Sunday, January 31, 2021

The candy bombers; the untold story of the Berlin airlift and America's finest hour

Our book club (on Zoom these days) will be discussing "The Candy Bombers" by Andrei Cherny this Monday. It's an absorbing book, and the author is a beautiful, graceful writer and consummate researcher.  At first I thought I'd found someone who knew the similarities between Fascism and Communism--the flip sides of the same pancake, but after reading his bio (he's a Democrat and progressive with time in the Obama administration) he seems to be unaware of the dangerous path we're going down. Perhaps because this was published 12 years ago.  He's the son of Czech immigrants. 

It's frustrating that today's totalitarian Democrats keep referring to President Trump as a fascist, but perhaps they are just the CNN muddle brained social media arm chair historians, since Trump fits none of the check marks for a fascist.  Our newest president who seems to be a stand-in for Barack Obama's third term is locked arm in arm with Big Tech--a much better fit the classic definition.

That said, I do remember the airlift that saved Berlin, and America's finest hour, as the subtitle claims. That's how we learned it in school. We were the good guys.   I even remember some of the post WWII review Cherny provides and a few of the names who figure in this story, like Lucien Clay and James Forrestal.  But I can't imagine how I remember.  I was only 6 when the war ended, I didn't go to movies that much in the late 1940s that I would have seen news reels, and my family didn't have a TV.  Perhaps we did read about it in American history classes as seniors, about a decade later. In any case, reading about what happened between the closing of the war and the beginning of the airlift in this book can certainly leave a bad taste in the mouth.  Americans, and the other victors, were certainly not behaving in "the finest hour" image I learned in school. Germans were starving and dying of malnutrition while the victors were doing little about it, fulfilling Roosevelt's idea that they needed to be punished more severely than what happened after WWI in order to "learn a lesson."

Harry Truman has always been one of my favorite presidents, perhaps because he's the first one I remember.  On p. 183 the author describes March 1948 after the Communists seized control in Prague.  Truman was in the Florida Keys, and of course, the press was being critical for his being on vacation.  Cherny notes a letter he wrote to his daughter, Margaret (another president who confided in his daughter), that "the situation was just like when Britain and France were faced with in 1938-9 with Hitler.  A totalitarian state is no different whether you call it Nazi, Fascist, Communist or Franco Spain."

He wrote:  "A decision will have to be made.  I am going to make it.  I am sorry to have bored you with tis.  But you've studied foreign affairs to some extent and I just wanted you to know your Dad as President asked for no territory, no reparations, no slave laborers--only peace in the world.  We may have to fight for it.  The oligarchy in Russia is no different from the Czars, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Charles I and Cromwell.  It is a Frankenstein dictatorship worse than any of the others. Hitler included. "

And that's what we're slipping into with the Biden administration. A sycophant media. Hold overs from the Obama administration who've been strategizing for 4 years to take us back to being government dependents. An oligarchy composed of powerful Big Tech companies who are closing down all expressions of conservative thought while the political parties seem helpless to control them. 

Also, the inside negotiations and personality conflicts between many key players and the military and the politicians in DC which Cherny masterfully portrays are disturbing to read.  I suppose that is common to every government with the petty disagreements, party loyalties, and idiosyncratic behaviors. I just haven't read that much and found it difficult.

There were 3 conventions that summer of 1948--the third was the "progressive" (Democrats) with Henry Wallace, who had been Roosevelt's v.p. in his 3rd term, but was pushed aside (thankfully) by conservatives in the Democrat party.  I loved the description of the Progressives in 1948--nothing has changed:

 "The delegates were young--the average age was 30 and many were in their teens. 3/4 of the delegates were new to politics (McGovern was 26). 2 out of 5 were labor union members . . . the mood was merry. Each day began with a sing-along of folk music. (Pete Seeger). . . at any moment during the proceedings, there would be numerous huddles on the convention floor forming around young men and women who had spontaneously begun strumming a guitar. . . The party platform called for an increase in the minimum wage, a strong action against racial discrimination, national health insurance, a Dept. of Peace, higher levels of farm supports, guaranteed pensions for older Americans. . ." p. 315

The U.S was already having problems with the Communist threat inside, and Wallace didn't have the slightest complaint about Soviet Communism, but found fault with the American government 's attempt to move against domestic communists. Any delegate at the progressive convention who wanted to slip a word into the platform that might be anti-Soviet, was shut down.

Yes, it does all sound very familiar.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

After Biden takes their jobs. . .

Written by a Keystone Pipeliner: (copied from Facebook)

Today is a heavy day. Its hard to believe something I love so much can be taken away by people that have no idea exactly how I make my living. They have no idea the pain and misery and sacrifice that comes with this job.

This job kept me from being a shit bag like alot of the lower class kids I grew up with. This job kept me off drugs and out of jail. This job moved me out of the slums. This job gave me a below average simple man that started with nothing but bad credit and a shitbox truck the ability to rise above alot of my peers. I didn't have to get a goverment loan that I can't pay back for an education I'll never use.

All I had to do is put in my time and give it my best. I worked hard to get where im at. Nothing is free or given on the ROW. You earn it. Every damn bit of it. You work 7-12s no matter the weather. You miss holidays, birthdays, ballgames and all the other things 9 to 5ers enjoy.

Yes the money's good. It's not about the money. It's the feeling you get when you and your buds are ringing wet covered in mud after a 16 hr shift doing a tie in.

It's knowing you belong to something so much bigger than yourself.

Mr President how dare you take that away from me. You a man that has done nothing but live of my tax dollars. How dare you sale all of us out. How dare you shut down whole communities and make us dependent on foriegn oil again.

How dare you take food from our familys mouths.

How dare you sir.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Joe Biden says . . .

Joe Biden says America hasn't lived up to her promises. If he were talking about "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness," I'd agree with him. He's all for snuffing out lives full of potential before they get a chance to be born, and some after they are born. If he were talking about the percent of black babies who are aborted (more blacks aborted in 4 days than 80 years of lynching) I'd say yes. If he were talking about the miserable showing the "woke" graduates of our colleges and universities infecting the businesses that hire them, I could agree.

But he's not.

If he were talking about the failed politicians returning to positions of power and wealth for over 40 years, politicians like himself, I'd be cheering him on.

But he's not.

He's talking about blaming Trump and the 75,000,000 million Americans Biden's now trying to "cancel" so they can't get jobs in government, industry, academe, entertainment, or any other respectable activity. So if you believe America is great, the way Donald Trump did, with all kinds of possibilities and gifts for the world, if you think America First is a great slogan, the way millions did, get ready for your deprogramming.

Get ready for lectures and workshops and sermons on "anti-racism."

Get ready for self-hate and despising Western Civilization.

Get ready for the truly fascist system the Democrats are putting in place as government and big industry (Big Tech, oligarchies) work together to strip you of your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion while destroying your wealth.

When is Maxine's trial and conviction?

  • Maxine Waters called for impeachment because of the electoral college vote in 2016. 
  • She denied that Donald Trump was the rightful President of the U.S.A. 
  • She said at a public event that she wanted "to take Trump out" and the audience cheered. 
  • She called for attacking Republican cabinet members. FOR FOUR YEARS. Where are the charges against her?

Bye-bye Wuhan Virus

The Biden speech police have declared you can't speak of the Chinese Virus or the Wuhan Virus. There goes the Hong Kong flu (1968) and the Asian flu (1957). Also, if you read any article about the Swine Flu of 2009, it always includes the word Mexico where it apparently originated. But I suppose because Obama was being called the "deporter in chief" (untrue: Clinton deported 12,290,905 and Obama 5,281,115 during their 8 year terms) by some immigrant organizations, it wouldn't catch on if it were called "Mexican flu." Maybe on a slow day of rewriting history, some interns could go through all those government documents that included the word Mexico. The pork producers probably would have preferred a country of origin, because a lot of pigs lost their lives (early) due to political correctness.

Impeach Johnson

Why not impeach LBJ? Look at all the bad stuff he did, and all the horrible, racist, nasty things he said. The young men he sent to Vietnam. The religious freedom he crushed leading to decades of law suits. The government programs he launched with the so-called War on Poverty that we not only lost, but have spent trillions of dollars lining the pockets of middle class bureaucrats.

Yes, he's no longer president, and yes, he's dead, but for vindictive, partisan, nasty politicians who can't read the Constitution, that should make no difference. They want to make sure he doesn't run again.

Anti-racism isn't what you think

 The so-called "anti-racism" movement doesn't mean what you think. It means you are a racist and you need to change. It's today's critical race theory, and that's not what you might have learned about critical theory if you were in college a few decades ago. But woke leaders get led astray by non-profits looking for grants and wealthy leaders of organizations pushing to divide our country. Saw this in the OSU news today:

"Chancellor and CEO Hal Paz, MD, shares the significance of the anti-racism movement within our health system and defines the difference between anti-racism vs. not racist. Developed by the ARAP Faculty and Staff Training and Development Action Group, Minute Matters is a monthly series of short videos highlighting an important topic or key term pertinent to the anti-racism movement."

At its root, it is anti-white, anti-America, anti-capitalism and anti-western civilization. You will never not be a racist. The micro charges will just get smaller and smaller and include some really big values.
Are you ready to give up on ‘objective, rational, linear thinking, “ “controlled emotions,” “the scientific method,” and “quantitative research” all defining characteristics of being a racist.

How about such values as “individual responsibility,” or “working hard for success,” or “plan for the future,” or “delayed gratification." You must be a racist.

Do you value “continual improvement and progress,” or "written tradition,” or "personal property ownership?” Oh my, you are such a racist.

Or maybe you think the “nuclear family is the best social unit” for raising the next generation, and God forbid, you believe in Jesus Christ (or any god). You just may be hopelessly mired in White Culture and will require deprogramming. If you voted for Trump, you could lose your job.

I haven't read Dr. Paz's message, and don't want to. He probably needs to save his job from a twitter mob. But if you really are curious about anti-racism, read this one. And if you are an OSU alumni, close your wallet and demand some accountability.  

What anti-racism really means and how to talk about it - The Spectator - news, politics, life & arts

Monday, January 25, 2021

Democrats are the real crazies

The black clad rioters on inauguration day 2017 didn't bother the Democrats. Barely got news coverage. Over 200 were arrested.

Hillary Clinton complained for 4 years that the 2016 election was stolen. She appeared on friendly left night time TV whining and moaning and rolling her eyes that she got more popular votes than the President (which no one denied, but it's not our system).

Nancy Pelosi threatened all sorts of mischief and called the President despicable names because of the 2016 election and then settled on a 3 year, multi million impeachment trial.

Maxine Waters called for impeachment because of the electoral college vote in 2016.

Democrats were colluding in 2016-2017 to buy off electors to get them to change their votes.
Women who usually have their wits about them dressed up in pink hats and lady parts and made fools of themselves during the inauguration of 2017.

Mitt Romney tried to buy his way into the cabinet and was rebuffed so he turned on the President.

People in MAGA hats were attacked in pubic places for 4 years.

Jussie Smollet, a prominent gay TV star staged an assault supposedly by "Trump supporters," two Nigerians he'd bought and paid.  

So-called cable news reporters for 4 years maligned Trump supporters and the President.

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the U.S., was raising bail money for Antifa and BLM rioters who were destroying neighborhoods and federal and state property.

And now they are saying we're all in a crazy cult and need to be deprogrammed and the First Amendment ignored because many state election laws were violated due to the pandemic and people returning from the grave to vote! So who are the crazies? The ones reenacting the novel 1984 or the ones who accepted all that crap for 4 years while the country continued to prosper?

A fraction of a tiny fraction attacked the Capitol and Democrats are beating their breast acting like it's the end of the world when they ignored it all during the summer of 2020. The FBI has all those groups infiltrated.  Where were they? The ANTIFA riots are still going on in many Democrat run cities.

Tuskegee was a tragedy, but let's move on

I think it's time for racialists in the medical field to stop blaming the suspicion of vaccines among blacks on the Tuskegee experiment conducted between 1932-1972 by the public health service of the U.S. Get your butt out there and start flooding the churches, schools, stores, buses, clinics and neighborhoods with pro-vaccine information. Go after them like you did the vote in Georgia.  There are millions of blacks working in the medical field--they've got phones, they've got networks. Go after them, and stop trying to make political hay.  Try reprogramming them instead of Republicans who disagree with ABC or CNN.

We had two governors of very populous states, California and New York, expressing suspicion and distrust all during the Trump efforts to get the virus under control. He gave them both additional money, our money, to ramp up their treatments, and the thanks he got was, "No thanks, sucker." The blame is a whole lot closer than 1932. 

We've got CNN and MSNBC who have been complicit in the misinformation, and are now all kissy face with Biden and wanting to close down any dissenting voice and reprogram Republicans. How's that for good science? Biden's now told us that there's nothing he can do, after months of criticizing President Trump from his basement and saying he had a full proof plan. He has returned to the basement to catch a nap.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Look at What have we done? by E.P. Unum

Look at What Have We Done? (long)
By E.P. Unum
January 21, 2021

Joseph R. Biden was just inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States yesterday. I have nothing further to say about this historical event attended primarily by 26,000 National Guard Troops, FBI, NSA, CIA Operatives. 

That fact alone is a very telling story. Apparently, additional security was deemed necessary for a President-Elect who received allegedly 80 million votes, more than any other person in the history of our country. All of the “peaceful riots ” throughout the summer and Fall, where stores and businesses were looted and destroyed, monuments toppled and police and citizens were killed, did not require the assistance of armed troops to quell these “ activities.”

I also will not comment on the 17 Executive Actions signed by our new President on his first afternoon in office. None of these offer any hope or unity nor are they of any benefit to the American people or to America. Indeed, they will drive us further downward.

But here are some lessons we can learn from the new change in leadership to the America we know:
Perhaps now you understand why there was never any action against the Clintons or Obama, how they destroyed emails and evidence and phones and servers, how they spied and wiretapped, how they lied to the FISA Court, had conversations on the tarmac, sent emails to cover their rears after key meetings, how Comey and Brennan and Clapper never were brought to any justice, how the FBI and CIA lied, how the Steele Dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton, was passed along, how phones got factory reset, how leak after leak to an accomplice corrupt media went unchecked, why George Soros is always in the shadows, why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and George Bush and John McCain were all involved, why they screamed Russia and pushed a sham impeachment, why no one ever goes to jail, why no one is ever charged, why nothing ever happens. 

Perhaps now you know why there was no wrongdoing in the falsification of the FISA Warrants, why the Durham Report was delayed, why Hunter Biden has not been charged, why the FBI sat on his laptop for almost a year while Trump was being impeached on fictitious charges, why the Bidens' connection to China was overlooked as was unleashed the perfect weapon, a virus that was weaponized politically to bring down the greatest ever economy known to man and at the same time usher in an unverifiable and unnecessary system of mail-in voting that corrupted the very foundation of our democracy. 

Maybe now you can understand why the media is 24/7 propaganda and lies, why up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right, why social media can now silence the First Amendment and speak over the President of the United States. 

This has been the plan by the Deep State all along. They didn’t expect Trump to win in 2016. He messed up their plans, and delayed them a little….four years to be exact. They weren’t about to let it happen again. Covid was like manna from heaven for democrats and the socialist left, it was a tool to inject fear into all Americans and it was weaponized Governors who shut down their states and crumbled their economies out of fear. The media, never to let a good crisis go to waste, helped shame and kill the economy, and the super lucky unverifiable mail-in ballots were just the trick to make sure the 47-year career politician, allegedly with hands in Chinese payrolls, the man that couldn’t finish a sentence or collect a crowd, miraculously became the most popular vote recipient of all time.

You have just witnessed a silent, bloodless coup, the overthrow of the US free election system, the end of our Constitutional Republic, and the beginning of the downward slide of capitalism and the free enterprise system into the abyss of socialism and communism. What a remarkable achievement!
We have sacrificed the greatest engine of freedom, growth, and prosperity known to man on the altar of ignorance and totalitarianism. 

What will happen next? Well, here's a brief list:
· Expect the borders to open up. Increased immigration.
· Expect agencies like CBP and INS and Homeland Security to be muzzled or even deleted.
· Law enforcement will see continued defunding.
· Elimination of the electoral college will be attempted.
· History as we know it will be erased. Our children will no longer study the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, II, Korea or Vietnam. These will be replaced with classes on “white privilege,” “how American racism stole lands from native Indians” and the “need for racial equity” because America is a terrible nation. 

· The Supreme Court will be packed with liberal judges.
· Your 2nd Amendment will be attacked and there may be a gun confiscation or gun buyback programs enacted and you will find it difficult to own a weapon…and ammunition of any kind.
· If you have a manufacturing job or oil industry job, get ready to be unemployed.
· If you own and run a business, brace for the impact of higher taxes and more governmental regulations.
· Maybe you’ll be on the hook for slavery reparations, or have your suburbs turned into Section 8 housing.
· Your taxes are going to increase dramatically and businesses will pay more.
· We will be paying more for gasoline at the pump and we will soon find ourselves once again dependent on foreign oil. 

President Trump made us energy independent. For the first time in our history, the USA became an oil-exporting nation. Biden’s illogical and corrupt dismantling of the Keystone Pipeline not only displaced 42,000 high-paying union jobs but now Canada will sell the oil in Alberta BC to China while we search for new supplies at higher prices. Well done Joe!

In a couple of years, we will see the onslaught of inflation, high unemployment, less productivity as more and more people become dependent on the government for subsistence, all of which is the natural course of socialist economies.

The dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency and America will no longer be the bastion of freedom it once was.

America will be overtaken by China as the largest economy in the world and, because we have become so complacent, we will find ourselves in the middle of great turmoil and upheaval with lots of civil strife that will make 2020 look like a walk in the park.

I could go on and on. There is no real recovery from this. The national elections from here on will be decided by New York City, Chicago, and California. The Constitutional Republic we created will be dead. Mob rule and appeasement will run rampant. The candidate who offers the most from the Treasury will get the most votes. But the votes cast won’t matter, just the ones received and counted. That precedent has been set.

Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?" Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now lost the Republic our forefathers bequeathed to us, the Republic we fought and bled for these past two hundred and forty-five years. Some of you are wondering how this came to pass. The answers are indeed quite simple. We did it to ourselves:

· We turned from God. We erased God from our halls of Justice and the Town Square.
· We turned from family.
· We turned from our country, our Flag, our Monuments to our leaders who paved the way. We denigrated all of these with revisionist history and the tearing down of monuments to our civilization and way of life.
· We replaced achievement and recognition by embracing “participation trophies” so that our children can all feel a sense of accomplishment even when there was none.
· We embraced degeneracy culture, inviting pornography into our laptops and living rooms.
· We became some infatuated with technology that we lost the human touch…we found it easier to send emails or Facebook or twitter posts to a friend or co-worker ten feet away from us rather than walking over to chat with them. We have, in essence, become too high tech and low touch. It sort of begs the question…what does it matter if we wire the entire world if we lose our immortal souls?
· We celebrated and looked to fools as our heroes, comedians whose idea of a joke is holding up a bloody head of our President. That’s not funny. It’s sad.
· We worshiped ourselves selfishly and took for granted what brave men and women fought and died to give us. Their sacrifices are no longer valued, replaced instead with scorn because they may have committed “transgressions measured by today’s standards, not theirs”.
We disregarded history and all it teaches.

On our watch, America just died a little. It’s likely she’ll never be the same again. Not until the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump stand up and shout “We will no longer tolerate this and we want our country back ” and do something about it.

For starters, get off Twitter and Facebook and refuse to be a part of their efforts to disrespect the First Amendment. I did. And I don’t miss it at all. If companies want to insult all the people who supported President Trump by denying them jobs, fight back. Don’t buy their products. Shun them. Until we take those steps, they will continue to wield their power, but the ultimate power is in your hands…the power of the consumer.

We did this to ourselves. We made our bed, now we have to sleep in it….until we get off our asses and remake it. Some of you have no idea what you’ve done. You know now. It is time to do something about it. Sadly, some of you do know what you have done. To them, I say…if you kick a dog long enough, pretty soon he’s gonna bite. I am tired of being kicked and insulted and disregarded as if I don’t matter. We do matter.

(E. P. Unum's work appears in various religious and political sites, but I don't know the real name--yet)

Columbus pro-life on 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

I know many of my FBF are "pro-choice" and would never participate in a protest that violated a church service or memorial, just as 99.9999% of Trump supporters didn't support the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. But here's the company you keep. (long)

Beth at Greater Columbus Right to Life: "Yesterday was the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade. The Central Ohio community commemorated it in much the same way that we always have. Last Sunday, many churches that we partner with observed Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Monday through Friday, some of our volunteers went to pray and sidewalk counsel at a local abortion clinic. Yesterday, we participated in the annual Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, celebrated by Bishop Robert J. Brennan and concelebrated by Bishop Edward C. Malesic and several priests. Following the Mass, those in attendance processed over to the West Lawn of the Statehouse where they were joined by others for our event, the Roe Remembrance.

We typically hold the Roe event inside the Atrium. Because of restrictions due to the coronavirus, we held the event outside this year. We applied for and were granted a permit for the West Lawn of the Statehouse. In observance of Statehouse rules, we also applied for and paid for the availability of two Ohio State Highway Patrol officers to provide security. Finally, we arranged for use of Statehouse audio equipment, chairs, etc., knowing that if the day were deemed too cold we would not be able to use that equipment. On Thursday, we were notified that it was going to be too cold, and so we brought the small sound system that GCRTL owns. It is typically able to project to a crowd of 200-300 without difficulty.
As many of you have now heard, a small group of disruptive, hateful, and obscene abortion advocates stormed past the special duty police officer providing security and into the Cathedral during the last part of Bishop Brennan’s homily (a homily is the sermon that follows the reading of the Gospel). They rushed to the front of the Church, shouting explicit and hateful things, frightening families and children, and attempting to reach the altar. As Bishop Brennan noted in his statement, participants in the Mass responded with some seeking to protect the priests and the altar and others kneeling in prayer. The Columbus police responded immediately, and the group was taken outside. Allegedly each had “forgotten” their identification and they were released by the police.

Identification will not be difficult, however, as we and our events are frequently the objects of their vulgar, disruptive, violent, and threatening behavior. Please do not think that this is outlier behavior. It is not only tolerated but encouraged by the local abortion industry. One of the group leaders is employed by WHO, a local organization that raises money to pay for abortion; it is reasonable to believe that yesterday’s behavior was used to excite their volunteer and donor base. That same person has been a guest on NARAL Ohio’s podcast and been highlighted by local media for her social justice advocacy work. 

I hope, but am not confident, that these organizations and the media will immediately repudiate and disentangle themselves from people who would knowingly and intentionally violate the sacred space of a Church during worship.

I left the Mass, exiting at the side, to set up the Roe Remembrance. From a block away, I saw the numerous squad cars at the Cathedral and communicated with someone inside who called me to let me know what happened. I immediately notified our Ohio State Highway Patrol team of what had happened at the Cathedral and that because the group was not arrested they would likely proceed to the Statehouse to continue their disruption. Because we at GCRTL are very familiar with their behavior, I let the officer know that as I understood it, our permit granted us exclusive use of the grounds, that if protestors want to stand in the background and hold signs, we should let them, but if they became disruptive, I would like them to be removed from the reserved area of the Statehouse grounds and removed to the public sidewalks. There was no dissent to that plan voiced, and I went back to preparations.

Right before the program began, the group attempted to block the access to the West Lawn by blocking the path. I notified the OSHP officer, who dispersed them. Then they began running through our event with voice amplifications and loud noisemakers (sirens, etc.). 

I asked the OSHP that they be removed, and was told that wouldn’t be possible but that they would be gathered in a grassy area and kept quiet. We began the program a little late, and they used the loud sirens and voice amplification to shout obscene, vulgar, and demeaning things. At one point, they laughed that their sound system was louder than ours. 

I approached a OSHP officer and noted that Columbus City ordinances prohibit the use of voice amplification that can be heard more than 50 feet and that they should be removed from the grounds we had been granted a permit for. The patrolman indicated that they had not been enforcing the noise ordinance since the summer protests, that they could not remove the group, and that his supervisor was now on scene and talking to them. I was very disappointed in this determination, as I do not think it accurately reflects the terms of the permit we were granted and instead was more applicable to spontaneous or planned, but not permitted, protests. We paid no small amount to host the event at the Statehouse going through the proper channels. I will, however, address that situation separately with the Capital Square Review and Advisory Board. Our streaming team notified me that because of our microphone system feeding directly to video, those watching via the stream could hear our speakers clearly. Our in-person participants had to listen extra carefully and perhaps did not catch every word, but we were able to go forward, ignoring the chaos and hate and violence of the world.

I was disappointed that we were not able to have them removed from an event, an event which is not a rally and not a protest but a somber memorial of the unborn who have died. This was, in essence, a eulogy that was interrupted for over an hour by loud and vulgar protestors. I do want to commend the officers, who took a great deal of abusive and belittling behavior from the protestors calmly and without malice. You may have noticed that their shouts and signs were equally against pro-life activities, faith, and the police. This has also been a consistent theme of their group and organization."

(includes video or the protesters entering the church)

January 24

The book of Hebrews in the NT (Ch. 11 and 12) says we have a cloud of witnesses --and that's all the OT saints and the ones who died for Christ, and all our loved ones who have gone before. Twenty one years ago today my mother left us--but she's got a seat in the grandstand cheering us on, "Therefore, since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us. Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us. . . "

Saturday, January 23, 2021

President Trump’s proclamation on the value of human life, 2021

I’m a one issue voter. Everything else will fall in line if America respects life.  Today I am praying, and I ask you to join me, that through the efforts of the pro-life movement that all will be converted to the Gospel of Life, especially Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

President Trump as one of his final duties last Sunday issued a presidential proclamation recognizing Friday, January 22 as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. May Biden and Harris be some day that strong to base their decisions on the sanctity of life. "As a Nation, restoring a culture of respect for the sacredness of life is fundamental to solving our country's most pressing problems." Donald J. Trump

As it was issued from the White House, and all that will be taken down, here's the full text.


- - - - - - -



Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God. The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human existence and renew our resolve to build a culture of life where every person of every age is protected, valued, and cherished.

This month, we mark nearly 50 years since the United States Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. This constitutionally flawed ruling overturned State laws that banned abortion, and has resulted in the loss of more than 50 million innocent lives. But strong mothers, courageous students, and incredible community members and people of faith are leading a powerful movement to awaken America's conscience and restore the belief that every life is worthy of respect, protection, and care. Because of the devotion of countless pro-life pioneers, the call for every person to recognize the sanctity of life is resounding more loudly in America than ever before. Over the last decade, the rate of abortions has steadily decreased, and today, more than three out of every four Americans support restrictions on abortion.

Since my first day in office, I have taken historic action to protect innocent lives at home and abroad. I reinstituted and strengthened President Ronald Reagan's Mexico City Policy, issued a landmark pro-life rule to govern the use of Title Ten taxpayer funding, and took action to protect the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, and organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor. My Administration has protected the vital role of faith-based adoption. At the United Nations, I made clear that global bureaucrats have no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that protect innocent life. Just a few months ago, our Nation also joined 32 other countries in signing the Geneva Consensus Declaration, which bolsters global efforts to provide better healthcare to women, protect all human life, and strengthen families.

As a Nation, restoring a culture of respect for the sacredness of life is fundamental to solving our country's most pressing problems. When each person is treated as a beloved child of God, individuals can reach their full potential, communities will flourish, and America will be a place of even greater hope and freedom. That is why it was my profound privilege to be the first President in history to attend the March for Life, and it is what motives my actions to improve our Nation's adoption and foster care system, secure more funding for Down syndrome research, and expand health services for single mothers. Over the past 4 years, I have appointed more than 200 Federal judges who apply the Constitution as written, including three Supreme Court Justices -- Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. I also increased the child tax credit, so that mothers are financially supported as they take on the noble task of raising strong and healthy children. And, recently, I signed an Executive Order on Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children, which defends the truth that every newborn baby has the same rights as all other individuals to receive life-saving care.

The United States is a shining example of human rights for the world. However, some in Washington are fighting to keep the United States among a small handful of nations -- including North Korea and China -- that allow elective abortions after 20 weeks. I join with countless others who believe this is morally and fundamentally wrong, and today, I renew my call on the Congress to pass legislation prohibiting late-term abortion.

Since the beginning, my Administration has been dedicated to lifting up every American, and that starts with protecting the rights of the most vulnerable in our society -- the unborn. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we promise to continue speaking out for those who have no voice. We vow to celebrate and support every heroic mother who chooses life. And we resolve to defend the lives of every innocent and unborn child, each of whom can bring unbelievable love, joy, beauty, and grace into our Nation and the entire world.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 22, 2021, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Today, I call on the Congress to join me in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life, including those not yet born. I call on the American people to continue to care for women in unexpected pregnancies and to support adoption and foster care in a more meaningful way, so every child can have a loving home. And finally, I ask every citizen of this great Nation to listen to the sound of silence caused by a generation lost to us, and then to raise their voices for all affected by abortion, both seen and unseen.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fifth.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Subscriptions (digital) to keep me up to date

I subscribe to several medical information services because for years I was a veterinary medicine librarian and sort of got hooked on the genre. (I was also a librarian for Russian and Soviet studies, Latin American studies, and Agriculture in earlier jobs.) However, I've seen quite a change in the last 20 years. I also get the printed version of JAMA. It's really disappointing to see science going the way of intersectionality.

I subscribe to research from START (The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism) which "prides itself on the diversity of research conducted across the Consortium to bring a holistic understanding to the study of terrorism, counterterrorism and community resilience. START researchers based throughout the United States and around the world bring varying perspectives, experiences, and academic disciplines to their analysis." It doesn't live up to its advertising of mission statement.

I subscribe to beSpacific "Accurate, Focused Research on Law, Technology and Knowledge Discovery Since 2002" And so liberal I sometimes scream at the screen when I see what she's covering. Librarianship, gotta love it. It's mostly political bias, but at least you know what you're up against.

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

What a difference a year makes--or a day. Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day. President Trump was inclusive. He was all about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Now just like that we have totalitarians in charge. Open the border, shut down energy independence and bring back the big lies about our founding dreamed up by a New York Times employee. All while preaching "unity" when what they really mean is "uniformity." The key difference between unity and uniformity is their acceptance of differences; when there is unity, people tolerate and accept differences, but uniformity demands that everyone think and be alike, so there is no room for differences. No differences allowed--you can be cancelled, kicked out, lose your job, your rights and the Constitution.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Menstrual justice

If you can only make your life feel significant or sell a book by adding an adjective to the word "justice," you're impaired and there may be no hope. I just got an e-mail about menstrual justice.

I've read through the very wordy piece (satire?) and see that the words woman, girl, or female are never used. And that's because of the T in a certain acronym

It’s showtime—time to put part timers and teens out of work

The minimum wage is showtime for Democrats. FDR used it in the 1930s to destroy the economy for black communities so they couldn't compete with their own free labor and outbid whites. Very few employers have been paying federal minimum for years, and only 4% of wage earners are paid state minimum. Wal-Mart's minimum is $14.76. Ohio's is $8.70, California $13.00, New York City $15. And right now, with the lockdown, the no job wage is whatever check the government is giving people. Democrats like to trot it out as "caring for the poor" while keeping our economy locked down, and turning a blind eye to the summer of rioting. Nothing helps the poor like a good job, and President Trump showed that with rising wages for low income and minorities.

To keep voters, Democrats need to convince them they are getting something. Part timers and entry level receive minimum, so it doesn't affect that many people--but then the other wages must be moved up, and the employer hires fewer teens and women wanting some part time work.

Minimum Wage Increases May Explain Decline in Teen Employment (

The Unintended Consequences Of Raising Minimum Wage To $15 (

Column: Raising the minimum wage lowers employment for teens and low-skill workers | PBS NewsHour

All for the guy who promises unity—Joe Biden

In a show of totalitarianism, the folks who called Trump and Bush Hitler, show how it's really done. They don't mess around.

"This force—at least four times the deployment for Trump’s heavily and even violently protested inauguration in 2017—far exceeds the number of all serving U.S. personnel in the Middle East. It has no precedent on American soil at any time since the Civil War. And even this wasn’t thought sufficient to deter Trumpian mischief. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly wanted the Guard armed with high-caliber machine guns and requested that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff deprive Trump of constitutional military prerogatives prior to his leaving office. At least one Democratic congressman wondered in a televised interview whether the guardsmen could be trusted since so many of them are white males, statistically likely to have voted for Trump, and therefore suspect in his eyes. "

Papers, Please | City Journal (

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration day riots

Any riots yet? From American Spectator:

"Here’s something you already know: Joe Biden doesn’t need 26,000 National Guard troops to protect him from Proud Boys at his inauguration.

He doesn’t need 16,000 troops. Or 10,000 troops. He might not need 6,000.

Four years ago, the Department of Homeland Security mobilized 7,800 National Guardsmen for Donald Trump’s inauguration. At the time there were some 99 left-wing outfits proclaiming they would demonstrate to protest the Trump inauguration.

Those protests turned into riots. The Left looted stores around Washington and made a mess. Few were arrested."

How to celebrate the inauguration

For inauguration day follow the peaceful principles of the rallies for Trump which were always joyful and non-violent until a break away group followed the example of the summer rioters. Do an act of charity--I'll be writing some checks to Conservative groups.

Psalm 37 provides these commands:

Do not fret (mentions that several times)

Do not be envious

Do good

Take delight in the Lord

Commit your way to the Lord

Trust in him

Be still before the Lord

Do not fret

Depart from evil

Do good

Wait for the Lord

Keep to his way

Refrain from anger

Turn from wrath

Do not fret

Consider the blameless,

Observe the upright

. . . a future awaits those who seek peace.

Joe is not a moderate

Joe Biden stopped being a moderate years ago. He's so in debt to the left wing of his party. The man (and his vice president) who couldn't even make it through the early primaries in years past (I think he got 1% in 2008 and she got about the same in 2020) is now president because they dragged him over the finish line with the blessing of the black left. Not that Bernie would have been better; he's just more honest about who he is. I think Democrats dumped him in the past because of his lies about his education and plagiarism and she blamed Democrats for being racist for not choosing her. What a team!

As reported, "Biden promises a return to international abortion funding, Title X dollars, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, legalized infanticide, pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, and Obama-era strong-arm tactics against faith-based groups who object to abortion coverage in health care." Planned no-Parenthood contributed $45 million to the 2020 campaign, 3x what it gave Hillary Clinton, yet PP uses half a billion of our tax money to move their money around on the ledger so it can kill more babies legally and donate to a candidate who will do its bidding.

Infanticide and harassing Christians--yet the media want us to compare character qualities between him and a real patriot.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The military show of force and the deprogramming demands

Counting all the rallies for Trump, including the one in DC on December 12th which drew tens of thousands, there were probably over a million people at his rallies and none were violent or even left a pile of trash the way the left does. But the one on the 12th was to let our Congress know that half of the country wanted to "Stop the Steal." All the legal ways were being blocked. Could you got 100 people at a protest in the summer by the Left without busting up windows or burning police cars.

So why the big show now? The voters who were following the rules to question an election, were blocked at every turn, and were vilified by Democrats even though their party had done the same in 2000 and 2016. Then Big Tech jumped in with a show of force that makes the Capitol mob look like kindergartners. I think this massing of military force is just to further adjust us to the totalitarian government Biden will bring with him. A number of high profile Democrats are threatening to take your children and reeducate them because Trump supporters are part of a cult. It's not legal to deprogram a Moonie or a homosexual, but Trump supporters are fair game. They have no ideas, only threats.

Two lies I’m sick of hearing

There are two lies circulating these last few years that I am sick of reading/hearing. Whatever truth or impact the writer could have is lost on me because of their own bias. Like this one in today's WSJ

"As the Trump Presidency ends in the disgrace of the Capitol riot, an effort is already underway to erase everything in the last four years as disgraceful too. That’s a lie—a Big Lie, to borrow the cliché of the moment. Donald Trump’s profound character flaws need to be separated from what so many people in his Administration accomplished for the country."

The riot and character flaws. The Capitol riot is the responsibility of the mob or confused people who did it. It was not nearly as expensive, blood letting and horrifying as watching our major cities go up in flames this summer, pretending to be protests over racism and the death of George Floyd. The media are not carrying his speech of that day, or the information the FBI now has about the planning that went into it. If Trump had stayed in bed with a cold, the mob still would have pulled it off, because all we do know is the Capitol police didn't get their back up that was requested. And that needs to be investigated thoroughly. The stand down and defund chatter is from the left, not the right. Yes, try sending social workers in to handle mobs. Democrat mayors think that's OK.

With no evidence and no trial, the Leftists in government who still fear Trump's power and his high ratings are covering their own tracks in this travesty. Compare the character flaw of Biden supporting abortion for any reason right through the 9th month--including no reason--with the character flaws of our President. There's no question which man is deeply and irrevocably flawed.

Compare the character flaws of Biden's relationship with Ukraine and China with Trump's flaws in judgement with foreign nations, and again, it's just laughable. What isn't laughable is we will never have the 24/7 spying on Biden by the press even while he's in bed with the media hair sniffing and fondling.

And the other big lie I'm sick of is "systemic racism." That phrase is thrown around so frequently it has become old wall paper for the mind. I see it in every article about education, sports, entertainment, banking, real estate, religion, food, obesity, diabetes, smoking, HIV, the trades, marriage and family, college, and hair styles. Essentially, these writers who seem to be paid by the number of times the word "racism" appears in their piece or speech are saying the lives, achievements and values of black Americans are worth nothing unless they surpass or beat down white, Asian and Hispanic Americans. I'm sick of it. They are the highly paid bosses of the field hands charged with making blacks feel worthless and down trodden and whites feel like power houses who can make others of a different race fail just by existing.

Stop it!!

God makes no mistakes

I read this story in my morning devotions, and it is so beautiful, I'd like to share it. I thought I'd have to summarize it, but actually found it on-line. Anthony Esolen, a masterful writer, is the author. But just in case you're not ready this day for inspiration, I'll just share the last paragraph about this crippled monk born in 1013 who was so brilliant people came from all over to learn.

"Had Hermann been born in pagan times, they would have given him back to the gods or the wild beasts by exposing him on a hillside. We are even less pious now. He might not have been born. Let us thank God that Hermann lived at the bright dawn of the high Middle Ages, and that his mother and father were good Christians, and that the abbot Berno understood that the gifts of God come in ways the world will not see. Consider that Blessed Hermann now stands upright in the presence of God, and that when the saints sing of the glory of our Savior who was born in poverty, his voice will keep pace with the racing of his heart, nor will it sound like the braying of a donkey. May we someday sing as well!"

Monday, January 18, 2021

Remembering Communism by Michael Smith

I'm older than my Facebook friend Michael Smith, but we have some shared memories, except mine would begin with the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and a Chinese college roommate in 1958 whose family had fled Communism and all my East European classmates whose families fled Communism:

"Being that I am that old, I remember the news reports about the Soviets invading Czechoslovakia in 1968. I remember daily Vietnam War body counts on the Huntley-Brinkley Report at 6 pm. I remember East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. I remember Checkpoint Charlie. I remember the Warsaw Pact and the hard line, pre-“glasnost” Soviet leaders, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko. I can remember when China was essentially a closed society and a mystery to the West…at least until Richard Nixon visited there in 1972.

I remember the violent suppression carried out by these Marxist/communist governments, something that Americans under the age of 35 only read about in history books. To them, China has always been open, there never was a USSR and they have never seen a communist state roll an army into a neighboring nation because they were insufficiently communist. They have never heard miraculous stories of daring escapes from East Germany and the terrible accounts of the 171 people killed trying to reach freedom.

So spare me the mealy-mouthed excuses for Marxism, the admiration of communist China and how a little socialism is a good thing for America. I saw what it looks like in practice. Socialism is the gateway drug to Marxism and Marxism is the precursor to authoritarian communism."

Joe Biden on abortion—through the 9th month

This was a prayer request I received today. It is estimated that abortion isn't a choice for about 60% of the women who seek one. So every time you hear that "choice" lie, remember all the women whose boyfriend, husband, parents and friends are pressuring them.

" For a woman who is being pressured by the father of the baby to have an abortion. She has 3 children already and is undecided about this pregnancy. During her initial visit, the consultant shared her abortion story, and this woman was touched, and cried as she listened. God, we pray You would use this story to encourage this woman onto the path of life."

If you are a Christian, remember what the incoming administration stands for, especially Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who are both Catholics, violating the beliefs of their church. They are the most anti-life politicians ever to hold these important positions and thousands of Americans will lose their lives before they have a chance.

Joe Biden Supports Abortions Up to Birth, Supports Killing Babies “Under Any Circumstance” |

Illegal immigration reform under Biden

Like every President since the early 1970s, Joe Biden is promising to do something about illegal immigration. That way he can begin with splitting Republicans since not all agreed with stronger border security--and you can be sure that won't be on his list. I suppose if he just made crossing the border legal, that would fix it. That's what some in his party--like the squad--want. If we'd just stop penalizing and criminalizing car theft, there would be no more car thieves, right? This history and collection of data was written during the Obama years (2016), so we can keep political hatred out of range and it's safe even for Democrats to read.

A change of diet

I thought I'd mix up our diet a bit and serve more fish. I’m trying to lose my Covid weight, and Bob will probably be told to eat less red meat when he starts heart rehab this week. I usually shop at Marc's and it doesn't sell fresh fish, so I looked at the frozen choices. I always start with Product of the USA or Made in the USA. "Distributed by" is just a way to sell you fish from China or Thailand. I glanced at the label of the "lobster cakes with real lobster" (after checking out the price) and put it in the cart. Today when I took it out of the freezer to thaw in the refrigerator, I took a closer look. Less than 2% lobster meat. There are some other kinds of fish, but also soy, wheat, milk, eggs, etc. Looks like I'll need to drive a bit further for fresh fish.

You can't call it false advertising, but you could call it a Democrat politician.

Will the real Nazis please stand up

Why did the Democrats, and some of your liberal friends on Facebook and Twitter call our President a Nazi and Fascist? Next to racist, it was their most popular word. Probably because they know most people don't know what that is, or only associate it with camps for Jews as they saw in old WWII movies. The fact that his grandchildren are Jews and his closest advisor is a Jew is just not important for those liars.

Why didn't they call him a Communist? Those governments were far more powerful than Hitler and killed 10x the number of people. They are both forms of socialism--Nazi is just short for National Socialism. They are hoping you are ignorant. Fascism is when the government controls private industry to enlarge its power and control the people. Communism is a little different--the government owns the businesses as well as controlling them after extracting all the wealth from the owners. That fits our current situation of Big Tech which has flipped that--controlling our government, with the power to shut down our President because he believes in election fraud. It's not as though Democrats have never claimed a stolen election or fraud or questioned the electoral votes. We hear it each time their candidate doesn't get the WH or a governorship (Stacy Abrams still preaches that she won Georgia; Hillary Clinton spent 4 years claiming fraud because the Electoral College didn't work for her). Were their Twitter accounts or platforms shut down?

Big Tech is also controlling major businesses pushing them to outer Wokeland. Academe can't exist without Big Tech. With the lockdown, even your child's education and future is being controlled by Big Tech and the food you put on the table. Nazi Germany NEVER had the kind of control over their people that Big Tech with cooperation of the government has over us.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Mrs. Pelosi, Ben Stein has a message for you

Ben Stein writes to Mrs Pelosi in the American Spectator. They are probably about the same age, and she should remember:

"I can remember it like it was yesterday. 1965. 1966. 1967. 1968. 1969. 1970. 1971. 1972. 1973. One demonstration after another. Driving down from Columbia to Cambridge to march with Stokely and Martin and Eldridge to demand equality of opportunity for blacks.

Hauling down in an ancient light blue Volvo station wagon from Yale to D.C. to protest the war in Vietnam: “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” “One, two, three, four, LBJ stop the war!”
We tried to break into the White House, the Pentagon, the South Vietnamese Embassy, the State Department. We lay down on K Street, in Lafayette Square, the Memorial Bridge, on Virginia Avenue Northwest. On Highway 50 in Maryland. We blocked traffic. We tore down street signs. We spray-painted obscenities everywhere we could find space. Jerry and Abby and all three million of us students." Just the Facts, Mrs. Pelosi | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

I didn't participate in those "protests" but I remember them and how frightened we all were. I was raising babies and feared what their future would be. We know several things. 

1) The President has been charged unjustly by Democrats who have been trying to impeach him since January 2017. He was well within his rights to question the election, and members of the Supreme Court also believed particularly in the Pennsylvania case, that the irregularities needed to be corrected. Most of the 75,000,000 who voted for him also believe in some level of fraud from the dead voting, to mail ballots, to bad software. 

2) Also, in a rather tardy investigation, we know that the mob that attacked the Capitol had this planned weeks before the speech the Democrats claim is sedition or inciting to riot. It's hard to cause rioters to act if the speech hadn't yet been given, plus those of us who heard it knew exactly what he meant as a patriot. And it sure wasn't violence. 

3) Yes, the Capitol Police were unprepared, even though the FBI, which infiltrates these groups all the time should have been coordinating with them. But Mayor Muriel turned down their request for backup and help. It could have all been avoided if only she'd done her job.

And I certainly remember the summer of 2020 when the police were told to stand down by our Democrat mayors and Nancy Pelosi laughed it off as "People will do what they do" when statues were torn down and rioting ignores by our "representatives." When it's her office, and she's the hated person, it's a different story.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

AOC and suppression of freedom of speech

Did you hear AOC this week? Did you hear the code words "liberation of the workers and the poor?" Every Communist leader, anarchist and dissident of the last 100 years has pulled that one, although it's usually in a country that really does have poor and oppressed people. She says (believes would be the wrong word here) there are no red states--just states of suppressed people. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced to her followers on Instagram in an hour long tirade that the only reason why southern states are “red” is that voters are “suppressed” and that nationwide healing would come only through their “liberation.” That's why when churches, Republicans and mayors ask for healing for our nation, you should ask them to define what they mean. Is it God's healing or the AOC type healing? She did say her way was the only way. It's on YouTube. Look it up. She has young  followers who were never taught about the 100,000,000 million who were killed by their Communist governments. A massive failure of our school system.

Big Tech like Facebook, Twitter and Google allowed the Charlottesville lie about Trump to spread and metastasize, and even China Joe used it in his campaign. Trump never said it and he condemned the far right, but a lie can go half way around the world faster than the truth can get its pants on, as I think Jonathon Swift said. And with the help of ignorant Twits on the Internet, it can go around 3 or 4 times. Even one of my FBF who doesn't vote but is glued to MSNBC often repeats that lie while quoting what the Bible says about lying.

So if the Left in collusion with Big Tech can keep that lie going for 4 years, imagine what it can do with January 6! Our President never incited a riot, never said anything except what he has a right to say, that there was fraud and theft in the 2020 election. Several members of SCOTUS agreed, as well as 75,000,000 voters. Hillary Clinton and Al Gore said the same thing for the rest of their lives, and the Left didn't take away their freedom of speech.

Our summer of riots, but where was the Guard?

I don't know if Antifa is proud that the national guard is being called out in the state capitals for a paltry, weak, disorganized mob or angry. They've been rioting since Memorial Day week-end and have staged 4 riots just since January 6 in Portland. This is what they've birthed and no one is celebrating their baby! Pelosi said, "People will do what they do," and Kamala Harris raised bail money for them.

The MSM rarely covered the riots and destruction fully, but people with cell phones captured it and uploaded to the internet. That's how we know about the attacks on people leaving the RNC in August. MSM thought it was no big deal. It won't be long before you won't be able to be part of the people's press. Big Brother knows who you are. Andy Ngo says 90% of the charges against those criminals have been dropped. Let's see how the rate is for those who stormed the Capitol.

Democrats are creating no-fly lists, de-platforming, putting pressure on banks, destroying technology they can't control--but allowing those domestic terrorists to frolic all over Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Google, etc. A lawyer for PBS suggested reeducation camps for children of Trump voters, or having the children removed from their homes and put in physical camps.

I hate using those medical portals, because I know what happens to our data--it's like dumpster diving for academics to publish pages of tables and graphs and get tenure writing about racism in medicine.

Trump and the false narrative

From a friend:

What must President Trump feel like today at the end of four years of serving this country with boundless energy, total commitment to righting a sinking ship, courage in the face of incredible opposition, denigration and betrayal over and over by the self-serving and corrupt, and a total lack of gratitude by the portion of the citizenry who have chosen to embrace the false narrative of the media and are blinded from recognizing all he has done for this country? To think he took no salary for himself for four years—donating it all to worthy causes.

And now, his opposition is not satisfied with his term coming to an end. They are trying to destroy him as a soon-to-be private citizen, by closing his personal bank account, cutting off funding for his business enterprises, canceling a PGA event at one of his golf courses, banning him from most social media, etc. Dissent and disagreement are one thing: malice, vengeance, and retribution are another.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Purveyors of evil--Big Tech

 "If we’re going to be objective about it, we’ve got to give the Mark Zuckerbergs, Jeff Bezoses and Jack Dorseys of the world their due — the apps they’ve created are some of the greatest technological marvels in history. 

It’s too bad that the purveyors of the technologies Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon have on offer are such profoundly myopic, evil bastards. And the events of the past week make it pretty clear that these companies are literally out to get conservative America. By extension, they’re really out to get America itself, because anyone tyrannical and dastardly enough to wish to ruin people financially and to destroy their power to speak over simple political or philosophical disagreements isn’t just a political partisan. Anybody who would do what these people did to Parler for the sin of providing a platform for conservatives to talk among each other after being persecuted by other social platforms clearly doesn’t have respect for the ideals that founded the country and bind it together still."

There may be a firewall, but it's worth a read. Big Tech v. America: How to Fight Back and Win | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Thursday, January 14, 2021

News of the incoming rulers

AOC has called for the "liberation" of the southern states. They aren't red states, she says, they are oppressed. And that's not a call for violence? That's worse than anything President Trump has ever said.

Get ready to open your wallets for the new regime. "On Thursday night President-elect Joe Biden will describe some of his plans for multitrillion-dollar spending increases. Before long he’ll also tell us about his tax increases. And they aren’t going to be small. A new report from the Tax Foundation says the Biden plan would impose the industrialized world’s highest income tax rate on business. Research from around the world says that wouldn’t be kind to workers, either." (WSJ Best of the Web, Jan. 14, 2021)
This should drive businesses to other countries, stifle growth, and puff up the salaries of government bureaucrats.

Google has bought Fitbit. . . and all our data. The funniest sentence in their announcement is: "we will maintain strong data privacy and security protections, giving you control of your data and staying transparent about what we collect and why. "

Sooooo. . . . I think we understand CONTROL. We have none.

Kristen Clarke, Biden's choice for Civil Rights, thinks blacks are superior in every way to whites and Asians. And it's not just culture, they are born superior. That should work well with our Civil Rights laws.

Joe Biden has selected 14 executives from Big Tech, the crowd that doesn't believe in the basic American values of free speech. Even a month ago he'd already added to his team Zaid Zaid, a former special assistant to the president and associate White House counsel under the Obama Administration and current team member at FACEBOOK'S public policy, Strategic Response, who will serve on the review teams for the Department of State and International Development, FACEBOOK'S manager of governance & strategic initiatives Christopher Upperman, who will serve on the Small Business Administration and FACEBOOK'S director & associate general counsel of strategic response Rachel Lieber, who will serve on the review team for the Intelligence Community.

So just to review, he's packing Department of State, SBA and government intelligence with FACEBOOK loyalists. What could possibly go wrong? FB already has data on millions and millions of Americans and foreigners.

She probably doesn't want to be cancelled

 I got an e-mail today from a woman whom I quoted about a Christian sorority of which she was a member in 2008.  She had been checking on her on-line presence, as it is called, and asked me to remove her name from the blog.  It's called being "cancelled."  In this case, she's being pro-active.  Maybe she's no longer a Christian, or has changed groups.  The group has been involved in a discrimination case because they only accepted Christian women. 

Update:  I looked her up and based on her resume of the last 11 years, it's a fair guess she is no longer a Christian.  Advertising the company she has created (last April) would most likely necessitate cleaning her record.

Was my mother funny?

We were big fans of the TV show Closer and the character Deputy police chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, so of course we watched Kera Sedgwick in the premiere of Call your Mother last night. Underwhelming and not even particularly funny. Maybe even boring? Did you watch it? Lately I've watched 3 older episodes of Mom, now in its 8th season. I keep waiting. How did that show make it past episode 3 in season one? I had a terrific mom, but she wasn't particularly funny. Or so I thought. I'm beginning to rethink that.

I blame the mayor of DC

You can assign the blame for the deaths of unarmed protestors where ever you wish, but I blame Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) who refused to help the Capitol Police leaving them completely unprepared and overwhelmed. An unarmed female veteran committing a crime was killed, although she presented no danger to the officers or the people in the building. As a criminal she was not exactly in the same class with George Floyd who was a seasoned criminal and high on drugs, plus she was white and female, therefore no mobs will gather to protest. No cache in being white or a veteran these days. Especially if one is a Trump supporter. Finally, women are equal in malfeasance in office and in being shot by police, all in one incident. Other Democrat mayors showed their inadequacies for four months in our summer of riots, looting, killing and destruction. But Muriel gets the prize.

First, make two columns

Whether a Democrat or Republican, a Trump supporter or not, take an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and fold it in half length wise. At the top left column, write OBAMA. At the top right column, write TRUMP. Then write the numbers 1 through 15. For each president fill in the numbers with policies YOU believe have helped the American people.

I'll start with Obama.

#1. His race lifted the pride of many black people causing them to vote in unprecedented numbers. I don't discount this--pride, a sense of self worth even if borrowed, is important.

#2. His race lifted the burden of guilt for racism and personal bad behavior from the shoulders of millions of Americans who sighed with relief.

OK. I'm done with that column. There's something to be said for feelings, although as policy, it's pretty weak. And that race thing has certainly come back to bite us as it was fertilizer for BLM, Soviet style reeducation classes in critical race theory and the virus of Woke.

I'm aware that many Democrats would put Obamacare at the top Left, but when you look at the loss of insurance for millions who already had good insurance and liked their doctors/hospitals and then lost them, it wasn't a sound plan. Certainly not for "feelings." Compare those 85% to those 15% uninsured who received very expensive, poor insurance or who had never signed up for one of the government plans already available, In my opinion, it was a very poor and expensive swap. Also the mandate to buy a product or be fined or go to jail was a very bad precedent.

Now for President Trump.

#1 Life. Protection for the unborn, the disabled and the elderly. Although the Democrats responded with powerful penalties against the unborn--like no aid for those born alive if intended for death, even in the 9th month, he supported both with his person at pro-life events and actions the unborn. I'm a one issue voter, so of course, LIFE would be at the top of my list. President Trump was dedicated to advancing policies that protect the fundamental right to life for the unborn, the elderly, and the medically dependent and disabled. Democrats in Congress, who spent 4 years trying to impeach him, saw abortion as pitting the rights of the child against the rights of the mother, and abortion as an act of political courage and charity, to combat poverty and poor health. The President believed Americans were better than that.

#2 Protect and advance lower income Americans were key for the President. Lower taxes and better jobs help the poor far more than one more government program which primarily goes to the middle class bureaucracy. Lowest unemployment rate in my life time. Lower taxes did nothing for those who paid no taxes at all (close to 50%), and for that the Left criticized him. Pelosi called it crumbs. It's hard to give back what the government didn't take.

#3 The border was strengthened with moral, physical, technical and political walls. This directly affected #2.  The flood of illegal immigrants has hurt American workers for decades. This brought attention back to legal immigration, one of our strengths which builds the country. It also brought attention to the "sanctuary city" controversy, where local governments use our tax money to expand their population which enlarges their state representation which hurts the entire country.

I've got more, but I need to go to the store. I'm sure you can think of a few issues specifically important to you. And if you can find anything good about Obama's administration that I missed, please add that.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Comments on the week's events by my friend and I agree

 Right now “I am mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”  Trump never acted very “presidential,” but he got things done. His accomplishments have been historic in numbers and in dimension. He was elected because people were tired of the establishment politicians of both parties failures to deliver what they promised and their party and power over what is best for the country attitude. 

 I resent being lectured about morality when the left including politicians, corporations, news media and social media fail to call out the left for any transgressions. They are clearly working to silence anyone who dares to disagree with them. 

 Where was this outrage from Elected Democrats in 2020 while cities literally destroyed by the far left loonies?  Destroying businesses and thus innocent peoples’ livelihoods was termed block parties. Federal buildings and police stations were attacked. Where was the outrage by the rest of the left. Oh but let a small group of loonie rightists break into their place of business ( the capital) and they go apoplectic!  The hypocrisy is enormous. 

 I believe the election was unfair. Democrats have been bending the rules and creating fraudulent votes for years. The only reason they do not want voter ID is so fraudulent votes can be cast. They didn’t let the Covid “crisis go to waste.”  They rushed out mail in ballots to everyone on their dirty registration roles with little , if any, verification that those voters are still alive, live at the address of record, or are even citizens. In PA Democrat counties allowed voters to correct their ballots and Republican counties did not because they followed the law. In GA signatures were verified on in person voting but not on mail in ballots. The list goes on. Democrats spent four plus years trying to destroy Trump because he dared to call them names, he wasn’t one of them and he was being successful. They ginned up so much hate against him but no one ever called them out for promoting violence. No, that is reserved for Republicans only. 

 I must add that Judicial Watch has successfully sued a number of states forcing them to clean their voter registration roles. Thousands of names have been removed from the rolls in those states. But many states have not done this yet. 

 Yes, I know Trump isn’t likable , but his policies snd accomplishments have have resonated with so many people. They love him. What has Biden ever done?  Trump had thousands of people at rallies all over the country. Biden barely campaigned and when he did he’d got a handful of cars attending. How did he get so many more votes than Obama did?

My husband and I will be very active politically over the next few years. We will take a stand against all this politically correct nonsense and censorship. We will promote liberty and self-reliance and personal responsibility. We will try to do this with love even though it keeps getting harder to do so with all the hate that the left has generated. 

 Remember, the left has already done or is doing everything bad they accuse the right of doing whether or not the right is actually doing anything wrong.  Another thought - It is just so rich that the Democrats talk about coming together now that they have won. How dare they suggest that after they have spent four plus years throwing dirt at everyone Republican!  Yes, we should try to compromise, but Democrats have pushed too far. If they are not careful there could be a revolution. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

VDH Common sense as always

“The proper conservative response to last Wednesday’s violent entry into the Capitol and vandalism, as well as assaults on law-enforcement, is to identify the guilty parties and ensure they are arrested.”

“Those who wrongly demanded to defund the police, now rightly deplore the lack of a Capitol police presence. Their only consistency is their own perceived political self-interest.”

Crazy 2020 Is Dead! Long Live Crazier 2021! - American Greatness (

Letter from a friend of a friend

He was there on the 6th, and this is what he saw and heard.  I don’t know “friend,” however I’d believe him above anything that is said on CNN, MSNBC or the reporter on our local news channel who kept referring to the President’s lies while interviewing our governor.


I just wanted you to know that since we live so close to Washington D.C. I decided to attend the March for Trump. No matter how I felt, I knew this would probably be one of the most historic political events in my lifetime. I must honestly say I was impressed. When I came home I was shocked by how the media spun things. There were so many people there, the pictures don't even do it justice. Here's an image from the stage someone else took:

[see below]
The following pictures and videos are from my own camera which I attached to a homemade selfie stick made from a flagpole, zip-ties, and rubber bands:

I remember specifically in Trump's speech (though that section is not being shown by the media) that he said we should never give up or concede. He said even if we lose the fight, to keep fighting in 2 years and vote them out. And he promised to be on the ground with us campaigning to find real politicians who would fight for the people. He went very deep into stats and fraud claims, but much of that was removed from the public eye in other streams. If you want to hear his full speech, here's a working URL:

Never once did he say to riot or attack. He said to never give up and to remember we have the power. I know people who were at the front steps of the capitol (after I left) who didn't even realize there was any violence.

I personally believe this was a setup in a lot of ways and I am sad that anyone would condone violence. But let me be 100% clear, Trump told us to fight legally. He told us to have hope. He told us to fight for truth. I walked away with a new perspective of Trump. It was great to hear his words directly instead of any marketing spin. The contrast of what he said versus what they say he said is quite disturbing. I just wanted to share that with all of you.”

10 books Conservatives need to read

‘Economics in One Lesson,’ by Henry Hazlitt (1946)

‘The Black Book of Communism,’ by Stéphane Courtois, et al. (1999)

‘Hollywood Party: How Communism Seduced the American Film Industry in the 1930s and 1940s,’ by Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley (1998)

‘Reagan and Thatcher: The Difficult Relationship,’ by Richard Aldous (2012)

‘A Renegade History of the United States,’ by Thaddeus Russell (2010)

‘Gay New York,’ by George Chauncey (1994)

‘Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston,’ by Valerie Boyd (2002)

‘Public Opinion,’ by Walter Lippmann (1922)

‘Good White People,’ by Shannon Sullivan (2014)

With summaries and annotations. 10 Books Every Conservative Should Read To Combat Fake News (

Stay awake, not woke.

Normally, I wouldn’t be reading Refinery29, a digital media source established in 2015. It’s owned by something called Vice Media which in turn is Disney, A & E, and other media investors.   It’s for young fashionistas in New York. But then, it’s the modern version of Woman’s Day or Ladies Home Journal which influenced women of the last century with heath and fashion while being obedient to the needs of the marketing department. 

One of the founders and CEOs Christine Barberich  (the other 3 are all males) resigned in June because a minority employee had said bad things about her and the toxic work atmosphere on her Twitter account. Twitter users can say anything and the accused is toast.  Twitter has so much power it has silenced the President of the U.S., and because it is a private company, freedom of speech does not apply.  Maybe you think that’s great because you don’t like the president.  Just keep in mind there is someone out there who doesn’t like YOU too, maybe an ex-, or a member of your club, or even an adult child. The laws about employee and management put in place over the years to protect you, don’t apply to gossip and whispers on social media. Your union or employer will not protect you if the charge (no hearings or trial) contain the magic word, RACIST.  You could have your life’s purpose and meaning closed out and cancelled by Twitter.

But back to Refinery29—why was I reading a digital style magazine for shallow, young New Yorkers? Because it was quoted in the Ohio State University  “OSU HealthBeat” which I received in e-mail. Elizabeth Gulino in Refinery29  was quoting in “The COVID-19 Vaccine Won’t Make You Infertile” the OSU Iahn Gonsenhauser, MD, chief quality and patient safety officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  Then HealthBeat also linked to two other articles that quoted R29 which quoted an OSU doctor. This raises R29’s credibility as a serious journal, and OSU’s appeal to the younger set. A two-fer.

Here’s the kicker (I actually did some further research on this issue, and completely agree with Dr. Gonsenhauser who is quoted in many other popular websites.)  Refinery29 is so woke and so alert to every possible misstep of intersectionalism, it has begun to cancel women by referring to “pregnant people.”  You may skip right over that when you read about pregnancies (the way God designed the plan for males and females to procreate).  That change has moved into the language and fanciful unscientific beliefs because of women calling themselves men while still hanging on to all their lady parts. It’s along the same line as Pelosi destroying the “gendered family.”  It’s all about cancelling women and their uniqueness.

“There is limited data about the safety of receiving COVID vaccinations during pregnancy. Pregnant people are typically excluded from clinical trials due to concerns about harming the fetus (although many argue that keeping pregnant people out of trials leads to their health needs being underrepresented). Twenty-three of the participants in Pfizer's trial became pregnant over the course of the study, but that's too small of a sample to tell us much. Dr. Olulade says that people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant [paraphrase] should talk to their doctor before getting the vaccine (everyone should!). "Ultimately it’s about weighing the risks of the unknown when it comes to the vaccine in pregnant women [direct quote] versus the known dangerous risks of COVID."

You and I are awake, not woke.  We know that pregnant people are women, and that people who are pregnant or breastfeeding are women. Every time you read about “pregnant people,” or see an adjective in front of the word “justice,” you are being manipulated. When the kettle heating the water to boil the frog for dinner gets hot enough, it’s too late for you to jump out and save yourself.

Update:  Facebook gave me a black mark for posting this link to my own blog (owned by Google) to my FB wall.  I'm directly quoting a source that quoted an OSU doctor speaking on Covid, yet Facebook fact checkers find my opinion about being woke objectionable.