Sunday, October 05, 2014

Go and make disciples

  • After the resurrection the women who discovered it were told to go to the disciples and tell them. God used the tell-a-woman method that has worked well over the centuries because they followed his instructions. Then the 11 disciples met Jesus who was about to give them a new command (make disciples). The Bible reports, some worshipped him and some doubted. So if 11 guys who'd spent 3 years with him, watched him feed 5,000 and heal cripples and turn water into wine didn't always get it right, why expect people 2,000 years later to be smarter and more obedient than they were? I find that there are licensed drivers who disobey traffic laws; teachers with 2 degrees who don't apply even common sense let alone education principles; dog owners who don't pick up their pet's poop; and presidents who lie about health coverage after innumerable speeches of promises. And he is a Christian. So apparently Christians are forgiven, but not perfect.

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