Friday, October 03, 2014

ObamACAre: A Strategic Response for Individuals and Businesses – Our Middle Class Rescue Plan

Obamacare booklet

I haven’t seen the book, but I know one of the authors.

After Bob (financial advisor) Matt (attorney and health insurance consultant) told me (Julie) what they learned from their respective expertise, I (American patriot) almost fell over myself to help them write and edit the book. Our audience is middle class, working poor, Christian, American citizens – or almost everyone in the whole nation! We simply must reach them with a way to counter the radical, regressive agenda plaguing the halls of power and influence.

Here is the pitch: All American employers and individuals need the proper knowledge before they make 2015 health care decisions … Dropped coverage, rising deductibles, tax penalties, financial cliffs all make the future of healthcare and compensation uncertain for families, especially in the middle class. How will you navigate this complicated environment to ensure you are doing the best you can? The healthcare system is in crisis. People need help.

The report is available as a printed booklet OR as a download. Both are $9.99. Please see more details here:

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