Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Obama had to go to Copenhagen

"[Chicago Mayor] Daley's son, Richard R. Daley, learned a lesson from his father. Go with the political flow regardless of its direction because it's all about Chicago, not any political ideology. Left or right, all are precious in the Machine's sight -- as long as there's a money river to tap. So what if the political flow of the Democrat Party has turned decidedly left. Chicago is neither left nor right -- it's permanently Machine centered.

Daley the Younger called in his markers and drafted President Obama to go to Copenhagen and lobby on Chicago's behalf. Wherever he was born, Obama will now always be the favored son of the Machine. Obama original allegiance is to that Machine. He owes it. And it's payback time.

When Obama came to work as a young lawyer at Allison Davis' law firm, one that represented slum landlords like "Tony Rezko," Obama learned the lesson of "go-along-to-get-along" that his new boss had once learned. Davis learned not to cross the Machine. Davis, Rezko and current senior presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett were Obama's finance campaign committee in his run for the Senate. They're all serious contributors to the Machine.

Jarrett was the president of a property management firm that managed large Chicago Housing Authority properties. In other words, a city-designated slum landlord. Before that, she was Michelle's boss in the Office of the Mayor of Chicago -- that would be Richard the Younger. After that, she became Michelle's patroness at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

So, of course, the President has to go to Copenhagen to push for Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympics. He is the duly elected Patron in Chief assigned to bring home the bacon. The closer. He says he's can now leave Washington because the campaign for healthcare reform in under control. Right. And the Cubs are destined to take the Series this year in four straight." Read the rest Lee Cary at American Thinker

Sarah Palin's charge of death panels

In an article at American Thinker on the existence of “death panels,” the author, Joseph Ashby, says it’s not in HR 3200 because it already exists: “H.R. 1 (more commonly known as the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, even more commonly known as the Stimulus Bill and aptly dubbed the Porkulus Bill) contains a whopping $1.1 billion to fund the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research. And on this council is Dr. Death himself, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

One of the commenters at this post, Redhawk, analyzes the role of statism in our Congress’s health care plan.
    When you get past all the doubletalk, this is what the people who are advocating a government-run healthcare system truly believe. The foundation of the statists' philosophy is that the people in a society are in essence the property of the state. Given limited resources and the state will always claim to be short of resources, the state will decide the extent to which a person will be medically treated for a serious illness, depending upon that person's perceived value to society. To the statist, this makes perfect sense. Of course in actual practice, the final decision can be heavily influenced by how many friends in Washington one can petition, which is a storyline right out of Atlas Shrugged; how one's success in life and in this case life itself will be determined by political pull. Washington apparatchiks and their hangers-on will of course automatically receive the best of care.

    I have not read whether this is happening in Britain, but I would be surprised if it were not, since such a system invites corruption. There you can be denied cancer treatment even if you are willing to pay for it out of your own pocket or you may be denied stints if you are above the arbitrary age limit of 59; unless of course you lucky enough to have friends in high places who can make an exception in your case. Otherwise, you have a duty to die. They may or may not decide to pay for the pain medication to relieve your final suffering, since it is all subject to the whim of some bureaucrat. This is the type of system to which we are heading unless we can stop it. We are being asked to quietly accept a socialist plan that promises to improve the healthcare of roughly 20% of the population, many of whom are here illegally, but in doing so will intolerably degrade the healthcare for the rest of us.
HT Murray

Did you see that Sarah's book is already #3 on Amazon and it isn't published yet, and that Glenn Beck's new book is outselling the Kennedy memoirs?

Have you planned ahead?

Take the Long Term Care planning quiz.

Here was my "score."
    You have obviously given this topic some important consideration. Congratulations! By planning ahead, you can have more control over your care choices and the financial impact of paying for care. Planning ahead also provides important peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
They didn't say this but I will, since I keep track of these things: one month in a nursing home costs more than one year's premiums on long term care.

The rush to defend Polanski

"A high-profile rush to defend Roman Polanski after the film director's arrest sparked a backlash on Wednesday, as a growing number of politicians called for him to face justice over a three-decade-old child sex case."

I'd sure hate to be on the side defending a guy who made bad movies, but in this case, I think the case should be dismissed. First, it looks like the judge in the first plea bargain for which he served time, really messed up, and second, the woman who was 13 at that time, wants it dropped. There are a lot worse things for 13 years olds than having sex with a movie director, and it happens all over the world--forced marriages, rape, incest, etc., baby mommas for high priced bad hip hop musicians and traumatizing movies called "art" from Hollywood. No one seems to care about these things except Christians, and then they are ridiculed if they try to get a smidgen or morality included in school curricula. The guy is scum, no doubt about it. But he has paid, and paid, and paid. Let it go.

The decline of English

As I've noted before, except for some Freshman composition, I didn't take anything in college that could be called "English," because I was a foreign language major. But I do think it's important, and I've been sad to see it's importance go down hill since the radicals took over the campuses of the USA in the 1970s. The decline of English by William M. Chace, formerly of Berkeley, Stanford, Wesleyan, and Emory, notes the following grim statistics, the numbers of those majoring in the humanities dropped from a total of 30 percent to a total of less than 16 percent in 30 years:
    English: from 7.6 percent of the majors to 3.9 percent
    Foreign languages and literatures: from 2.5 percent to 1.3 percent
    Philosophy and religious studies: from 0.9 percent to 0.7 percent
    History: from 18.5 percent to 10.7 percent
    Business: from 13.7 percent to 21.9 percent
I did a few word searches on this article--Marxism, feminism, deconstructionism, etc.--and see he doesn't address any root causes driving students away who don't want to be harangued during class with political poop and Michael Moore movie mayhem. Chace thinks "at the root is the failure of departments of English across the country to champion, with passion, the books they teach and to make a strong case to undergraduates that the knowledge of those books and the tradition in which they exist is a human good in and of itself." Maybe the students figure out on their own that selecting an obscure female author from 1910, or a gay Mexican who died for a cause in 1930 doesn't mean much in the big picture? Ya think?

When I was doing my research on private libraries I tracked down a fabulous Professor of English who had taught at a prestigious school--past tense. He'd been driven out of his position (he had tenure and was a full professor, but there are ways by denying funds for assistants, research and rearranging offices), and was in another state teaching at a state school extension, basic composition and grammar. But at least he was free of the radical demagogues. And he was a liberal--but beaten down by the feminists and marxists in his department because he wanted to teach what was important, not their political theories. We talked for a long time on the phone and his assistance was invaluable, his knowledge of private collections enormous. He kept cautioning me to close the door of my office, to make sure no one was listening. And that was in the mid-90s.

The media are kind to Obama

But they lie to us. Here's an example. "Mixed data reflect fragility of economic recovery" by Sara Murray, WSJ, Sept. 30, 2009

I realize she didn't write the headline, but the graphs don't exactly show a "recovery," more an occasional blip. In most of those cities, the home prices are still above 2000 levels, despite the dramatic drop beginning when the sub-prime mess revealed the folly of the constant government interference in the housing market by using it as a carrot for politicians of both parties and non-profits like ACORN to look good to low income people.

Only one city, Detroit, owned for decades by Democrats pushing wealth transfer, dropped below 2000 levels. The upticks recorded in July were tiny, with Minneapolis the best, Las Vegas the worst.

But back to "words matter."

I know I sound like a broken record, but if this article had been written during the Bush years, there would have been considerable differences.
    "Consumer confidence drops, despite a tiny rise in home prices in a few cities during July, underscoring the disastrous decisions of the Bush administration in how to lead us to a recovery."
I shouldn't provide Obama any hints, but if the media were as vigilant with him as they were with Bush, I think he would be ahead of the game with rising poll numbers instead of dropping. They could have been corrective. Just by telling the truth, which they didn't do during the Bush years.

What is a mixed metaphor?

A combination of two or more metaphors that together produce a ridiculous effect

In today's Wall Street Journal we had this gem:
    "Housing is on life support. . .until market forces replace the prostheses of government."
Most people on life support don't need a prosthesis, let alone more than one. And usually the government pulls the plug with its plan, as it will seniors relying on Medicare.

Cash for Clunkers end result

According to this report from Edmunds, sales of new vehicles in September 2009 fell off a cliff, dropping 41% from August 2009 and down 23% from September 2008. This shows that the primary sales effect of the “Cash for Clunkers” program was to harvest sales that would otherwise have occurred later in the year and compress them into an earlier time period.
More details at Taxman Blog (another great Ohio blogger)

Lytham Road Exercise class

This works well as a hymn, and since the class is in the church fellowship hall, I'll sing it for you. The class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15 for an hour at UALC Lytham campus, 2300 Lytham Rd., Upper Arlington, with three different instructors and work-outs. No matter what. I'm really not into exercise, but it's good for me. And you.

It's Wednesday
It's Wednesday
It's Exercise day (2x)

Oh card i o
Oh Weight lift
It's jump and repeat.

It's Wednesday
I hate it
It's Exercise day.

When I sang it for the class, demonstrating why I'm no longer in choir, Jan recognized the tune as "Immortal, invisible, God only wise," composed by Walter Chalmers Smith, and used with a Welsh melody.

What's wrong with calling it PLPCB?

"The five partners in the London office of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates have left to start their own practice, named PLP Architecture. The founders of the new firm are Lee Polisano, FAIA, former president of KPF, as well as David Leventhal, FAIA, Fred Pilbrow, RIBA, Karen Cook, AIA, and Ron Bakker, AIA. The move comes after the five made a failed attempt to buy out KPF's UK operations in July." Architectural Record

I guess it wasn't as pronounceable as PLP.

Response from Sherrod Brown

Yes, I know everone who wrote got the same response, but at least Sherrod Brown (D-OH) responded and he has been listening to the people. But here's what caught my eye and the only thing I'll direct this comment to:
    "One thing is clear - we must keep what works and fix what is broken. We must protect health coverage for those who like what they have, and we must ensure those with no coverage have insurance options they can afford."
Keep our insurance, but fix what is broken and cover those who don't have it. Now I would have added--we haven't collapsed in the 17 years since we didn't pass Hillarycare, so we have time to look at all the angles, but then. . . I'm no longer a Democrat.

Now wouldn't that have been a simple plan--and we have all those laws and regulations in place, with some that need to be repealed. We could have tightened the oversite of Medicare and Medicare, imposed some penalties on the crooks, stopped the ridiculous testing with tort reform, there could have been a better effort to get people into the programs for which they were eligible without months or years of waiting, and we could have removed the laws that prevented competition across state lines. Nothing would have required the massive, tangled, intrusive, economy-deadening bills that have been proposed.


The sensible approach wouldn't have given the federal government more power over the people who manage just fine without it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adult stem cells used in hip replacement

Doctors in Southampton, England have successfully used adult stem cells to repair hip bones, allowing patients to avoid hip replacement surgery. After removing dead tissue in the hip, the cavity is filled with bits of ground up bone and the patient’s own adult stem cells. So far six patients have had the treatment with only one failure, doctors said. From FRC Blog.

If you read the original Telegraph article, you'll see the word "adult" isn't used, leaving the impression it might be embryonic, but if you're using cells from the patient, they aren't going to be from a killed embryo. The article actually mentions the controversy, although there is no controversy about using adult stem cells, only embryonic.

Adult stem cells, taken from sources such as bone marrow and cord blood, have now been successfully used to treat well over 70 medical conditions. None for embryonic.

Although I said it first

Glenn Beck quoted from the NYT tonight on their assessment (negative) of the 9/12 peaceful, trash-free gathering, at which no one was arrested, in Washington DC, and their puff ball piece covering the protests at the G-20 with 190 arrested. I'm really glad to see he had the video to back it up. The conservatives have been maligned enough on this issue. I had pointed out the silence of the left and Pelosi on this issue here. Really, you do wonder how they have any self-respect at the Times, although Glenn says they've assigned someone to watch Fox because they are missing so many stories.

Good analysis of Ahmadinejad's closing words of his speeches, by Joel Rosenberg, too--about how true Muslims have to bring about the chaos to usher in the end-times.
    “Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness.”
Did NYT or LAT or WSJ object to any of this? Not to worry. The great one will snuggle up and make it all OK. I just checked Huff and Puff on this--those folks live in an alternate universe.

First beer sales are flat, then Obama happens

Poor Poland. No global warming (for a decade), and then Obama snubs them. "The Association of Beer Industry Employers, “Browary Polskie” (ZPPP), explains that the decline in beer consumption was prompted by the 13.6% increase in excise duty in March 2009, the economic recession, increases in beer prices caused by the higher costs of ingredients and packaging, and the cold weather reported at the beginning of the summer of 2009. Furthermore, the Polish beer market has reached saturation point – Poles consume 95 litres of beer per capita every year." Business Portal for Poland

HT Tom Nelson

Running for Kennedy's seat in the Senate

"We're in the second year of a major recession. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Our 401Ks and retirement plans have plummeted in value. Businesses have closed and are continuing to close. We have all seen examples throughout this state and certainly throughout the country.

Here in Massachusetts, as the unemployment rate rises toward double digits, the response of the Governor and the majority party has been to raise taxes of every type and make it tougher for businesses to survive. Remember they are the economic engine that will help us recover. I have stated on many occasions that higher taxes will further weaken our economy and put even more people out of work. In Washington, the politicians mistakenly believe that spending more money and growing the size of government is the answer. They are wrong. I believe that it is the private sector - small businesses and entrepreneurs -- that will get our economy moving again. Government can and will help, but it also needs to know when to step out of the way."

Grant fraud to wasting time on porn

If you go to work for the National Science Foundation as an investigative attorney, you never know what you might be called on to do. . .
    "When established by President Harry Truman in 1950, the National Science Foundation's (NSF) budget was $150,000. Congress trusts the NSF with an ever-increasing responsibility to fund the most meritorious programs and initiatives in scientific and technological research and education, keeping the U.S. at the frontier of discovery. With an emphasis on advancing national health, prosperity, and welfare, NSF brings together scientific and education experts to shape the direction of national research and education in science and technology. NSF maintains a creative and collegial atmosphere . . . "[taken from an ad for a full time investigative attorney, Arlington, VA, $61,000 - $113,000] Job Board

    “Employee misconduct investigations, often involving workers accessing pornography from their government computers, grew sixfold last year inside the taxpayer-funded foundation that doles out billions of dollars of scientific research grants, according to budget documents and other records obtained by The Washington Times.” Worker porn.
I called this the ACORN defense--the "retired" worker said he was helping--he frequented the porn sites to provide a living to the poor overseas women. NSF isn't the only government agency with this problem--only the most recent in the news. Very few firings, some brief suspensions.

Hillarycare 17 years later

Here’s a good analysis of Hillary care of 1992 (as it was known by its detractors) written in 2007. I was looking through it to see what the reasons were that it went down. The author, Paul Starr, was an insider, having been brought into the process by Ira Magaziner. He sites:
  • right-wing misrepresentations
  • malicious personal attacks on Hillary
  • reporters and the public thought that Bill Clinton had handed over the policy to Hillary
  • false charges
  • misunderstanding the politics behind the plan
  • distrust of the Washington bureaucracy
  • no positive consensus about what to do among Democrats
  • change in priorities by President Clinton
  • charges of heresy from the Left and Right alike
  • accusations of secrecy (30 working groups)
  • began with a huge program that could be bargained away by layers
  • lurid fears from talk radio that the federal government would control every detail of medical care
It all sounds quite familiar given what we've been going through since Obama tried to ram jam the mega-health bill through in August. Apparently, some of his supporters are too young (or too old) to remember that many of us remember 1992!

But in that entire list, which could be ripped right out of a report from Katie Couric this evening, there's not a single charge of racism. Odd isn't it? I'm sure personal animus toward Mrs. Clinton was part of it, particularly since she wasn't elected and according to Starr her role was misunderstood, but apparently no one said the conservatives dislike for her plan was based on her race. Yet faced with many of the same arguments, and an even bigger, more complicated and confusing plan/bill, now we're racists.

My note to Kilroy, Voinovich and Brown

"The Democrats are drumming up the public option AGAIN. The people of the USA have made this very clear; your poll numbers and Obama's and Congress's are dropping quickly. WE DO NOT WANT THIS. I won't need 72 hours to read the latest version and the internet will go down anyway. We want more competition to bring down prices, less fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid, and tort reform. Why is that so hard to understand, and why are those no where in this or any other plan (except Republicans)?

Speaking of privacy

Apparently there are some who don't believe the government (layers and layers of departments of people) can keep a secret, so Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) wants to exclude records about AIDS, STDs and abortion from the electronic health records that are going to be required of all of our doctors. Doesn't that seem a little odd? Is that a racist smear against the President, Pelosi and Reid to find one more thing wrong with this plan? I just don't recall seeing that before. Do you suppose it was slipped into another funding bill, like armored vehicles or old growth forests?

A glimpse of the future?

Our internet is down--I'm at the library with the other homeless and out of work. I'm looking around at the wonderful book collection, wondering. . .

Our neighborhood is so small it's hard to get the cable company to pay attention to us. Some have switched companies but their service is no better. I don't know when our cable lines were laid, sometime since my 30th birthday, but I'm sure they are frayed and fragile. And the faucet squeaks, and the dryer is broken, and the road tar is still on the van, and the bottom panel of the garage door is looking a bit funky from water damage, and the cat has a funny cough, and the racks in the dishwasher are still rusting, and I woke up at 1:30 thinking about all the things that aren't working.

However, the good news is the President is flying to Denmark and ignoring the war, the terrorists, and healthcare, and the USAToday says RV sales are up, so someone is doing well or at least planning some short trips.

Does anybody really know what Obamacare is

Guest blogger Murray sez:
"Ask yourself this. What is Obama selling? He has been campaigning for months on a healthcare plan that really doesn't exist. He expects you and I to buy into what he says might be a plan that promises everything that is good for us. But we all know how much we can trust any of Obama's campaign promises. There was a bill presented to require the latest proposal/bill to be posted on the Internet for a lousy 72 hours so not only could the legislators see what it was (if they would read it) but gee... ALL the citizens that it will affect could get a peek also. The people's friend, Nancy Pelosi, quickly squashed that idea. No, No, No, we must keep this as an ugly surprise for the taxpayer and just send them the bill.

Why is it ugly you ask? Well, it's ugly because it does not include the obvious provisions like tort reform, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines, flushing the illegals out of free healthcare and allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs. Those four things would cost nothing and definitely lower the total cost of healthcare in this great country. Why aren't they in the proposal? BECAUSE THE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS DON'T WANT THEM!. Just like the Prescription Drug Plan that the Republicans pushed through that is draining the Medicare funds. That dog was created by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Now, I ask you, how in the world could we trust our federal government to manage a nationwide healthcare plan? They have destroyed Medicare and Social Security. These plans should have been a piece of cake to manage. But your legislator will tell you that both plans were nothing but Ponzi schemes that were doomed to fail. (This, of course, takes the responsibility of failure off their shoulders.) Well, as usual, they lie. A Ponzi scheme is one that fails because the perpetrators steal the money and when investors want to cash in and they run out of investors there isn't enough money for pay outs. Medicare and S.S. were designed NOT TO FAIL unless of course someone stole the funds or failed to manage the funds. In this case, our legislators did both. Both plans were designed to SUCCEED. Why? Because there were unlimited investors, the amount of money being invested into both funds could be controlled, and there would be many years to accumulate reserves BEFORE the masses began to draw benefits heavily. It takes a room full of idiots to allow something like that to fail.

So now we have a room full of idiots trying to sell us on their ability to run a nation wide health care plan. They want to manage doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, plus you and me via Obamacare. They don't know how much it will cost, but they don't care. You see, it's really not about health care. It's about POWER. Our freedom and way of life is now being threatened, not by terrorists, but by our own federal government. If you stand by and do or say nothing, your grand children will never forgive you. For it is you, right now, that needs to stand up and be heard. You are their only chance to come close to anything like the lifestyle that you have enjoyed while getting old. Hopefully it's not too late. Hopefully your final days will not be flat on your back waiting for your congressman to determine what treatment "the plan" will allow you to have. Ask you doctor, "Is this plan right for me?" He/she knows the answer!


Monday, September 28, 2009

He's got his I on us

This is what some Americans call eloquent; inspiring. Others arrogant; insipid.
    "In mythology, Narcissus was the guy who fell in love with his own reflection.

    In 2009, he’s the president of the United States.

    Instead of adoring his own image, Obama loves to hear himself talk – about himself. In just 41 speeches this year, Obama has talked about himself nearly 1,200 times – 1,198 to be exact. (That breaks down to 1,121 “I”s and just 77 “me”s.) And that just includes 34 weekly addresses and his seven major speeches. Count the hundreds of other public speeches and he’d be off the charts." Link on our self focused President.

Are you feeling safe yet?

While Iran tests nuclear missiles capable of hitting Israel and parts of Europe (a purely peaceful exercise), Obama dashes off to Copenhagen to plead for Chicago Olympics. Oh yes, and our military in Afghanistan is vulnerable because of his inaction. He's just too busy to think about or talk to McChrystal. Remember? That's the war he wanted us to fight! When he was campaigning.
    "Locked in a deepening dispute with the United States and its allies over its nuclear program, Iran was reported Monday to have test-fired long-range missiles capable of striking Israel and American bases in the Persian Gulf in what seemed a show of force," reports the New York Times' Alan Cowell.

    "The reported tests of the Shahab-3 and Sejil missiles by the Revolutionary Guards were not the first conducted by Iran, but they came at a time of high tension, days after President Obama and the leaders of France and Britain used the disclosure of a previously secret nuclear plant in Iran to threaten Tehran with a stronger response, including harsher economic sanctions.

    "Iran says it wants to develop a nuclear capacity for peaceful purposes but many in the west say it is seeking to create a nuclear weapons capability. Tehran says its missile tests have been planned for some time and are not linked to the nuclear dispute." NYT
Of course he's not thumbing his nose at Obama. That would be racist.

Can the rich save the planet?

"Fisker Automotive Inc., a U.S. startup planning to sell luxury plug-in hybrid cars, secured a federal loan for as much as US$528.7-million to fund production of its low-emission models."

Investors in closely held Fisker, founded by car designer Fisker, include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a Menlo Park, California-based venture capital fund that employs former Vice President Al Gore, and Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. Link

"KPCB has announced an historic alliance with Generation Investment Management and its chairman Al Gore who has become a KPCB Partner. The combined network, expertise, vision and global reach of Gore, Generation and KPCB will help our entrepreneurs change the world."

What others are saying: "Let's see - not only is a Gore-backed company getting hundreds of millions to produce electric cars for the status conscious wealthy, these electric cars won't even be built in America (a non-stimulus stimulus, so to speak). Plus, the electric cars will require more coal-fired plants to be built in order to supply the extra electricity these cars will consume, which happens to result in more net CO2 emissions. Ya gotta love how the corrupt, liberal Democrats always make sure to first take care of the common American worker and the global environment." C3 Headlines

Report on Lutheran CORE in Indianapolis

Here's a summary, but DVDs of the presentations will be available. "The ELCA has fallen into heresy. It is a time for confession and a time to resist. It is, please God, also a time for new life and transformation and for mission," said Paul Spring, the retired bishop of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod. Leaders of the African immigrant and Hispanic churches in the ELCA also attended. Both communities have been deeply hurt by the ELCA's actions. Pastor Paul Ulring of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church where we've been members since 1976 is included in the summary,
    "We are not dividing the church. The church is already divided. We're just mopping up what the church did," said the Rev. Paul Ulring of Columbus, Ohio, a member of the Lutheran CORE Steering Committee. "There is a future for us, a future that we only glimpse right now. Things will happen that will make it possible for us to do this, things that aren't clear right now, but Jesus is in clear view," said Ulring.

    Ulring outlined steps that individuals and congregations can take as they move into the future. "We've spent all our ELCA years and before, struggling and working against what has now happened. It's over; it's done. We don't have to spend ourselves there anymore," Ulring said. "Let's take that energy, that passion and transfer it to a future that we don't have clearly, but a future that surely is better than what we've been messing with. And let's be gracious and kind, known for our positive spirit and hope. Let's be known for what we believe, not what we're against anymore. Let's be faithful to the Gospel, the Word of God, and the Lord Jesus."

    "Let us stand together, as we see the future of Lutheranism change for the good. It's worth it. Jesus calls us to do it. He is not defeated or set aside by any decision or action. We have the opportunity to make an eternal difference," Ulring said. "God has given us this new freedom and opportunity. Let us rise in hope and forgiveness, to put aside the past and find the future we have been called to for Jesus' sake and for the sake of those he loves and wants."

Softball article on BOA and ACORN in WSJ

Isn't that just so sweet. James R. Hagerty wrote, Bank of America, "a corporate partner of ACORN" is going to end its relationship. I'm not diminishing the seriousness of the video'd prostitution sting at the ACORN offices, but really, these ACORN guys at the top of the chain were high class hookers long ago selling mortgages to people who can't pay for them. Clinton knew it; Bush knew it; Obama says he's clueless and clean. Sex just got the public's attention. Go to American Spectator to see how this works using Greenlining as an example. Greenlining is another nonprofit partner which you can see on this long list.

The requirements for an ACORN-assisted mortgage is still on their web page--it looks pretty loosey goosey to me. And we wonder why CRA contributed to the housing crash?
  • 2003 and 2004 year tax returns and W2s [what's wrong with 2007 and 2008?]
  • One month of current paystubs
  • 3 most recent bank account statements
  • $20 in check or money order for a credit report
  • Rental history for the last 12 months: cancelled checks, receipts, landlord letter, etc.
Banks were being forced to lend to non-credit worthy applicants, to set aside all the known principles of sound financing to reduce the possibility of default. Take a look at what minorities were borrowing, as compared to whites, and guess who was pushing them there--certainly not the banks! Immigrant homeowners were actually failing less than native born minorities--probably had traditional resources backing them.

From Winter 2000 City Journal:
    "The Clinton administration's get-tough regulatory regime mattered so crucially because bank deregulation had set off a wave of mega-mergers, including the acquisition of the Bank of America by NationsBank, BankBoston by Fleet Financial, and Bankers Trust by Deutsche Bank. Regulatory approval of such mergers depended, in part, on positive CRA ratings. "To avoid the possibility of a denied or delayed application," advises the NCRC in its deadpan tone, "lending institutions have an incentive to make formal agreements with community organizations." By intervening—even just threatening to intervene—in the CRA review process, left-wing nonprofit groups have been able to gain control over eye-popping pools of bank capital, which they in turn parcel out to individual low-income mortgage seekers. A radical group called ACORN Housing has a $760 million commitment from the Bank of New York; the Boston-based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America has a $3-billion agreement with the Bank of America; a coalition of groups headed by New Jersey Citizen Action has a five-year, $13-billion agreement with First Union Corporation. Similar deals operate in almost every major U.S. city. Observes Tom Callahan, executive director of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, which has $220 million in bank mortgage money to parcel out, "CRA is the backbone of everything we do."
Now ACORN is back in the swim, getting federal dollars to run foreclosure workshops. Sweet deal. You get the homeowner in the mess, charge a fee and get a kick back from the bank; then get government funds to run workshops, collect fees, to get them out of the mess you made for them.

NeighborhoodWorks America is just another branch of ACORN, as are others on this list. ACORN has so many tentacles interwoven with state, local, federal and church agencies, we may never get it figured out.

A model for the White House?

We've all heard the stories about the White House czars--no vetting, no accountability except to Valerie Jarrett. Obama's never run a business, never met a payroll, knows nothing about the difference between billion and trillion. Today the WSJ had a feature section on outstanding small businesses. Not that the federal government is small, but I think I saw one that was a good model for Valerie--I skipped over the businesses that featured buzz words like "teamwork," great perks, and open communications, and zero'd in on Mike's Carwash of Indianapolis. It's been around for 60 years, and I think their hiring practices are something I could recommend to both Governor Strickland and Ms. Jarrett. Mike's Car Wash has 437 FTE--261 full time employees and 352 part time. Here's how Mike's provides stellar service and stays in business: it hires the right people, then provides heavy training and when they work out THEN they get the perks as incentives.

Only one out of 100 applicants get hired.
Each candidate is interviewed by two people.
Testing of candidates finds those with strong social and reasoning skills.
Candidates are drug tested.
Managers are trained to spot the red flags of substance abuse.

Then once they've found the right people, vetting even the lowly entry level people, they have heavy training, education reimbursement (great PT job for college kids), profit sharing and incentive plans.

USAToday also had a smaller feature on small businesses today. We all know that small business is where the recovery lies--not higher taxes on the people who create wealth and employ other people. Someone show this to the President--or better, to Valerie.

How the polls look in Ohio

Not looking so good for Obama and Strickland. Rasmussen

Strongly or somewhat approve of Obama--48%; strongly or somewhat disapprove of Obama 50%; strongly or somewhat approve of Strickland--47%; strongly or somewhat disapprove of Strickland--50%.

Governor Strickland has had more time to mess up than Obama, so you could say his numbers are better. He's been plagued by criminal or crooked appointees and buddies and flip flopping on gambling and taxes. Sound familiar?

Right now I'm for John Kasich, although I think his web page could use a little work. I've never been impressed with Obama's oratory, but his PR/web/graphics guru Axelrod is top notch--especially with the Soviet realism stuff.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

On a personal note

This book, "On a personal note, a guide to writing notes with style" is my newest book, [cross referenced at my book blog] having received it for my recent birthday along with lots of note cards. I was told it has many good tips, and it does--most of which I already know. But it's a great review. Books on how to write letters and notes are a genre that go back a few centuries. What note and letter guides don't tell you is the effort that goes into it. Even for someone who writes as much as I do, I sometimes get discouraged by the task.

Here's how mine goes. First, I look through the list of names on my family list--siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, my own children, to jog my memory if I need to write something--encouragement for that elusive job, a wedding anniversary, a thank you note for a special favor, or a get well/thinking of you card. Since paper address books just don't do it anymore (although I still have my mother's, grandmother's and some old ones of mine), I usually have to go to my computer database and check the Christmas label list. Then I get out the last several issues of the church newsletter--hospitalizations, moved to care facility, baptisms, deaths, etc. Then I check off the people I know, and get out the directory for the people I don't know, or can't quite remember the face. The picture directory isn't as up to-date as the printed directory, so both have to be used. Then I get out the bound day-by-day calendar book (no year) in which I record who got a note and why on what date (I write in the year). This needs to be reviewed from time to time, because if a church member I don't know well comes up to me 2 months later and thanks me for the card, I don't want to say, "Who me?"

We were out of town for 10 weeks this summer, so yesterday I covered up the kitchen table and counter top with all my accoutrements, and wrote 25 notes and cards, using my new gifts. I'm not done yet, but I ran out of stamps. So many people use e-mail these days, that a regular U.S. mail piece is a real treat--at least it is for me. It's especially so for people who are residing in assisted care or a nursing home. Even if they no longer remember who you are by name, they can enjoy a pretty card. There's one family in church I don't know but have been sending notes for several years about their daughter who was in a terrible auto accident caused by a drunk driver. Many people must be writing to them, or calling, because I've received occasional updates on her condition. One man I never expected would leave the hospital is home and in remission. My friend Lynne crafts lovely cards and she has helped me out with special "guy type" cards which are a little difficult to find.

If you're on one of my lists, you'll probably be getting a note on my new birthday stationery soon. The handwriting isn't what it used to be, so I hope you can read it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peroxide VS Bleach

Mike and Judy sent this along. I use peroxide for a mouth wash, but not much else. I’ll have to try some of these. If you see misinformation, just pass it along. The Truth or Fiction site rates some of these as TRUTH, some as UNPROVEN some as DISPUTED and some as UNDETERMINED. Also that list is slightly different. e-How site has some of the same. Suggestions from an earth friendly site. Snopes doesn't enumerate, but advises caution, and says this particular e-mail started circulating around January 2006. Always check any health claims for any product received by e-mail at several fact checking sites. Or just google, and find an EPA or FDA or CDC site.

"I would like to tell you of the benefits of that plain little ole bottle of 3% peroxide you can get for under $1.00 at any drug store. What does bleach cost? My husband has been in the medical field for over 36 years, and most doctors don't tell you about peroxide.

Have you ever smelled bleach in a doctor's office? NO!!! Why? Because it smells, and it is not healthy! Ask the nurses who work in the doctor's offices, and ask them if they use bleach at home. They are wiser and know better!

"Did you also know bleach was invented in the late 40's? [One site said this isn't true.] It's chlorine, folks! And it was used to kill our troops. Peroxide was invented during WWI. It was used to save and help cleanse the needs of our troops and hospitals. Please think about this:
    1. Take one capful (the little white cap that comes with the bottle) and hold in your mouth for 10 minutes daily, then spit it out. (I do it when I bathe.) No more canker sores, and your teeth will be whiter without expensive pastes. Use it instead of mouthwash.

    2. Let your toothbrushes soak in a cup of peroxide to keep them free of germs.

    3. Clean your counters and table tops with peroxide to kill germs and leave a fresh smell. Simply put a little on your dishrag when you wipe, or spray it on the counters.

    4. After rinsing off your wooden cutting board, pour peroxide on it to kill salmonella and other bacteria.

    5. I had fungus on my feet for years until I sprayed a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and
    water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry.

    6. Soak any infections or cuts in 3% peroxide for five to ten minutes several times a day. My husband has seen gangrene that would not heal with any medicine but was
    healed by soaking in peroxide.

    7. Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water and keep it in every bathroom to disinfect without harming your septic system like bleach or most other disinfectants will.

    8. Tilt your head back and spray into nostrils with your 50/50 mixture whenever you have a cold, plugged sinus. It will bubble and help to kill the bacteria. Hold for a few minutes, and then blow your nose into a tissue.

    9. If you have a terrible toothache and cannot get to a dentist right away, put a capful of 3% peroxide into your mouth and hold it for ten minutes several times a day. The pain will lessen greatly.

    10. Put half a bottle of peroxide in your bath to help rid boils, fungus, or other skin infections.

    11. You can also add a cup of peroxide instead of bleach to a load of whites in your laundry to whiten them. If there is blood on clothing, pour it directly on the soiled spot. Let it sit for a minute, then rub it and rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

    12. I use peroxide to clean my mirrors. There is no smearing, which is why I love it so much for this.

The UN loves Obama because he's weak

Sad but true. Read it Americans.
    "It is not hard to see why a standing ovation awaits the president at Turtle Bay. Obama’s popularity at the UN boils down essentially to his willingness to downplay American global power. He is the first American president who has made an art form out of apologizing for the United States, which he has done on numerous occasions on foreign soil, from Strasbourg to Cairo. The Obama mantra appears to be – ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to atone for your country. This is a message that goes down very well in a world that is still seething with anti-Americanism.

    It is natural that much of the UN will embrace an American president who declines to offer strong American leadership. A president who engages dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez will naturally gain respect from the leaders of the more than 100 members of the United Nations who are currently designated as “partly free” or “not free” by respected watchdog Freedom House.

    The UN is not a club of democracies - who still remain a minority within its membership – it is a vast melting pot of free societies, socialist regimes and outright tyrannies. Obama’s clear lack of interest in human rights issues is a big seller at the UN, where at least half its members have poor human rights records."

Whatever happened to the Ideal City?

The people have moved away. "Today (2005) no one in Germany refers to . . . suburbs as "monotonous." This term is instead reserved for the grey slabs of concrete that most people are abandoning as fast as they can. Throughout Europe, high-rise apartments are increasingly becoming ghettos for Muslim and other foreign "guest workers."

Read a fascinating article about Halle-Neustadt (referred to as Hanoi by residents), a high-density, soviet-built city in East Germany that some urban planners once rated “the most sustainable city in the world” by the Antiplanner. Terrific photos.

President Pantywaist as the Brits say

"If you read the entire article, [says Neo-Neocon,] you’ll see a few more things: Ahmadinejad’s exquisitely contemptuous message to Obama. Britain’s Brown responding by saying “Iran must abandon any military ambitions for its nuclear program,” as though he’s got anything to say about it. The news that Obama was briefed about this second enrichment facility back when he first came into office, and yet he still abandoned the planned missile defense for Poland and the Czechs last week designed to counter a nuclear threat, citing the fact that Iran wasn’t on track to develop nuclear weapons within the next five years."

Remember Poland. It was 70 years ago we did nothing. If you think immigration is unfair now, you should see what the "rules" did to European Jews. How did this one work? "The good neighbor respects himself and the rights of others. (FDR)" Does that remind you of any of the golden sentences we heard this past week from another Democrat?

Funny as a crutch, as we used to say

Oba mao

HT Taxmanblog

The Barney Dodge

The man knows no shame. He hid behind a Medal of Honor recipient, (published a whiney letter in the WSJ 9-23) in order not to appear at the defunding vote for ACORN. Oh Barney, you're the only thing transparent in this current administration!

Poverty pimps live well

Actually, main stream reporters couldn't be called exactly poverty pimps--they aren't the Jesse Jackson types where their entire livelihood is based on scamming the wealthy CEOs to give to their causes. But they do harange us ordinary folk with "social justice" sob stories and try to make us weep that we have more than others. Like Matt Lauer.

He has recently bought a waterfront "cottage" for $2.15 million in South Hampton, NY. He works for NBC's Today Show.
    It was the closest nomination contest in a generation, with just one-tenth of a percentage point — 41,622 votes out of more than 35 million cast — separating Barack Obama from Hillary Clinton when the Democratic primaries ended in June 2008. Obama’s margin among elected delegates was almost as thin, just 51 to 48 percent.

    But Barack Obama had a crucial advantage over his rivals this year: the support of the national media, especially the three broadcast networks. At every step of his national political career, network reporters showered the Illinois Senator with glowing media coverage, building him up as a political celebrity and exhibiting little interest in investigating his past associations or exploring the controversies that could have threatened his campaign. Read the entire report here
So what sort of pay back do these MSM reporters get? After all, Obama's going to redistribute their wealth to the bottom one-third (actually, that would include me). Maybe they just get to share the beach. I wouldn't deny a liberal media maven his millions, I just wish they'd be less a hypocrite about wealth, taxes, poverty, health insurance and Obama!

WSJ says luxury real estate is rebounding in the Hamptons thanks to Obama's "bridge loans" for the well connected with our tax money. (Lots of snobbish blacks in the Hamptons. They used to be only for snobbish whites.) Really, these people didn't get rich by being stupid.

A possible homicide. Foul play. Ya think?

It wouldn’t take me long to decide it was a homicide if the guy’s eyes are taped and mouth stuffed, his hands and feet bound, and he was hung naked except for his socks (Columbus Dispatch). Really, reporters sound a bit funny. Like this at Huffington Post
    "Our job is to determine if there was foul play involved – and that's part of the investigation – and if there was foul play involved, whether that is related to his employment as a Census worker," said Beyer.

    Attacking a federal worker during or because of his job is a federal crime.”
I'm voting that this had nothing to do with his part time job, and everything to do with kinky sex gone bad. Or he stumbled onto the modern version of an old timey Kentucky still (drugs).

Imagine the health care wait

While we were filling our coffee cups, the man on disability told me that he had applied 7 months ago for a special mortgage refinancing program that was part of the stimulus. He has submitted mountains of documentation, he has good credit, his bank is behind him--it's the federal government that has poured sugar in the gas tank of an already sluggish bureaucracy. He laughed--"This is more time than it took for me to qualify for diability!" (and that was a number of months).

Also, at Ohio State there is a back log in providing military veterans their payments for tuition, books and living expenses under the post 9-11 GI Bill. That log jam apparently started to build up around May of 2009. This has affected tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans nationwide scrambling to cobble together enough money until the government payments come through.

There's only a few million veterans, and probably even fewer mortgages going through refinancing paper work. Aren't you just amazed at a president so ignorant of the red tape he's creating who wants to take over the entire health financing system instead of fixing what doesn't work--like the waste and fraud that are already in the government health programs?

A tax increase on the vain and poor alike

In Ohio, vanity tags will go from $15 to $50, and 30 day tags from $8 to $18.50. Pity the poor working man--first the federal government decreases the supply of lesser value, inexpensive used cars by promoting a "cash for clunkers" program in which they are destroyed, thus raising the prices on used cars still in the market pipeline, then the state raises the price on everything concerning tags and licenses. I just renewed my driver's license two days ago, and noticed I was charged $1.00 for a "vision" test--that consisted of reading one line of numbers and waving my hand if I saw a flashing light. That 10 second test will now go up to $2.75, and the only reason it didn't go up in July with the other fees is they couldn't get the computers reprogrammed fast enough. Before he was elected, our Governor Strickland, a former Methodist pastor, insisted that raised fees were hidden taxes, and that he was against state sponsored gambling. Well, those morals went out the window. These d.l. and tag fees are supposed to raise an additional $55 million dollars. This is not supposed to overburden the BMV "customers," but will make up the funding gap in safety services.

A conversation about white guilt

and the damage done to African Americans by liberals. This interview with Shelby Steele by Charlie Rose was done in 1998, and the topic is perhaps even more important today. It’s also classic Charlie, where he tries to get the guest off track (starts out talking about Clinton’s morality and affairs) if he doesn’t agree with him/her, thus eating into their time. I was vilified by liberals by even suggesting that Obama’s “blaccent” wasn’t authentic even to my ear, but Steele said it first and better as did trained linguists. Unfortunately for Steele, his book on Obama had a very unfortunate subtitle: “and why he can’t win.”

First have something to say

Roy Tennant doesn’t know me, doesn’t read my blog, but I can identify, except I still think people need to have something to say before they e-mail, twitter or blog. I think from this post below, he’s decided everyone has something to say. I talk to a lot of people face to face, I read a lot, I’m on a bunch of lists; and sorry Roy, many have nothing to say at all about anything, but they never shut up. Some are college professors, some are on medication for brain disorders. Others can verbally express themselves, but their writing looks like my tennis or swimming (awful). Recently (in e-mail) my childhood friend Carol asked how could I find the time to read and write as much as I do. Everyone finds time to do what they enjoy--whether it’s attending board (bored) meetings, trying new recipes, walking 5 miles a day, training dogs, or collecting Annaco ceramic cats. It’s not about time, it’s not even about discipline. Here‘s Roy--a very good prolific writer and one with whom I frequently disagree:
    "I write a lot. Some might say too much. I write Twitter updates, e-mails, electronic discussion messages, blog posts, journal articles, books, and this "glacial blog" where I post maybe twice a year. I think about writing a lot. Some might say too much. And I have something to say about it.

    A colleague I greatly respect has said of writing "First, have something to say." At first this seems like complete wisdom, and for years it made total sense to me. But as I have thought more about it, I have become very uncomfortable with it. So I want to take this one post of my twice-a-year-blog to refute this statement since I think it potentially undermines potential writers at their most vulnerable point.” See if you agree with him no specific link but page says May 21, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cathy's Clown

He's probably a great grandfather by now--that poor dejected guy that Cathy dumped back in 1960, she was "treating him so bad," that his heart felt cry went to the top of the charts for the Everly Brothers. I was thinking about him this morning because we were moving to this in exercise class. Our instructor is probably around 40, has a toddler she brings to class, and wouldn't have even been born yet when the Everly Brothers were heart throbs. Gosh, they were cute (now 70 and 72).

When you see me shed a tear,
And you know that it's sincere,
Doncha think it's kinda sad
That you're treatin' me so bad,
Or don't you even care?

Don't want your lo-o-o-o-ove anymore.
Don't want your ki-i-i-i-isses, that's for sure.
I die each time
I hear this sound:
"Here he co-o-o-o-omes. That's Cathy's clown.
That's Cathy's clown.
That's Cathy's clown."

No one laughs at ACORN today

Last September was the first many of us had heard of “community organizer,” as an actual career. All we knew about ACORN was some voter fraud that rolled around each election. After the term was ridiculed by Rudy and Sarah, the pros at ACORN lit up like a dry torched Christmas tree. Matthew Vadum of Capital Research Center set us straight.
    “But what exactly is community organizing? And is it “very valuable”?
    There might be some form of community organizing somewhere in the nation that is “very valuable,” but in the highly specific sense that Obama –a lawyer who enjoys carefully crafting his sentences– uses the term, it’s not about church bake sales, picking up litter, little leagues, or parent-teacher associations.

    Obama-style community organizing is pure leftist, anti-capitalist agitation. It’s about that nebulous Marxist concept of ’social justice.’ It’s about making people angry so they push for change. The kind of change they seek is rarely good. It often artificially creates pressure for government spending on whatever project is fashionable in leftist circles that day. Filled with robust self-esteem, community organizers are typically professional revolutionaries who believe that something is terribly wrong with America and that they are the ones anointed to fix it.

    The father of community organizing was ultra-leftist Saul Alinsky (1909-1972), a Chicagoan who elevated local-level political agitation to an art form. Alinsky, a significant influence on Obama, believed in “rubbing raw the sores of discontent.” In his classic book Rules for Radicals, Alinsky prescribed the tactics and defined the goals of community organizing. Among his “rules“: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up” and “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Alinsky taught his disciples to disguise their radical ideology. “Camouflage is key to Alinsky-style organizing. In organizing coalitions of black churches in Chicago, Obama caught flak for not attending church himself. He became an instant churchgoer,” notes Richard Lawrence Poe. According to Alinsky, an effective radical activist “discards the rhetoric that always says ‘pig’ ” when describing police officers, and uses other linguistic tricks in order, “to radicalize parts of the middle class.” Winning over the middle class is key, Alinsky argued, because “the power and the people are in the big middle-class majority.”

    Obama’s would-be castrator Jesse Jackson is a master community organizer himself who now focuses his efforts on Wall Street. His Rainbow/PUSH Coalition has shaken corporations down for millions of dollars. As Shelby Steele writes, Jackson and his brethren in the civil rights establishment have “pursued equality through the manipulation of white guilt.” Those leaders “ushered in an extortionist era of civil rights, in which they said to American institutions: Your shame must now become our advantage,” Steele writes.” Read the rest here.

Gullible travels

In the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, 25% of 18 – 35 year olds got their news from John Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” according to the Public News Service. Based on the outcome, I’m guessing it was much higher in 2008, and from the way Stewart, Letterman and SNL go hyper and disgusting over Sarah (and her children), Rush and Glenn, they aren’t letting up now that their man won. They are so in the tank for the left--whether Kerry, Gore or Obama--it’s no wonder they have a meltdown and have to call in Soros based lackeys to write their jokes.

But I do wish Rush and Glenn would just stop talking so much about how misinformed these No-lie-left-behind hosts are about their shows and their talk. Their audiences are totally left, so who cares? That group will probably not become listeners of Ann Coulter or Tammy Bruce or Sean Hannity, and if it is only parsed through Media Matters and Letterman, why get your shorts in a knot if people get their news that way? It’s no wonder Democrats are so poorly informed. Also, I think I don't care much for Glenn's new radio side-kick, Pat. He does impressions of Glenn, but not as good, and sometimes talks over him. Since I didn't listen in the summer (parked the car), I don't know when he started. Stu is a much better second banana.

Glenn’s boiled frog of Wednesday is an example. He wasted a lot of time on that last night. The bloggers were all a-twitter over him tossing a frog in boiling water to see if it would jump out according to the old saw. Of course, it was a fake frog, filmed ahead of time, they fell for it, and even cut the YouTube version that went on the internet in which he explained it was fake along with most Democrats and Republicans.

They are really gunning for Glenn now, because no one in the rest of the media does any research, fact checking, or old fashioned muck raking. So not only are they mad at the dirt he's digging up, but that he constantly scoops them (although that's not too hard). That ACORN advisory board story was revealing. Although not exactly his scoop. I guess we don't need to expect much of an investigation with that crew on board! Now ABC or NBC could have done that story. How hard is it to find out that Van Jones became a communist in prison? Or that Obama promised SEIU and ACORN a piece of the action in return for votes? It's all out there on the internet. You don't even have to take anything out of context. Does Katie Couric know about Google?

How do you cut costs?

That's a big topic in the media today--but it was four years ago too when unemployment was 4.5%, and in the 1990s, and the 1980s during the last big recession. I asked it June 28, 2005, then answered my own question (I do that a lot). I don't. I reread it today, and don't see any changes. Everyone seems to "cut costs" in different ways. Here's my list of non-cuts, and at my age, I'll probably not change what is working (hmmm--could be a motto).
    Economically, it makes absolutely no sense for me to leave the house every morning at 6 a.m. and drive to a coffee shop. If you don't do this, you could exclaim, "But that costs you nearly $600 a year, when making it at home is about five cents a cup." Very true. But I read 2 or 3 newspapers, and see 4 or 5 people I know, chat with various folk, so as a social informational event, it's pretty cheap. Compare that $600 to a golf hobby, and you can see it is really pretty cheap.

    We eat out about once a week--it's called our Friday night date. When my husband started his own business in 1994, this is one thing we cut for awhile, until we could see how our finances would be, but reinstated it quickly. Sure, I can fix the same thing at home for about $3.00 that costs us $30.00 at the pub, but again, it isn't food, it is R&R and time to focus on each other. It is also a line in the sand dividing the work week from the week-end, and when your office is in your home, you definitely need to keep this ritual (he also dressed for work each day, including a tie). About $1500 a year just to eat one meal. Ridiculous!

    I could save about $400 a year if I stopped coloring my hair. That will come, but for now, I prefer to fool Mother Nature and the clerks who ask for ID when I request a senior discount. Brown hair turning gray is not pretty like a brunette turning gray (but prettier than a blonde or red head going gray--just a tip).

    We usually get a glass of the house wine (red for the cardiovascular system) with Friday night dinner. I suggested to my husband that we just drink a glass of wine at home afterwards--saving Oh, maybe $500 a year (cheap wine), but he didn't go for that. Frugal, but not romantic.

    We really don't need two cars now that my husband is retired. I suggested we get rid of his Explorer and keep my van, but since both cars are paid for (and he really likes his better than mine but his hurts my back). That would be a one time boost to the income, of say $6,000 (resale is the pits even on nice, well kept autos) plus a savings of maybe $300 a year in insurance and $200 in maintenance.

    Pets are expensive. Kitty litter, cat food, vet bills, etc. I've not looked at the figures recently, but I think it is something like $6,000 over the life time of a cat, and more for a dog. If your daughter or neighbor won't stop by and look after the sweetie-pie when you're gone, you've got to add in huge boarding bills. But I'm not even going to think about that savings. Pets are good for all sorts of health benefits.

    So you see, I could be saving and investing this to leave to our Alma Mater, The University of Illinois, but they didn't graduate any dummies, so we're spending wildly while we've got the chance.
Actually, the U. of I. item has changed. I won't send them ANYTHING because of Bill Ayers.

FDA, ReGen and Democrats

I heard this on the radio while returning from coffee.

“The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that four New Jersey congressmen and its own former commissioner unduly influenced the process that led to its decision last year to approve a patch for injured knees, an approval it is now revisiting.” (NYT)

Since the party wasn’t mentioned, and if they are Republicans, that is always noted, I came home and looked it up. Yup. Democrats. Although I suppose that is a given if the story is New Jersey, or corruption, you are to assume Democrats.
    "All four members of Congress denied that ReGen’s political contributions had played any role in their efforts on its behalf with the F.D.A. and said they were merely doing their jobs by trying to help a constituent company."(NYT)
Really, is that the job of a Congressman--to help out a constituent's company? So what is the FDA's job?

Climate of violence

Where is enhanced Nancy when you need a tearful appeal to end the climate of violence? Oh, that was just for peaceful tea party demonstrators like Murray who traveled 950 miles and back in 3 days to carry a sign asking where was the MSM and to sing and march with other patriots? She seems to be afraid to address the left wing kooks at the G-20, or the wealthy Iranians protesting the outrageous Ahmadinejad at the UN. Obama too deplores the peaceful protestors of Obamacare, calling them out as proxies for "broader issues" during his recent game show hosting last Sunday, issues he either refuses to address, or that are a veiled reference to you-know-what.

I think the conservatives, independents and libertarians should also be protesting the global agency which has no representation from the people of any country, just a bunch of government officials, dictators, jihadists and communist mini-men babbling on about sustainable growth, cap and trade, peer review and bank regulations. Really, will health care make any difference when we no longer even have a government of our own?

Shovel ready?

"The federal government on not spending a nickel on any shovel ready projects over 800 miles of I-75." Noted Gordon Gekko after a long drive back to Ohio from Florida.

There are sidewalks being installed along Kenny Rd. across from the OSU golf course. I'm hoping that those of you in Indiana and Illinois and Florida didn't have to contribute. Cities should be able to scrape up money for sidewalks without holding out their hands and kissing rings in Washington. No matter who's paying, they will still be way too close to a busy street to do us oldsters or school children much good.

Is your state driving away business?

Ohio is. It is ranked 47th for business climate, according to a new study by the Tax Foundation. Take a look at that map! Illinois is 30th, Indiana 12th, and Michigan 17th. And here sits Ohio at the bottom of the heap looking to big gambling interests (issue 3, slots at race tracks, lottery, etc.) instead of real tax reform to pull us out of this mess, created by both parties. The market is now global, but the Department of Labor reports most mass job relocations are from one U.S. state to another rather than to an overseas location. For instance, from Mt. Morris, Illinois to Florida, and 30+ years ago to another southern state. Sure, workers can move, but that doesn't help the schools or the local businesses that support the town. All ten of the states with the worst business tax climates voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, and five of the ten states with the best business tax climates voted for John McCain according to the Tax Professor. Ohioans plan to further destroy our economy in the Appalachian states by going along with the green global goals of the current administration in Washington.

HT to Patrick Poole of Soballiance who pointed to these sources.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The left coast

LA's Skid Row, one of the largest concentrations of homeless in the United States.

The buried history of the slave trade

The slave trade never ended, of course. There's more slavery going on today than in the 18th century, particularly among women and children. And especially for sex. More Africans have died from environmentalists allowing malaria to resurge than ever died in the Atlantic slave trade. Still, this piece by Black Informant is interesting commentary on the way the Africans and Europeans worked together to establish the 17th and 18th century slave trade. Our schooling in the 50s was less brainwashing and not as full of PC as today, so I knew some of this, but not Nigeria's role or what that nation teaches today.

Apparently our history began on January 20

At least the good stuff.
    "The United States elected 43 presidents before the current occupant graced the office with his presence. We fought, and won, two world wars, liberated millions of people worldwide from tyranny, and worked cooperatively with other sovereign nations to rebuild entire continents. Some might even say the character of our nation is well established considering we have been a democracy for just over 230 years now.

    Not President Barack Obama, who told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, “For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we [I] have taken in just nine months.” 230 years versus just nine months. No wonder, the New York Times reports, were UN delegates not only applauding Obama, but snapping photos of their hero like tourists. Read full piece."
Note: If you want to argue about the number: those before Washington weren't elected, and one guy was elected twice so he is counted once.

Obama just wants the world

"If there were ever a question about Barack Obama’s dedication to the concept of global governance, it has now been answered fully. His track record to date points toward his commitment to global governance; his speech to the United Nations removes all doubt." Canada Free Press To be fair, a world government that was NOT representative of any peoples or voters, but propped up by rules and regulations thought up by government officials, was not Obama's idea--it was our own President Woodrow Wilson and then embraced and tweaked by FDR.

Fall Art Show at the Church at Mill Run

One of the campuses of UALC, the Church at Mill Run, has the best hanging space for art in Columbus. The halls are the width of a high way, there is natural light, and the hanging system is Arakawa. The UALC members are having an art show this fall. The building is closed on Friday and Saturday to cut utility costs, but if you like to attend art shows Sunday through Thursday, this might be doable. And I'm in it. I don't enter many art shows. First, mine are always NFS, and some shows have rules that something has to be for sale. Second, I'm not competitive. If I like it, fine. I don't care what someone else thinks. I'm the same way with sports, link exchanges to up my stats, committee appointments and board games. Winning is not for me. But I stopped and looked at it last Thursday, and I think it is a very strong show. One of our pastors, Dave Drumel, has put some of his work in, Bev has entered some nice things (forgotten what that's called), my neighbor Joan has a lovely display of her photography of their most recent trip to Italy, and there's a variety of media.

The two on the end are my husbands, three in the middle mine. All are of Lakeside or Marblehead.

Our missionary to Haiti and pastor's wife, Pam Mann, is a very talented artist. These are some of her t-shirts, especially designed for our programming.

Michelle and Valerie lobby for Chicago Olympics

They've even got matching Olympian outfits. Oh that's so cute. So BFF. But guess what? Brazil says it will help their poor if it is chosen for the 2016 Olympics. What to do! Go with rich, spoiled Chicagoans, or consider Brazil's plea? Choose the Obama machine (do presidents usually get involved with this--has it ever been in Texas or Arkansas?) because he could be the coming Messiah? I read this in the WSJ, Matthew Futterman, 9-23, but here's another one.

Isn't this what the diversity czar recommends?

B. Joseph White, University of Illinois president, resigned amid reports the school admitted politically connected applicants over more qualified at the Urbana campus (my alma mater). Sounds like today's news stories about Mark Lloyd. And what a throw back to the 50s. When I went to school, there was a terrific dating ratio created by the school's policy on women. We were a rather select minority because standards were higher for women applicants--I think you had to be in the upper 10% of your graduating class, but for men it was probably upper third. Maybe that's an urban legend, but that's what I was told when I asked why it was 4:1, men to women. Really, if you couldn't get a date for Friday night. . . I'm just saying.

Anyway, back to my point. We now have within the Obama administration a "diversity czar," Mark Lloyd, who believes in order to move minorities (apparently don't have to be poor or disadvantaged--just have to have the right skin color) to positions of power, some in the majority group (i.e., people of European roots who haven't co-mingled their genes) will have to voluntarily (or not) step down. Nothing about qualifications, skills, merit, intelligence. Just ethnicity. Just color. Hmmm. Call me crazy but I think America went that route and decided it wasn't right. This should make some of Obama's closest associates a little nervous, like Buffy and Toes and Dr. Death. I'm not sure being a Jew gets you any points with Mr. Lloyd, or even being a white, female union activist. Unless Buffy is a lesbian, then she's safe. Being a well connected to radicals and communists, wealthy black Chicagoan will "move you on up to the East side."

I'm really not familiar with White or the allegations, but when Blago and Rezko's names come up, the crumbs always seems to lead to Obama, so I'm sure it's best for all if he just fades to gray.

Female marines wear scarves under helmets

But it's for a good cause, they say: counterinsurgency.

Sarah Palin is called "an act" by WSJ

Jonathan Cheng and John McKinnon couldn't hide their dislike in reporting on Palin's speech at a conference sponsored by investment firm CLSA Asia Pacific Markets--must have mentioned money 4 or 5 times. Smart women are really a threat to the MSM. They said foreign policy was her weak spot. Surely they haven't been listening to the Obama-Biden dog and pony show where three of our allies have been tossed overboard in the past week. Also, they listed possible contributors to her speech. Do they do that for Obama's speeches or Bill Clinton's speeches (and don't you wish Biden would stay on script)? Look what she's been able to accomplish without a full cheerleading team in the media!

Demonstrators and Protestors by the thousands

Iranian Americans of all stripes, political views and agendas rallied against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad near the UN yesterday. Remarkably, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter have not called them racists and Nazis for using free speech and assembly.

But then, they weren't protesting taxes, health care and cap and trade, either.

Lutherans leaving ELCA

Alternative church fellowship for Lutherans to be formed as 1,200 gather in Indianapolis, Sept. 25-26 for Lutheran CORE convocation. The turn out and interest has been so great, the registration is closed and they've moved it to a larger church.

My first impression at this web site is that I hope they can soon hire a professional web designer. But the information is good.

My church, UALC in Columbus (3 campuses, 9 services),
    "Our future is not in the ELCA. Moving toward wherever our future will be is a fairly lengthy but a critically important process, and one that will be given all the time it needs. . . No funds whatsoever have been given to the ELCA since July. . . We will spend our effort and our energy where they matter most, on people, for Jesus' sake." Senior Pastor Paul Ulring, report to the Congregation, Cornerstone, Sept. 20-26, 2009
There are a number of other options in addition to CORE for ELCA congregations planning to distance themselves from their misguided synod which has been wandering in the wilderness for about 10 years.
  • Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod (this probably isn't an option for UALC since 7 of the 9 services are informal/contemporary or too loud for me to attend (drums, electric guitars, etc.) If you've heard any good music from Lutherans, it's probably from this synod.
  • The Lighthouse Covenant (Ulring is one of the founding members)
  • LCMC Word Alone (UALC is a member)
  • ARC Alliance of Renewal Churches
  • AFLC and AALCAssociation of Free Lutheran Congregations and American Association of Lutheran Churches

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The most anti-Israel speech ever by an American President

That's what former ambassador John Bolton said. And how can you go into negotiations if Obama has already determined the outcome?

Citizens of the world, you need to be very, very worried about this man's grab for global power. Bolton said Obama is naive. I don't think so.

Reasons to home school

Children singing "Barack Hussein Obama" clap, snap, rock, and telling him he's number one. Don't recall seeing this paean of praise and adoration during the Bush, Clinton, Reagan or Carter years. Dress them in crisp white shirts with a red scarf and they could be Young Pioneers. What ever happened to separation of church and state during school hours?

Would you want him in your back yard?

ABC News reports: "Shunned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi slept in the Libyan diplomatic mission last night as officials in the suburban town of Bedford, N.Y., issued a stop work order on his palatial tent being erected on property owned by Donald Trump.

Gaddafi arrived in the United States Tuesday evening, the first time he has entered this country or addressed the U.N. since he took power 40 years ago.

His reception in the United States has been as chilly as a desert night and his aides have wandered around the metro region trying to find a place to pitch their leader's tent.

After being rejected by New York City's Central Park and by the town of Englewood, N.J., the Libyans posed as Dutch diplomats to rent a Manhattan town house that had a large roof that could have accommodated a tent."

Anyone not a foreign dictator would know you don't just waltz into an American town and put up a giant tent without clearing it first with the local zoning board and licensing office. Where was his advance team?

Obama bundler to go under the bus with Grandma, Wright, Jones, ACORN, etc.

". . . Hassan Nemazee pleaded not guilty to an indictment accusing him of carrying out a $292 million Ponzi scheme.

Nemazee’s brief appearance in U.S. District Court in Manhattan was his first since he was indicted this week on charges of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.
Prosecutors say Nemazee cheated three banks out of the money to live an affluent life and pose as an influential fundraiser.

The 59-year-old Manhattan resident was the national finance chairman for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He later raised money for President Barack Obama.

He is under house arrest on $25 million bail and is wearing an electronic bracelet.

From Breaking news

If he'd been a fund raiser for a Republican, it would have been the end of that politician's career.

Add a year for cost increases

"The U.S. Navy has changed the terms of its ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. Graduates now must serve five years on active duty, instead of four. The main reason for this increase is money. ROTC cadets have all their tuition costs covered by the navy, plus money for some living expenses and books. Some 150 universities have navy ROTC programs, which produces 1,100 ensigns (the lowest ranking naval officer) each year. The Naval Academy has always required five years of active duty from its graduates. The army and air force still only require four years active service from their ROTC graduates." Strategy Page

McChrystal’s recommendations

Remember the good old days, just a few months ago, when the leftists proclaimed this one the “good war” just so they could bad mouth Bush?

It seems we're "underresourced." And we have a president who has declared he doesn't believe in "victory." The anti-american, pro-islamist club/clutch within the White House must be rubbing their hands with glee.
    “Lukewarm public support for the Afghan conflict could stop Obama from implementing McChrystal’s recommendations—and lose us the war in the process.” More at National Interest Online
Some say this could distract from the health care push; maybe it's the other way around. Get people so focused on the government take-overs in the economy, they won't notice what he's doing in the middle-east.

Update: Who's behind Islam on Capitol Hill?

Update 2: Summary of news links on this story.

Obama takes us backward 60 years

The U.S. is an unreliable ally under Obama. Who could possibly trust us now?
    “Russia's unchanging goal since the end of World War II has been to weaken or sever the Atlantic Alliance; to separate the United States from NATO. After 1991, the liberated countries attached themselves to the West. They would be "Central Europe," their historic designation next to "Western Europe," and would no longer be regarded as "Eastern Europe." They joined NATO. They went to Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States inside the NATO alliance was supposed to be the guarantor of "Europe whole and free." While the Russians were trying at a minimum to restore themselves as a superpower with a sphere of influence in Europe.

    It took the Russians 20 years, but they're back. Russian President Medvedev said, "Naturally, we will have to conduct substantial, expert consultation... we will work together to develop effective measures...that take into account the interests and concerns of all sides and ensure equal security for all countries in European territory." He said President Obama had a "responsible attitude."

    Russia and the United States, together "ensuring" security for the "European territory." How secure do the Poles feel today, or the Czechs? How do the Romanians or the Hungarians feel about Russia assuming the role of their "security guarantor"? Do the Georgians and Ukrainians think President Obama is being "responsible" with their future? Did the President of the United States think it would be easier to deal with one dictatorial country rather than more than two-dozen free countries in various messy states of political evolution?” More at JINSA Report Sept. 18, 2009