Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Iran fights back against Trump

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Some history on the National Security Council, by Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee writes in his e-mail today about the apoplectic media reaction to the NSC:

"After Trump announced his reshaping of the National Security Council, something that every President does, the media went ballistic, until Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed them a virtually identical Obama-era presidential memo on the NSC that they hadn’t criticized at all. Part of the outrage centered on Trump not including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Director of National Intelligence in the formal NSC group, but Spicer said that's just to give them leeway to skip meetings that don't pertain to their fields. The media also blasted Trump for not including the CIA, even though they haven't been included since the DNI position was created in 2005. There was also much foaming at the mouth over Trump's including political strategist Steve Bannon, just as Obama had included David Axelrod. Critics pointed out that Bush didn’t include Karl Rove in NSC meetings. But at Instapundit, historian Austin Bay noted that Bush had military experience and Rove didn’t, while Bannon has military experience and Trump doesn’t, which would make Bannon’s advice more valuable."

But that's too logical--and based on history.  

And NPR nitpicking at the make-up. Notice the verbs. http://www.npr.org/2017/01/30/512489785/fact-check-spin-aside-trumps-national-security-council-has-a-very-big-change


These people REALLY hate Steve Bannon!

Crickets when Obama did it.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Obama's 8 years by Mike Huckabee

"The final numbers on the eight-year Obama economy are in, and they also constitute the final nails in that shoddily-made coffin. Fourth quarter GDP growth for 2016 clocked in at a feeble 1.9%. That means Obama officially earned an inglorious place in US presidential history by presiding over eight straight years of GDP growth below 3%.

Investors Business Daily crunched the final numbers, and they are grim. While Obama and his defenders strained their backs taking bows for “saving the economy” and creating millions of jobs, the best spin you can put on their efforts is that they were “below average.” Compared to average GDP growth across US history, GDP under Obama was $2.4 trillion less than average for any other eight-year period, which reflects $19,000 less income per household. It was also about a trillion dollars less than Obama’s own predictions. Yes, we all know the excuse: he took office following an economic crisis. But the recession officially ended just five months into his tenure. On average, 7-1/2 years after a recession ends, jobs have increased by 18%. Under Obama, they’d increased by only 10.9%, representing 12 million fewer jobs than average.

There’s a lot more at the link, but you get the idea. For eight years, we heard rosy predictions and lots of praise for Obama's policies, but those didn’t match the reality experienced by Americans who were struggling with stagnant wages and slow job growth. Obama's super-regulatory, big government policies were actually restraining growth. There were many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, but this is probably the most important. By ignoring the voters’ #1 concern - jobs and the economy -- and thinking she could win via gender identity politics, calling her opponent names and promising to continue Obama’s allegedly “popular” policies that really weren't, she made the worst rookie mistake that any politician can make: she fell for her own propaganda."

Why the rage? It's not like he has gone back on his word.

"The executive order Trump signed Friday afternoon instituted a 90-day suspension of immigrants from countries listed by the Obama administration as having a significant foreign terrorist organization presence. The reason is to give relevant agencies the breathing room to review their procedures and make sure that "adequate standards are established to prevent infiltration by foreign terrorists or criminals.

The order also suspends the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days, giving Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence time to "determine what additional procedures should be taken" to make sure that terrorists aren't slipping in under the guise of refugees — a legitimate concern. It also sets a slightly lower 50,000 cap on refugees for this year than has been in effect over the past decade."

Investors Business Daily

It would be the same if we had a President Cruz

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Where was the outrage the last week of Obama's term?

During President Obama's final week in office, he did a lot that did not rile his supporters--like preparing the path for many very serious criminals (over a thousand) to be returned to the communities where they had caused chaos and grief. He OK'd millions of dollars to be sent to Palestinians to continue killing Jews and zero to Flint to fix the water system. But also he approved the killing of more than a hundred fundamentalist Muslims working with ISIS, and I don't know how many were wounded seriously, because the media doesn't report burns from exploding trucks and broken bones as bodies are tossed around or grieving families. Yet when President Trump temporarily blocks and asks for further checking for people in the countries (no killing, no pain except the wait) where Obama has been ordering bombing (seven ?), the left goes berserk without checking what's been going on. "That's not who we are," they wept. Yet Obama had us involved in more military conflicts than Bush. The reason these little people don't check is that they are puppets in a larger scheme to discredit anything Trump or the U.S. does. Marching orders. And the media are complicit.
 "Granted, Mr. Obama is leaving far fewer soldiers in harm’s way — at least 4,087 in Iraq and 9,800 in Afghanistan — than the 200,000 troops he inherited from Mr. Bush in the two countries. But Mr. Obama has also approved strikes against terrorist groups in Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, for a total of seven countries where his administration has taken military action. (NYT, May 14, 2016)"
 This month, President Barack Obama officially became the U.S. president to have been at war the longest — longer than Lyndon Johnson, longer than Abraham Lincoln and certainly longer than George W. Bush.

A few people got caught in the government net of stopping immigrants, refugees and travelers from countries Obama had been bombing, but that will all be sorted out without the leftists storming airports, hiring judges and tying up traffic. That outrage is about Trump, but the same thing would have happened with a President Cruz or President Fiorina. They are much more fortunate than those Germans and Italians who were visiting relatives in the U.S. or were not yet citizens when the U.S. declared war on the Axis Powers in WWII on Dec. 11, 1941. They went to prison, some for the duration of the war.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The immigration and refugee ban--Carter, Reagan, GWBush, Obama and Trump

White House documents show that former President Barack Obama banned people at least six times, 2011-2014; President Bill Clinton issued six immigrant bans; George W. Bush six immigrant bans; and former President Ronald Reagan four. And in 1980, former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians after Tehran seized the U.S. embassy. (Washington Examiner, June 15, 2016)  We've had a Terrorist Travel Prevention Act since 1986. It was updated in February of last year (when Trump was not the President). "Have you traveled to, or been present in, Iraq, Syria, Iran, or Sudan on or after March 1, 2011?"

It was embarrassing. This morning  I watched Martha Raddatz interviewing/interrogating Sean Spicer, the president's spokesman. If she'd looked at the history of the law (those countries were designated by Obama) she could have looked alert and awake.

After decades of maligning Americans as homophobes and racists in school textbooks, films, theater, NPR, TV and internet, a nasty nation which stole the land from gentle aboriginals who only wanted to protect the environment and enjoy each other, after ginning up rape statistics to make us the most dangerous country on the planet and lying about poverty and income gap--now the left gets all kum ba ya, decides to read a few verses in the Bible after ridiculing Christians and stabbing Jews in the back, and says, "This is not who we are." All over a 30 year law which has been used by the last 4 presidents to fight terrorism.

 Calm down, Obama supporters, liberal pastors, and hysterical teachers and librarians. President Trump is only returning things to normal. Perhaps those waiting in line for years doing it the legal way will now have an opportunity. His "order temporarily halts refugee admissions for 120 days to improve the vetting process, then caps refugee admissions at 50,000 per year. Outrageous, right? Not so fast. Before 2016, when Obama dramatically ramped up refugee admissions, Trump’s 50,000 stands roughly in between a typical year of refugee admissions in George W. Bush’s two terms and a typical year in Obama’s two terms." With the media so twisted and biased, you will have a tough time remaining calm and informed, but at least you'll know more than you did the last 8 years. There was more coverage of the 12 people detained in JFK than there was of the half a million people marching for life the day before. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/444370/donald-trump-refugee-executive-order-no-muslim-ban-separating-fact-hysteria


Illegals really do vote--it's not that difficult

"While wandering around the festivities, I noticed a table with three nice ladies in front of a "Register To Vote" sign.  Curious about its presence at a festival where the bulk of the crowd was either illegal alien day laborers or legal non-citizens, I went over to inquire.  Before I spoke, one of those nice ladies asked me if I was registered to vote.  Wanting to see where this would go, I said no, and asked how to sign up. A voter registration form was thrust in my hands.  The very first item on these forms, in Virginia and the rest of America, was "I am a citizen of the United States of America," with YES and NO blocks to check.

"Don't I need to show you some proof of citizenship?" I asked. She replied "no."  I asked her how she could verify that I wasn’t lying. Sensing she might be on a slippery slope, she called over a supervisor from the Registrar's Office and told the woman of my concern.  The official told me they never checked citizenship status because I would be penalized if I lied. Really? So I asked her how she would verify my truthfulness, or those of the dozens of new voters being registered that day.  Defensively, she replied that they checked all registrations for accuracy at the Registrar's Office when they were turned in.

I called the Registrar Monday, and asked if they do indeed verify citizenship status.  I was told that they didn't unless someone made a specific complaint against an individual applicant."

Carson's blog

Saturday, January 28, 2017

An interesting week

These are exciting times. After 16 years of lying about Bush and coddling Obama, the media have found "fake news" and are alarmed. They slobbered over the Women's March last week-end and ignored the March for Life yesterday, but since it was fully covered by EWTN, C-SPAN and Fox, their cover was blown. They are in a hole and digging deeper. They've made themselves irrelevant. Snowflakes have discovered 1984, not realizing it's a novel about the government they've just escaped. And the visit from the UK Prime Minister May--what a lovely lady to counteract the vulgar, ugly Judds and Madonnas we endured last week-end. It has been a thrilling week.

Mia Love on what might have been

Choose life. First black female Republican elected to Congress speaks out on the possibilities for that unborn, female growing in her mother's womb. Outstanding speech.  Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl5JmApgAnY

Abortion was legal in 1975, when Love was born, two years after the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. Friday's March for Life event drew thousands to the National Mall in protest of that high court decision, as it has each year for two generations. "Every time we kill a child through abortion, we kill potential," Love told the crowd, tears streaming down her face. "Every time we kill a child, we — all of us — suffer. We lose a little of ourselves and a lot of our future." Salt Lake Tribune

Mia Love for president.

They lied to you then; they are still lying

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I wonder how many Democrats didn't bother to vote because the Washington Post ran thousands of anti-Trump articles so the readers decided Hillary Clinton couldn't lose?  President Trump apparently plans to open up the news conferences to those outside the "legacy media." They are the third party in the U.S. and I think he'll take them down. All it would take is some fresh air and sunlight and they will shrivel up.  President Obama has already pretty much destroyed the Democrats.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Born and adopted in 1967

Lauren Ashburn hosts EWTN evening news and has a very familiar face, having been on many network TV shows.  She's hosting one segment of the coverage of the current March for Life.  I just heard her say that she was adopted in 1967 (born on the 4th of July), and has met her birth mother and has told her, "thank you for giving me life."  Pro-life, of course.



There's nothing wrong with the bees. Relax.

"The overall honeybee numbers in the United States have stayed steady at about 2.5 million colonies for the last two decades, dipping slightly when the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” (CCD) hit in 2006, then rebounded at a healthy clip and actually reached a 20-year high in 2014. Europe and Canada have experienced significant increases in their honeybee populations as well, and worldwide, there are 30 million more hives today than in 1961, an increase of about 60%. That means there about 1.5 trillion more bees buzzing around today than there were 50 years ago. There simply is no bee-pocalypse and never was."


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fake news and alternative facts

I have a huge collection of fake news and alternative facts on my living room book shelves. My favorites are the 11th, 12th, and 13th editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica. They belonged to my grandfather who died in 1968, bound in black leather with sheer paper.  In fact, based on the detailed maps in the 12th, I'd say battles in France in WWI were the most important events of the 20th century. In my office I have about 40" of church history books that indicate not much ever happened before Luther. 1500 years of literature, medicine, science, architecture, agriculture, theology, etc.--just got left out. And of course, my cookbooks are filled with "facts" about coffee, chocolate, eggs, butter and micronutrients that are history but not accurate--but that could all change next week. But the most enduring fake news and alternative facts come from our media which have so disgraced themselves the last 16 years first lying about Bush then glorifying Obama to have rendered themselves obsolete.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Louder with Crowder joins the women's march


He interviewed the women he marched with, but most had no idea why they were there, except to protest. . . something.

No one questioned his burly frame, muscles and wig, because that might be transphobic, or something. 

Violent, radical extremist Muslims


The growing threat of Islam, and why we need to talk about it instead of covering up the problem.

Fear of being called racist is leading to the deaths of innocent people--like in San Bernardino.


So where is the funding come from for the radicals?  From the non-radicals.