

Scatter my foes as morning dew;

Guard my first springs of thought and will,

And with yourself my spirit fill.

Thomas Ken (1637-1711), the author, wrote 4 vols. of poetry, many of which have become hymns, especially the one we know as "Doxology." He liked that verse so much I found it in at least 4 of his poems! He seemed to like writing about God's care at night, and again the blessings of God in the morning. He was an Anglican bishop who wasn't afraid to challenge either church or king and got in a lot of trouble for being so outspoken, even spent some time in the tower.

 I always read a hymn in the morning and thought of my friend Sonja immediately when I saw today's selection. She was having an anxiety attack about an upcoming medical procedure.

"scatter my foes as morning dew" Let's hope Sonja's foes (worries and anxieties) just disappear with the dew this morning.



Saturday, September 02, 2023

We were right; where were you?


Biden aliases

 I don't know why a vice president would need three aliases unless he were doing something illegal. 5,400 of e-mails using 3 fake names are in the archives, and I'm guessing NARA won't do anything about it even though they attempted to bring down President Trump for legally having classified documents in his possession.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Black women, white masters

In my lifetime, Joe Biden has been the biggest racist in politics, including what he's said publicly and privately, including his policies, and his politics. And now also his crimes, which are being revealed every day. The latest being 3 e-mail accounts using a fake name. So, it's imperative that all his cronies in the media and swamp creatures in the government demean and destroy President Trump, the president that cleared the way for Blacks to make their greatest progress in my lifetime. Ironic in an evil way that black female judges, failed candidates and prosecutors are submitting and doing the bidding of their white masters in Biden's party.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

The whole bucket of woke

To paraphrase podcaster Jason Whitlock (who was cheering on black men* who were commenting on the mug shot in solidarity because dual justice standards is something they know): "It's not about Trump." For me, it's also not Trump; it's the whole bucket of woke the Democrats are throwing at us. It's CRT, Covid, the lockdown, the privileged students' loans, climate hysteria, loss of our borders, mutilation of children who've been brainwashed about gender, imported drugs from Mexico via China, corruption in the acronym agencies (FBI, CIA, FDA, CDC), silenced churches, ridicule of patriotism, and men in women's spaces, sports, and make-up, dual standards from media reporting on Trump with screams and protecting Biden with silence. It's all of it. As Jason says, "Trump is an Avatar." (embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life)

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Who is the president of the United States?

 Narcissist, Criminal, Demented. That's who.

Who else could "empathize" with thousands who've lost homes and family members by talking about a kitchen fire in his home, but they saved his car and cat? Who else can have a stream of money from foreign countries--China, Ukraine) funneled to family members, yet never had anything but a government salary? Who else can grab little girls and women on camera and not even understand how the media cover for him? Who else can be a flagrant socialist/fascist and opine about democracy with a straight face?

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Once to every man and nation, a great hymn

 I usually have a hymn in my morning devotions, and today it was "Once to every man and nation." I looked through my various hymn resources and couldn't find it, although I was almost marching and humming from the kitchen to the library. I knew it; why couldn't I find it?

That's not the title.  Actually, it's from a poem called "The Present Crisis," written by a very famous 19th century poet, James Russell Lowell, in protest of the Mexican War and slavery, published in 1845. Lowell was an ardent abolitionist.

For me, this hymn from "The Present Crisis" is the current crisis of life vs. death--abortion. Yes, the word slave appears a few times in the poem, but it could be slave to materialism, an ideology or "reproductive freedom."   Death is in every platform and policy of the Democrats, and although Republicans don't write it into their mission statement, many do support abortion. Imagine, a country hoping to succeed in economics, education, technology, safety and health, and virtue by destroying the weak and helpless? It should be our anthem, as it was for abolitionists in the 19th century, and for Martin Luther King, Jr. for civil rights in the 20th century. It speaks of man and nation, truth and falsehood, darkness and light. The hymn begins with the 5th stanza of the poem, so there is much more. East to west, hut and palace, right and wrong, conscious and unconscious, gain or loss, "Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne," and "on the morrow crouches Judas with the silver in his hands." Listen closely.

Also wrote about this in 2020 Collecting My Thoughts: Once to every man and nation when I had a Methodist hymnal on hand.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad


Cleaning the gutters

We've had some really bad storms this summer--like the one that cost us over $1700 by blowing out the garage door openers and our phones. And the ones clogging up the gutters. Today there are some good ol' boys here to fix my clogged gutters. It's possible that a confederate flag on a cap isn't politically correct these days, but better than the hammer/sickle logo worn on the hearts of Fani Willis and Jack Smith who are interfering with the 2024 election at the direction of the Biden Administration and the Democrat party. I never thought I'd see 1930s Soviet style courts in the USA.

Our most famous election deniers are Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacy Abrams, all Southerners. Maybe they are still fighting the Civil War?

"As the Left continues its relentless persecution and prosecution of former President Donald Trump, a pattern has developed. The Democrats have elected black women as the leaders of the Trump witch hunt, and Jason believes it's for a reason. Not only is it a reflection of America’s further descent into a matriarchal culture, but charging black women specifically with the task of taking down Donald, in the eyes of liberals, makes them beyond reproach. “This is a part of the scam that the black women are playing and perhaps voluntarily. Do they realize that they're being used to inoculate these charges against Trump? This is a joke, because if you put black women as the face of it, if you question the legitimacy of them, you can be accused of racism.” Royce White joins “Fearless” to dive into the latest Trump charges and the role that Letitia James, Fani Willis, and Tanya Chutkan are playing as shills for the Democratic Party and the Biden administration." Jason Whitlock podcast, Aug. 18

Hypocrites: A List of Democrats Who Denied The 2000, 2004, and 2016 Presidential Election Results - The Political Insider

House Republicans open probe into Fani Willis ahead of Trump surrender (axios.com)

Fairywren on my table

The calendar bird on my kitchen table today is a Splendid Fairywren. https://animalia.bio/aplendid-fairywren Isn't that a splendid name? We see tiny birds I've been calling wrens (but probably aren't) when we eat dinner on our deck, but they don't look like this although pretty. If we were lunching in Australia, we might see them. Males and females of most species are dimorphic (2 forms), and usually the males are the showiest to attract the females. The girly birds are attracted to the best and biggest show-offs so they can have great babies and continue the breed/ race/ species.

Whether you are a creationist like me, or an evolutionist like most are taught in schools, you know males and females in all human cultures are different so that the race can continue. Until recently, that is. Only the leftist ideologs of the late 20th, and early 21st centuries don't want the human race to continue. Yes, they hate Christians and conservatives, but apparently, they also hate themselves.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Pants for fall, Talbots catalog

The September Talbots catalog just dropped through the door slot. How many ways can it name the slacks/pants? Over 30. Almost all have spandex. I did this for the Spring catalog, but only recorded 17--perhaps I collapsed a few.  And no, I don't know the difference between high waist and above waist.  I think it's safe to go to a resale shop and pick out anything.  Looks like anything goes.

1) above waist, wide leg (Greenwich)
2) high waist, straight leg
3) above waist, flare leg
4) above waist, wide-leg crop
5) at waist, ankle length, relaxed
6) above waist, boot leg, ankle length
7) above waist, straight leg, full length
8) above waist, demi boot, crop leg
9) above waist, wide leg, full length (Weston)
10) at waist, skinny leg, ankle length
11) at waist, straight leg, ankle length, front zip (Hampshire)
12) above waist, flare leg, ankle length
13) at waist, slim leg, ankle length (Chatham)
13) balance legging
14) Modal cropped pants
15) balance joggers
16) pajama pants
17) at waist, full length, flared (Portland Trouser)
18) at waist, skinny leg, ankle length (Portland Pants)
19) at waist, flare, full length
20) at waist, tapered leg, ankle pants, lined (suit)
21) above waist, skinny leg, ankle length, jeggings
22) same as 21, but with slimming panel
23) at waist, slim length, slim ankle, slimming panel (5 pocket jeans)
24) below waist, relaxed leg, ankle length (Chino)
25) above waist, boot leg, full length, slimming panel
26) above waist, straight leg, full length (jeans)
27) above waist, straight leg, ankle length (chino)
28) out and about stretch wide leg [no information on waist or length, but photo is over the shoe]
29) everyday stretch leggings [waist & length not described,
30) out and about stretch jogger
31) sporty leggings with attitude
32) everyday, stretch, straight leg pants

A new dictionary to help you understand social justice jargon

If you need a dictionary to keep up with all the language changes and inventions of the (mostly) leftist social justice warriors, try https://newdiscourses.com/translations-from-the-wokish/ James Lindsay who also has a podcast provides citations and quotes from the original sources, which is also what any good dictionary does. For instance, a "birthing person" is a mother who does not see herself as a woman, but on an ideological plane its use is to weaken the core pillar of the family and religion (I've condensed about 3 paragraphs). Not all terms are linked, I suppose because he's still working on it and knows the word being used.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Biology made easy and understandable

Are you confused or angry about the transgendered lies about women and men? Here's a great video by someone I trust (a fired university professor) Heather Heying on the After Skool website. She's an evolutionary biologist, and will tell you all you need to know about humans, animals, the birds and the bees, nature and nurture, averages and exceptions.  Plus in the style of education videos, there are some great illustrations.  She reads from the book she co-authored with her husband, The hunter gatherer's guide to the 21st century, 

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Bird on my table

We have a bird calendar on the kitchen table, and today's is really spectacular https://dibird.com/species/turquoise-jay/, a Turquoise Jay. It's very common in Colombia. I listened to its call, and it is no prettier than our common Blue Jay.

I am a creationist, but I love biology. These days you have to choose your sources carefully--science journals have become woke and are slaves to DEI, climate change, CRT, ecofeminism, transagenda, etc.

By now--update on the boosters

In the last two days I've heard of several folks who have Covid, one is in the hospital, but no one I know personally. I'm told the cases are increasing, the hospitals are crowded, and I suspect we'll soon be getting scare warnings, and pressure to do all the things that didn't protect us in 2021-22. 
By now, what the MSM/CDC/WHO and Big Pharma don't mention is that virtually the only people getting it or dying from it have been vaccinated/boosted, some 3-4 times. Quite a change from what we were told in 2020 while waiting for the first one.

By now, we also know that myocarditis in young adults who've had the vax is NOT rare, although that's what we're being told by the same people who told us the vaccine would stop the spread. But even if it were rare, a scar on the heart is not a good thing for a young person's future.

By now, we know there was no reason to be vaccinating children and babies. It's just far too rare in that demographic. 
By now we know this was a violation of the Nuremberg Code, principals established after WWII to prevent experimenting on people without their permission or knowledge of the results. mRNA injections for this disease are still FDA approved for emergency use. Millions were given no choice about taking it even though long term (like years) results couldn't be known.

By now we've seen the profits and know this has been a fabulous income stream for the large pharmaceutical companies, especially as the disease evolves and new boosters must be created (and recommended/mandated).

By now many of the "conspiracy theories" have been proven to be common sense based on years of research and knowledge of previous public health and pandemic measures.

By now the premier medical journals have been shown to be useful for lining your bird cage, but not much else.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Things have changed since 2020

Have you ever thought about how many things we love about America that the Democrats, mostly since November 2020, have made illegal, dangerous or terroristic with the advent of Covid? You don't need a tin foil hat you just need to look at the data or count your fingers and toes, ears, eyes and nose.
common sense
saying men are not women
peer reviewed medical articles
objecting to an election result
safe and FDA approved drugs
praying in public
speaking at school board meetings
leaving your home to walk in the fresh air
U.S. president phoning a president of another free country
using a pronoun
protecting children from pornography at a public library
attending the Latin mass
believing countries need borders
After the 2020 election "human rights/democracy groups" stopped complaining about pandemic restrictions in the U.S. Apparently misinformation, disinformation and gas-lighting just disappeared. And a vaccine replaced treatment. Want to add something?

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Predicting the outcomes of the pandemic lockdowns

 This blog by a woman named Pam was published 6 years ago, well before the pandemic lockdown, but it shows what was going to happened multiplied 1000 times over. How Not To Let Yourself Go (Especially If You're Over 40) - Go Retro!

But then I was laid off in August last year and guess what? I did kind of start to let myself go, at least on some days. And let me tell you, it can be a dangerous slippery slope.

Getting up later then usual and lounging in my PJs on my laptop until 10:30 AM on most mornings became the norm.

I went quite a few days without wearing makeup, especially if I wasn't planning on leaving the house that day (who was going to see me? Before you answer "the UPS man" I can assure you we don't order much online and there really have not been many through the years that I would consider attractive.)

I normally wash my hair every other day, but sometimes I let that go an extra day because I was simply too lazy to deal with detangling and drying it. I took to throwing on an old rag of a top and jeans. With no employer to go to and nowhere I needed to be, there seemed no point in making myself look presentable.

Worst of all, I slacked off with my exercising routine...and ended up gaining 12 pounds.

And the saddest part is, I had no real excuse for it. I'm not a mom and I'm not holding down a job outside of the house. I'm also not depressed, so I have no explanation for it other than sheer laziness.
Read more--she comes around and makes suggestions for getting back on track.

Birthday solicitations

Facebook aka Meta notified me: "People have raised $6 billion USD on Facebook and Instagram for causes they care about. Create a fundraiser and we'll take care of the donation processing with no fees. "

Me: No thank you. Zuckerberg donated BIG money in strategic counties to elect Joe Biden. Meta has flagged my posts just because I mentioned a safe and FDA approved drug. Let him use his own Zuck Bucks. I'm giving my money to Christian aid and conservative organizations.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Wildfires on Maui

The Maui fires may turn out to be our worst national disaster, but NYT*, WaPo and other leftist green organizations will blame global warming/climate change/unnamed "they" rather than the ineptitude of the electric company and bad management of the land areas ripe for disaster. This is how Democrats handle disasters, natural and political. Their administrations never have dirty hands (remember George Floyd?), but can build computer models for what could possibly happen in 1000 years and slap another tax on you while bureaucrats get rich .

*I have seen a NYT article that does provide some facts on the poor choices of Hawaiin Electric.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Biden Crime Family Timeline and Corruption cheat sheet



The Biden crime family’s multimillion-dollar bribery and money-laundering operation has more moving parts than an 80-year-old grandfather clock. See story by Deroy Murdock. Timeline of Ukrainian Pay-to-Play Scheme Confirms Bidens' Corruption (dailysignal.com)

Thomas Sowell on Socialism

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”
― Thomas Sowell, The Thomas Sowell Reader

True, but the universities are filled with "intellectuals" who have been passing these lies on since the 70s-80s. Their graduates have been stocking the board rooms of corporations and non-profits, getting elected to congress, appointed to judgeships and filling the pulpits. All without counting the costs to the poor and minorities whom they claim to champion. We saw the first real progress in 50 years for blacks under President Trump; it terrified both Democrat and Republican good ol' boys who'd been so comfortable letting things slide into socialism. They did what they know and used the tried and true methods of socialism and fascism to destroy him.

Naomi Wolf discovers Donald Trump in person--what a wake up


I wish all liberals / progressives / Democrats could read this. She's got a few things a little off, but mostly she remembers her own errors in believing media lies and how she and others have misjudged Trump. And because she is a Jew, she gives a new slant on Trump's programs and behavior. As a real journalist, she has done her homework like Jason Whitlock, Matt Taibbi, Elon Musk, Dave Rubin and a few others.

UALC harvesting for souls

 I don't garden, can't even keep a houseplant alive. But I'm so impressed with the gardeners at our church, UALC. The healthy, fresh produce is donated, plus the workers who come from many cultures get to enjoy too.


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Why are millennials dying at a higher rate than usual?

Among working people 35 to 44 years old, a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too. White collar more than blue collar and the trend is world wide. It's not Covid--that age group was not at high risk.

COVID doesn't explain why Gen Z, millennials are dying. What does? (usatoday.com)

https://youtu.be/OD0na_NZaLM  2022 data, life insurance Dr. John Campbell

A gruesome anniversary

The Taliban took control in Afghanistan two years ago due to Biden's disgraceful, evil surrender and abandonment of our allies and troops. No one has resigned; no one's gone to jail.  Bush freed the women, and Biden put them back in bondage.  And yet Democrats remain loyally blind and deaf ignoring his parting gift to the Taliban of more than $7 billion worth of weapons and equipment. This old man is no different than the young man in 1975 who ran out on our South Vietnamese allies, saying then U.S. had "no obligation, moral or otherwise, to evacuate foreign nationals." But he finds it necessary to accept millions of foreign nationals from over 160 countries at our border.

Biden with the aid of billionaires, crooked elected officials and appointed judges is trying to destroy our system of elections by putting his opponent in jail for questioning the flawed election of 2020. Donald Trump received 12 million more votes for his second term, something that doesn't happen, and swing states and counties going Dem that had always been Republican. Obama received 6 million fewer in his 2nd term. We're to believe Biden is more popular than Obama? Something doesn't smell right.
Democrats so manipulated the voting system by using Covid mandates, something they'd hoped to do for many years. A DA in Georgia is claiming a conspiracy because of a Trump tweet or asking for a phone number. Why do Democrats believe they can't get elected unless they become fascists and terrorists?

Using the KKK terrorist tactics of the 19th century (also from the Democrat party), Biden's handlers are even charging anyone associated with Trump in order to insure he can't possibly have good lawyers and loyal supporters.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Watching reruns of Antiques Roadshow

 I've seen so many reruns, I'm seeing words. . . in Roadshow . . sort of like scrabble. If I used plurals, I'd have more words.

Ad / As / Do / Ha / Ash / DOA / Doh / DOS / Dow / Had / How / Oar / Raw / Rod / Row / Sad / Saw / Sod / Sow / War / Was / Who /

Dash / Door / Down / Hash / Rash / Road / Rode / Sash / Shad / Shaw / Shod / Shoo / Show / Soar / Ward / Wash / Word / 

It costs less to thrive today

I've often been suspicious of the memes that claim no one can afford the middleclass lifestyle enjoyed in the 50s-60s when many families had only one earner--the dad. I'd scratch my head and thought about the average home size in the 1950s--1,000 sq. ft. and the average cost of a 2-3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, about $10-11,000 ($140,000 today). And the gardens that produced for Mom's canning after all the work she put in to get it to that stage; and the clothes lines that dried the clothes from our labor intensive wringer washer; and our party line telephone we used for taking Dad's orders from his customers; and all the painting, wallpapering, plumbing and carpentry my Mom did. I thought about the higher tax rates, both federal and local, as people were rebuilding their lives after WWII and the Korean War. Did anyone have health insurance? We didn't (except polio insurance, fortunately since my sister Carol got it and the family, not the nation was quarantined). We all had 2 vaccinations--small pox and later polio by 1955. And we only went to the dentist when the tooth hurt, and only to the doctor if bleeding or vomiting. Vacations? Never knew anyone who took one. Credit cards hadn't been invented yet. One car for our family of six. But we never went without--we all went to church camp; we all had music lessons; we visited our grandparents every weekend. Our parents stayed married despite all these "hardships" of only one phone and no TV and they didn't take out college loans for us.
What's unique about this article is it shows that the middle class really is thriving, but it's all how you look at the statistics about square footage, consumer goods, taxes, and abundance. This author compares the cost to 1985 instead of 1955, but the message works for 70 years as well as 40. Nice that you don't have to be a victim, which seems to be the big message these days.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Tucker Carlson on Twitter: interview with Steven Sund, Capitol Police Chief

 Tucker interviews the Capitol Chief of Police again; he doesn't own the tape that Fox made and hasn't shown.

  Tucker Carlson on Twitter: "Ep. 15 Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reveals what really happened on January 6th. Our Fox News interview with him never aired, so we invited him back. https://t.co/opDlu4QGlp" / X

This is very disturbing.  Unfortunately, the segment of the population that slavishly watched the J-6 trial, will never see this.  MSM won't show it, and although it's available, they'll never watch it.  Their minds have been fried by propaganda and lies.

Meanwhile, in Morocco

In Africa a Moroccan man was jailed for five years for criticizing King Mohammed VI in Facebook posts. The USA has them beat. The Democrats in power want the former president to go to jail for life for using constitutionally protected political speech in questioning the results and voting irregularities in the 2020 election. Even though women and men in that party have questioned results of other elections for 2 decades. Also in the USA, people have lost their jobs for questioning a government agency's opinion, not verified or proven in peer reviewed articles, on methods to treat a pandemic with inexpensive drugs already available. They don't work for or report to that agency--they just questioned it on social media. And BAM! The power of that agency's ties to the companies making billions with the jab got them fired and deplatformed. They lost their basic, constitutionally protected right to free speech, and their right to earn a living. They are being held up as examples of what happens to those who question the government. It's a form of terrorism. Also, just last week in the USA a man in Utah was executed by federal police for posting offensive memes on Facebook about the President who is involved in the witch hunt against the former president they want to jail. So don't you be criticizing those Africans.

Wednesday, August 09, 2023


We Christians need to be humble. Not "more humble," but humble. Jesus told them that when his disciples asked about which could be the hot shot in his kingdom. He put in their midst a person who was powerless and "simple." Not a government official or a scholar.  A child. The special vote in Ohio on August 8 is a reminder. Christians lost this one. Not Republicans, but Christians. And it's out there for all to see.  We keep looking for the world's approval.

We've done a really poor job on life issues like the right to life, but euthanasia for the sick and elderly is knocking at the door.  You can't wait for Roe v. Wade to collapse after 50 years before you get your local house in order. That sticky problem with the ease our state constitution gets changed has been a problem long before 2023, and both parties use it to their advantage (in 2011 it was a health insurance amendment). The percent of Christians who accept full legality of abortion even at full term is too high.  Twenty-four percent of white, evangelical Christians say abortion should be legal in all or most cases; 60% of white Protestants believe that; 66% of black Protestants. Catholics at least have a church teaching on abortion, which few Protestants do, and yet that is a whopping fifty six percent believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases.   See the Pew report Views about abortion among Christians - Religion in America: U.S. Religious Data, Demographics and Statistics | Pew Research Center  (although its definition may be a bit loose--that is explained in the report). Also see Public Opinion on Abortion | Pew Research Center

Christians are losing out to the world--the golden sex calf. One hundred years ago, Christians beginning with the Anglicans began to accept contraception because the world was doing it; then it was the hormone pill in the 60's and living together without marriage--movie stars and Phil Donahue recommended it; then it was abortion in the 70s and 80s; then same sex marriage, and now the transagenda movement with mutilation and cross sex hormones for children. We're moving quickly to socially accept pedophilia (renamed of course). 

Tuesday, August 08, 2023


"Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday, I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. But by sitting still, and the more one sits still, the closer one comes to feeling ill. Thus if one just keeps on walking, everything will be all right." ~Søren Kierkegaard

Skin health and resistance training

"The beneficial effects of physical activity on human health are well-known. Making time for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week can reduce our risk of heart disease and stroke. Regular movement helps to counteract diabetes and metabolic syndrome risk, encourages stronger bones and can positively affect our mental health. But what about skin health?" Would you believe resistance training? https://www.technologynetworks.com/cell-science/news/resistance-training-promote-helps-to-rejuvenate-aging-skin-377368